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Extensive Rehabilitation Of White House Visitor Center Getting Under Way

Following seven years of planning and design, an extensive rehabilitation of the White House Visitor Center in President's Park in Washington gets under way this week.

Climber Falls 1,000 Feet To His Death In Grand Teton National Park

A California man who summited the Middle Teton in Grand Teton National Park apparently slipped and fell approximately 1,000 feet to his death while descending the crag.

Organizers Of Summit On National Parks Looking For More Groups To Endorse Statement Of Principles

Six months after a two-day conference on the future of America's national parks, a drive continues to encouarge more groups with ties to the parks to endorse a statement of principles that touches on such diverse topics as economics, natural resource protection, and connecting communities to the parks.

San Francisco Voters To Get Chance To Force City To Wean Itself From Reservoir In Yosemite National Park

Come November, San Francisco voters will get a chance to start a process that could result in the draining of the reservoir that now fills the Hetch Hetchy Valley of Yosemite National Park.

Small Fire at Rocky Mountain National Park Draws Plenty of Attention

In the aftermath of major fires near Fort Collins and Colorado Springs earlier this summer, smoke rising from a heavily wooded mountainside in Rocky Mountain National Park last week wasn't a welcome sight. Park officials took no chances by promptly attacking the lightning-caused blaze.

Parks Beyond Borders: Oz Names New Limmen National Park, Accidents Claim Black Bears in Canadian Rockies, NSW Slashes Park Budgets

lost cities rock formations limmen national park australia
A roundup of global national park news, including Australia Names New Limmen National Park, Accidents Claim Black Bears in Canadian Rockies' Parks, NSW Slashes Park Budgets .

Mount Rainier National Park Honored For Its Colorful Wildflowers

Spring blooms are gone in many areas of the National Park System, but they're really showing their true colors at Mount Rainier National Park, where the locals are rallying around "Wildflower Watch 2012."

Exploring Grand Teton National Park—With Insider Tips From The Grand Teton National Park Foundation

No photograph can truly capture the razor-sharp way Wyoming’s Teton Range soars above the Jackson Hole Valley—but here's a guide to capturing it on a visit with tips from Grand Teton National Park Foundation.

Opportunity To Learn Native American Stories About Stars Above Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

Summer is a great time to star-gaze, thanks to the normally comfortable night-time temperatures. If you find yourself near Stanton, North Dakota, this week, stop by the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site and you can gain some insights into how Native Americans interpreted what they saw overhead.

Learn About President Garfield's Views On African-Americans During Special Program At James A. Garfield National Historic Site

A special program next week in Ohio will look at how President James A. Garfield viewed African-Americans and his efforts to protect their civil and political rights.

31st Annual Cultural Fest Coming To Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site Late This Month

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site will host the 31st annual Culture Fest on July 28-29 with a strong list of presenters after traditional skills such as flint knapping and beadwork.

Piping Plover Nests Vandalized At Gateway National Recreation Area

Authorities are seeking information on who was responsible for vandalizing two piping plovers nests at Gateway National Recreation Area, where eggs inside two nests were stolen earlier this month.

National Park Jumbles 2 Revealed: MOLDEC = McLeod, Etc.

If this one left your mind in a twist, here’s how to untwist it.

The Plight Of The Plover At Cape Cod National Seashore

Spotting piping plover nests, eggs, and even fledglings on a sandy beach can be difficult to do, as Theresa Conn discovered during her summer with the Student Conservation Association. That's why it's so important to protect the threatened shorebirds.

Traveler's Gear Box: Primus Firehole 300 Cookstove

Right out of the box, the Firehole 320 cookstove from Primus looks pretty impressive: It has a handy handle, is shiny silver on top, bright red on the bottom, and conceals a flexible fuel line in its base.

Ranger III At Isle Royale National Park Given Ballast Treatment System To Thwart Non-Native Critters

The Ranger III, the National Park Service ship that brings visitors to Isle Royale National Park, has been outfitted with a water ballast treatment system that is designed to prevent invasive species from hitching a ride.

Crews Clear Debris Quickly, Going-To-The-Sun Road In Glacier National Park Again Open End-To-End

In less than two days crews at Glacier National Park removed tons of rock and mud from the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which reopened end-to-end Thursday afternoon.

Body Of Missing Virginia Man Found In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The body of a hiker missing in Theodore Roosevelt National Park since Sunday has been found.

National Park Jumbles 2: MOLDEC?

Our national park jumbles test your ability to see things differently. Here’s the second brain teaser in the Jumbles series.

North Cascades National Park Finalizes Plan For Stehekin River Corridor

Relocating a stretch of road, adding some recreational amenities, and moving some structures out of the flood plain are key components of the final Stehekin River Corridor Plan approved at North Cascades National Park in Washington state.

Learn About Fur Trading Days During Book Signing At Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

You can learn about the fur trading days of the 19th century, and pick the brains of some experts on the period, during an upcoming book signing at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site in North Dakota.

Second Annual Friends of Shenandoah Day Set For July 28

Is Shenandoah National Park your favorite national park? If so, start planning to attend the Second Annual Friends of Shenandoah Day that's coming up at the end of the month.

UPDATE: Portion Of Going-to-the-Sun Road At Glacier National Park Closed By Mudslides

Glacier National Park officials are predicting that the entire Going-to-the-Sun Road, which was buried in places by a number of mud-and-rock slides on Tuesday, will be open for end-to-end travel by Thursday evening.

Temporary Trail Closure At Mount Rainier National Park To Protect Hikers

A temporary trail closure has been put in place on the Comet Falls Trail at Mount Rainier National Park to protect hikers from falling through a crust of snow and into the cold waters of Comet Falls.

NPCA Officials Cite Snowmobile Emissions In Criticizing Winter-Use Plan For Yellowstone National Park

Pointing to the National Park Service's own testing as evidence, National Parks Conservation Association officials are criticizing a proposed winter-use plan for Yellowstone National Park, saying testing shows snowmobiles have gotten dirtier and noiser, not cleaner and quieter.

A View From The Overlook: Sometimes Bad Things Don't Happen -- The Pine Lands Reserve

Every so often, but not often enough, environmentally bad things don’t happen. One example was the predicted destruction of a unique ecosystem: The Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

Protecting The Grand And Everything Below: The Grand Teton National Park Foundation

Teton Range with snow.
The Grand Teton National Park Foundation helps meet the needs that the National Park Service can't always afford to bear itself.

Ranger-Led Tours Reach Newly Accessible Monument on Cedar Creek Civil War Battlefield

82nd Vermont monument
Many pivotal Civil War battlefield sites of historic import are unmarked, located on private land, and rarely visited by the public. That was the case with the 8th Vermont Monument on the Cedar Creek battlefield. Now located on National Park Service property, the monument is the destination for a summer program of ranger-led hikes.

Reader Participation Day: What Is Your Most Treasured National Park Souvenir?

We leave footprints and take lots of pictures when we visit national parks, but we also spend a good deal of time in park gift shops looking for souvenirs. With that understood, tell us what your most-treasured national park souvenir is.

About 10 Vehicles Trapped In Slides On Going-to-the-Sun Road In Glacier National Park

A heavy downpour Tuesday triggered some mud and rock slides along the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, trapping about 10 vehicles and requiring at least one visitor to be taken to a hospital.