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Body Of Climbing Ranger Recovered From Mount Rainier National Park

Two weeks after a climbing ranger died during a rescue attempt at Mount Rainier National Park, his body was recovered Thursday from the snow-heavy mountain in Washington state.

Data Seemingly Contradict Yellowstone National Park Claims Of A Cleaner, Quieter Park Under Proposed Winter-Use Plan

Claims by Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk that a preferred winter-use plan will result in a cleaner, quieter park open to more visitors seem to be contradicted by data contained in documents upon which the plan is built.

Greater Bicycle Access To National Parks Coming With New Revisions to NPS Bicycle Plan

The National Park Service just announced today it will expand bicycle access in parks nationwide.

Fire Restrictions In Place At Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Ozark National Scenic Riverways officials have instituted fire restrictions for their park, prohibiting all open fires, including campfires. Fires in campstoves and in grills with lids will continue to be permitted for the time being.

National Park Mystery Spot 45: No Runs, No Hits, No Errors

You get SEVEN clues this time. Imagine that!

Trails I've Hiked: The Long Logs And Agate House Trails At Petrified Forest National Park

It's the heart of summer, the hottest time to visit Petrified Forest National Park, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the Long Logs and Agate House trails near the park's south entrance. You just have to be strategic in planning when to do these companion hikes.

Acadia National Park Side Trips: Wendell Gilley Bird Carving Museum

During your visit to Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, don't miss this side-trip to Southwest Harbor and the Wendell Gilley Bird Carving Museum, where delicately and intricately carved bird and waterfowl species seem ready to take flight.

Essential Friends: Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, Preserving the Parkway Down the Road

parkway morotist in the Great Craggy Mountains
The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation has showered a cascade of contributions on “America’s most scenic road.” Since its founding in 1997, the Parkway Foundation has bestowed nearly $3.5 million on Parkway projects.

Reader Participation Day: Should NPS Fee-Free Days Be Dumped?

Fee-free days at national parks are a big money loser for the National Park Service. And they're scheduled at occasionally odd times of the year. Should these days be continued, or done away with?

Linger at Longmire: This Rainier National Park Historic District Has Accessible But Nearly Secret Natural Assets To Explore And Enjoy

National Park sign Longmire
Most summertime visitors to Mount Rainier climb quickly to Paradise for walks among beautiful flower-filled meadows or to play in the melting snow. But build more time into your schedule and it’s easy to discover interesting and accessible natural features hidden in the Longmire area on the road to Paradise.

Birding In The National Parks: Looking For Birds In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Though Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in the "badlands" of western North Dakota, the birding there in early June can be exceptional.

Exploring The Parks: Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Harry S Truman house
The Harry S. Truman National Historic Site must be one of the most entertaining historic places in the National Park System. It shows Harry and Bess' life before and after his presidency.
Atlas of Yellowstone At first glance, the Atlas of Yellowstone is a trivia lover's guide to Yellowstone National Park, with additional insights to neighboring Grand Teton National Park. But the heart and soul of this fact- and map-filled book is Yellowstone and its landscape, its occupants both human and animal, and the reach and impact of this wondrous terrain.

Friends Of Theodore Roosevelt National Park To Sponsor Elkhorn Ranch Outing

The Friends of Theodore Roosevelt National Park invite the public for a special trip to discover the Elkhorn Ranch on Saturday, July 14.
The Elkhorn Ranch, where Theodore Roosevelt sought solitude for introspection and honed his conservation ethos, is being threatened by development that could upend the very quality of the setting that so inspired Roosevelt.

Oil And Gas Exploration Threatens The Setting That Gave Teddy Roosevelt His Conservation Ethos

The Elkhorn Ranch, where Theodore Roosevelt sought solitude for introspection and honed his conservation ethos, is being threatened by development that could upend the very quality of the setting that so inspired Roosevelt.

Great Way To Cool Off And Benefit The Glacier National Park Fund

If you find yourself in Glacier National Park in mid-July, and need to cool off, you can accomplish that and benefit the Glacier National Park Fund by joining a rafting trip on the Flathead River.

Dining At The Parks: Pan-Seared Salmon Tostada From El Tovar Hotel In Grand Canyon National Park

Sometimes you have a meal while on vacation that you wish you could bring home with you, at least in the form of a recipe to recreate in your own kitchen. Here, from the El Tovar Hotel in Grand Canyon National Park, is the recipe for their Pan-Seared Salmon Tostada.

A Wonder 24 Hours A Day: Exploring Big Bend National Park With Friends of Big Bend Tips

Big Bend National Park is a big place. To help you get the most out of your visit, consider these tips from Friends of Big Bend National Park.

Defuse Summer's TICKing Time Bomb

Lyme's Disease Bulls Eye Rash
The buggiest blistering days of summer are just ahead. Add to that a nationwide early spring with record heat—and you have a TICKing time bomb for health problems at national parks in some parts of the country. Here's how to defuse it.

Yellowstone National Park's Winter-Use Proposal Would Allow 110 "Transportation Events" A Day In Winter

A draft winter-use plan for Yellowstone National Park redefines over-snow entries into the park under a system that could increase the number of over-snow vehicles into the park beyond the total that has been permitted in past winters.