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Is World War II Mustard Gas Stashed At Horn Island In Gulf Islands National Seashore?

Hazardous materials, possibly mustard gas weapons left over from World War II as well as asbestos, have been found on Horn Island in Gulf Islands National Seashore, leading the National Park Service to close part of the island to the public for the immediate future.

How Would You Improve The Jenny Lake Area Of Grand Teton National Park?

Grand Teton National Park officials embarking on planning effort to develop renewal plan for the highly scenic and popular Jenny Lake area of the park.

Parks Beyond Borders: Appalachian Trail 75th Anniversary Offers Great Opportunity To Check Out The "ATs" Of England

Pennine Way High Cup
With the Appalachian National Scenic Trail celebrating 75 years in 2012, it’s worth keeping in mind that England also has national trails, some of them well worth a long distance ramble for travelers to the UK.

Founder’s Day: Honoring The Legacy Of Those Who Built The National Park Service

Sure, the National Park Service could just call August 25th its birthday, but the term “Founder’s Day” seems more fitting since the Park Service was the brainchild of a great many people who contributed to its inception.

Fall Is The Best Time To Make Discoveries At The National Parks

If you’re in mood to travel, September and October are wonderful months to spend in the national parks. The crowds have departed, the animals are busy, and the fall color beckons. Now is the time park friends also host an array of workshops tailor-made for life-long learners.
Visit national parks of the Southwest and you’ll see remnants of an ancient society -- their well-placed cliff dwellings, smoke stains on rock overhangs, curious art works staring back at you from cliff walls.

Menor's Ferry Crossing The Snake River Again At Grand Teton National Park

A replica of Menor's Ferry once again is crossing the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park.

National Park Quiz 101: Ringer VII Answers Revealed

Did you get at least eight out of ten?

Volunteer "Rovers" Needed To Inform Smokies' Fall Visitors On Oconaluftee River Trail, Mountain Farm Museum and Newfound Gap Road

Start of Oconaluftee River Trail
Great Smoky Mountains National Park is recruiting volunteers to help the park staff by roving the Oconaluftee River Trail, the Mountain Farm Museum, and fields along Highway 441 from late August until November 10, 2012.
WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall In his book on the "Jewel of the Mall," the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., photographer Stephen R. Brown not only captures the solemnity of the memorial, as well as its magnificent architecture and design, but also goes behind the scene to document the bronze castings, granite carvings, and erection of the memorial.

Huge Burmese Python From Everglades National Park Sets Unwelcome Records

Recent news from Everglades National Park confirms that bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to invasive Burmese pythons. Scientists are studying the largest such snake ever found in Florida, which measured over 17 feet in length.

Two Youths Swept Down Merced River Below Vernal Fall Footbridge In Yosemite National Park, One Confirmed Dead

One young boy is dead and another missing in Yosemite National Park, where the two were swept down Vernal Fall.

National Park Quiz 101: Ringer VII

Let’s play “odd park out.”

Volcano House Lodging Reopens In Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

Lodging once again will be available in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park at the Volcano House under a 15-year contract the National Park Service has signed with the Hawai`i Volcanoes Lodge Company.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Changing Hours For Fall

With summer's end not too terribly far off, Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota has changed the hours of its Evening Lighting Ceremony in response to the shortening days.

Peaches Ripening At Capitol Reef National Park; Get Ready For Harvest!

There is nothing quite as tasty as eating a juicy peach just picked off the tree. And on August 21, you'll be able to do just that if you show up at Capitol Reef National Park for the opening of the peach harvest in the Krueger Orchard.

BioBlitz At Rocky Mountain National Park Headlines Founder's Day For National Park Service

Searching for bugs, butterflies, and beetles, along with countless other species, at Rocky Mountain National Park will be one of the highlights of Founder's Day, August 25, when the National Park Service turns 96.

Trails I've Hiked: The Great Smokies' Mountain Farm and Oconaluftee River Trails

Summer flowers on Oconaluftee River Trail
The Smokies’ stellar Mountain Farm Museum at the new Oconaluftee Visitor Center may just be a stroll, but combine it with one of the Smokies best kept secret easy walks, the Oconaluftee River Trail, and you have one of the park’s best combinations of scenery and interpretation.

National Park Service Again Refuses To Allow Professional Bike Race Through Colorado National Monument

National Park Service officials again have declined to approve a professional bicycle racew through Colorado National Monument, saying the event "conflicts with federal regulations and agency management policies."

Fall Packages Make National Parks Attractive Destinations

With school vacations about to end, now's a great time to begin planning for your fall getaway to a national park. With that in mind, here are some offers from parks around the country.

Discriminating Explorer: Friends Groups Sample The Secrets Of The East’s Best National Parks

Cataloochee Valley Great Smoky Mountains National Park
It’s hard to argue that Acadia, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Great Smokies, and Shenandoah don’t represent the cream of what the National Park Service offers in Eastern America. There are a lot of great experiences in these top East Coast national parks, but for the truly discriminating explorer, the friends groups for these parks have truly awesome best-kept-secret suggestions.

A View From The Overlook: Park Legends

Just about every national park unit of any size or age evokes at least one or more “urban legend,” tall tales that are widely accepted as true, but alas, for a good story, are not.

Reader Participation Day: What Destinations Compete With National Parks?

When your family sits down to choose a vacation destination, what possibilities arise to compete with a national park vacation?

Star Party Planned For Theodore Roosevelt National Park's North Unit This Weekend

If you find yourself in Theodore Roosevelt National Park this weekend, head for the North Unit where they're going to be having a star party.

Mountain Bike Use Subject Of Environmental Assessment In Rocky Mountain National Park

An environmental assessment is being conducted at Rocky Mountain National Park to determine whether a short section of hiking and equestrian trail known as the East Shore Trail should be open to mountain bikes.

Appalachian Trail Celebrates 75 Years As The World’s—Yes, The World's—Quintessential Hike

Appalachian Trail Lakes of the Clouds Hut Mount Washington, NH.
2012 is the 75th anniversary of the world’s quintessential hike—the Appalachian Trail.

It’ll Be Getting Easier To Bicycle Tour San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Even if you don’t have a bike, it’ll now be possible to pedal between the Alamo in downtown San Antonio and the four beautiful missions that stretch south of the city—thanks to a bike share program.

Birding In The National Parks: A Look At Spotting Scopes

Sooner or later, you’re going to need a spotting scope. I’ve tried a lot of scopes and found there are some great products at every price range. Clearly, you can’t expect a $250 scope to perform like a $2,500 scope, but if your expectations are realistic, you can find some excellent quality without robbing the piggy bank. Or, as a bird blogger said recently, robbing a real bank.

Park Service Retirees Say Preferred Winter-Use Plan For Yellowstone National Park Would "Make Bad Situation Worse"

A winter-use plan for Yellowstone National Park being promoted by park staff would "make a bad situation worse," according to the viewpoint of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees.

Does Your Congressperson Share Your Support For the National Parks?

Does your congressperson understand where you stand when it comes to America's national parks? Perhaps more to the point, do they care where you stand?