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Cairns: Messengers In Stone If you're hiking across the landscape at Arches National Park, following rock cairns across the slickrock, how would you know when to turn right or left? The answer is found within the pages of Cairns: Messengers in Stone, a wonderful little book that traces the history of these rock piles.

Budget Cuts Forced On National Park Service By Failure To Avert Fiscal Cliff Could Be Crippling

Don't start planning your 2013 national park vacation just yet, for poised like the sword of Damocles over the National Park Service is the looming "fiscal cliff" that threatens to impact not only the agency but anyone considering a trip into the national parks next year.

Go Take A Long Hike, It Really Will Help Your Mental Performance

Disconnect for a few days with a trip into the backcountry of your favorite national park and your creativity will flow, according to a study by psychologists.

Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Seeks TRO To Keep Point Reyes National Seashore Oyster Farm In Business

Attorneys for the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. on Wednesday sought a temporary restraining order to prevent the Interior Department from ordering the oyster farm out of Point Reyes National Seashore.

Reader Participation Day: What Would Be Your Park Destination Of Choice For The Holidays?

If you could ask Santa for the chance to spend part of the upcoming holiday season in any national park service area, where would you go—and what would you do?

Take A Look At These National Park Photographers

Images taken in the national parks not only convey beautiful landscapes, but can carry wonderful memories down through the years. Here are some of the photographers who have built wonderful, and inspiring, portfolios in the parks.

Civil War Trust Launches Upgraded App For Fredericksburg And Spotsylvania National Military Park

As commemorations of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg take place, the Civil War Trust has launched a pair of multimedia phone apps available to the public at no cost.

Shiloh National Military Park About To Turn 118

A commemorative event will be held December 27 to mark the 118th anniversary of the designation of Shiloh Military Park in Tennesse.

Montana's Decision To Temporarily Ban Wolf Hunting Near Yellowstone Applauded By NPCA

A decision by Montana wildlife officials to temporarily ban wolf hunting near Yellowstone National Park has been applauded by the National Parks Conservation Association, which also urged the state to adopt permanent buffer zones adjacent to the park.

Photography In The National Parks: It's Not Always About The Camera, But It Is Always About The Photographer

Having a top-end camera can help you take great photographs in the national parks, but the bottom-line is that you have to pay attention to how you're wielding whichever camera is in your hands at the time.

Help the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation: Drive a Donation to the 469 Challenge

End the year with one last philanthropic gesture and become one of 469 donors needed to “match the mileposts” on the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Alligators And Crocs At Biscayne National Park

Fascinated by alligators and crocodiles? You can find both in either Biscayne or Everglades national parks, and at this time of year they're slightly easier to spot than during the summer months.

"Old-time Mountain Music" CD From Great Smoky Mountains National Park Earns Grammy Nomination

In 1939 a young graduate student named Joseph S. Hall spent nine months getting to know the people living in and around the newly created Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and recording their music and stories. Over 60 years later part of his work is included in a CD," Old-Time Smoky Mountain Music" that's been nominated for a Grammy.

The Kids Are Alright: Discovering National Parks Through Service

America’s kids are suffering from “nature deficit disorder” and that includes national parks. As the National Park Service closes its first century, park proponents across the country are trying to get young people engaged in parks and their preservation. It’s a big challenge, but not all of the news is bad. One university town in North Carolina is showing how proximity to national parks invites newbies into involvement.

When Ordering The "Everglades Pizza," You Might Want To Hold The Python

The "Everglades Pizza" might be the rage in some parts of Florida, but before you sink your teeth into the pie with frog legs, gator meat, and ground python, check where the python came from, because the big snakes slithering through Everglades National Park are incredibly high in mercury.

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Despite Snowfall, Fern Lake Fire In Rocky Mountain National Park Expected To Continue To Smolder

A half-foot of snow and colder temperatures have knocked down the Fern Lake Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park, though it is expected to continue to smolder for some time yet, according to fire officials.

Parks Beyond Borders: Escape Winter At National Parks South Of The Equator

It’ll soon be summer in the Southern Hemisphere, perfect time to head to Australia and South America to explore some of the world's great national parks.

Lost In Bryce Canyon National Park: Wrong Turn Transforms Day Hike Into 30-Hour Odyssey

Sue Mitchell planned on a day hike in the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park to let go of her mother, but a wrong turn led her through a 30-hour odyssey.

South Florida Snake Hunt Aims To Dent Population Of Pythons Slithering About The Everglades

A python hunt, with cash rewards, will be held in south Florida beginning in January and running into February with hopes of denting the population of non-native pythons slithering around the Everglades, though the national park will be off-limits to most hunters.

Grand Teton National Park Moving To Winter Operations

Though winter seems to be unusually late in coming this year, activities for the winter season at Grand Teton National Park and the adjoining John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway begin December 15.

Annual Holiday Sale To Feature Locally Made Artworks, Crafts At Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Locally produced Native American baskets and jewlrey, soaps, bath salts, and carvings will be among the items on sale when the annual holiday sale is held at the King Gillette Ranch at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on December 15.

Traveler's Gear Box: Osprey's Ozone 22 Ultra Light

Traveling light when it comes to needing a jet-liner to get around isn't just nice these days, it's strategic. And Osprey is working to make it easier for you to do that. Planning a weekend getaway? Then the company's line of Ozone Ultra-Light luggage is something to consider.

First Death Valley Natural History Conference Seeking Papers

The 1st Death Valley Natural History Conference will be held November 15-17, 2013, at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center Auditorium in Death Valley National Park, and officials have issued a call for papers.

Conservation Groups Head To Court In Bid to Halt Transmission Line Through National Park System

In a bid to stop enlargement of a transmission corridor through three units of the National Park System, a coalition of conservation groups has asked a federal judge to halt the project.

Updated: NPCA Names Former Bush Administration Interior Official To Board Of Trustees

A former Interior Department official under the Bush administration has been added to the National Parks Conservation Association's Board of Trustees, bringing to the group valuable perspectives and skills that can benefit the parks, the advocacy group said.

Winter Months Can Be A Great Time To Visit Cumberland Island National Seashore

A friend of mine once told me Cumberland Island National Seashore off the coast of Georgia was one of her favorite parks. While I have yet to make a visit there, it sounds like the winter months could be a good time to go.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park To Host Exhibit On African-Americans In Civil War

An exhibit that looks at the contributions African-Americans made as nurses, surgeons, and hospital workers during the Civil War will be on display at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park from December 17 through January 26.

Denali National Park Schedules Hearing On Proposed Changes To Bear, Wolf, & Coyote Hunting

A hearing has been scheduled for December 12 at Denali National Park and Preserve to take public comment on proposed changes to bear hunting in National Park System units in Alaska.

Yellowstone National Park Wolves And Elk Near Equilibrium, According To Biologist

Not quite 20 years ago the experiment to recover wolves in Yellowstone National Park got under way with a relative handful of Canadian wolves brought into the park. Today that genetic feedstock has produced what biologists had hoped for: a more natural wild kingdom, one with checks and balances on itself.