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"Monumental" Fiddling Championships Coming To Homestead National Monument of America

The fiddle, a key instrument for entertainment on the American frontier of the mid-1800s, will be featured in May when the 2012 Monumental Fiddling Championships are held at Homestead National Monument of America in southeastern Nebraska.

What Will Evolve From America's Summit on National Parks?

A two-day conference designed to explore the future of national parks in America draws a wide range of speakers, from the obvious -- National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis -- to the not-quite-so-obvious -- Alan Latourelle, the chief executive officer of Parks Canada.

Traveler's Checklist: Fort Frederica National Monument

FOFR-outline of houses
Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island was a flourishing town and fort in the 1700s. Here the British defeated the Spanish in two battles and British rule in Georgia was assured.

Storm Downs Tree That Kills Concessions Worker At Yosemite National Park

A former seasonal ranger at Yosemite National Park who had been working for the park concessionaire has been killed by a falling tree that crushed his tent cabin in Curry Village during a storm.

Two Parties Now A Week Overdue in Mount Rainier National Park

It has been a week since two parties on Mount Rainier failed to return from their backcountry trips as planned, and high winds, deep snow, and towering drifts continue to hamper efforts to find them.

Biscayne National Park Visitors Concerned About Climate Change And How It Could Impact the Park

A slight majority of Biscayne National Park visitors are worried about climate change, and about one-third believe the park already is being harmed by a warming climate, according to a survey conducted by Colorado State University researchers.
BISC-Climate Change Survey.pdf936.27 KB

Friends of Acadia Works With Youth To Plan The Future Of Technology In Acadia National Park

Much time has been spent discussing ways to engage youth with the national parks. At Acadia National Park, staff worked with Friends of Acadia to bring a team of teenagers into the park last summer to work on how technology could enhance a visitor's experience in the park, without replacing any of the traditional interpretation methods.

Consider A Foot Path From Canada To Texas Through The Great Plains

We already have footpaths that cling to the spines of mountain ranges in the East, the West, and along the Rocky Mountains, but what would you think of one that roamed the prairies from Canada down to the high peaks of northwestern Texas?
Glacier National Park: Past and Present For lovers of Glacier National Park specifically, and for those intrigued by national park history in general, there's a great new book out that looks at the past and present of Glacier through postcards and photographs.

NPCA Report Looks At Creating A National Recreation Area Along the Texas Coast Near Houston

Texas, which already features a national seashore, would benefit greatly in terms of economics and storm protection if a national recreation area were created along the Gulf of Mexico near Houston, according to a National Parks Conservation Association report.

On The Eve Of America's Summit On National Parks, Some Questions To Mull

On the eve of America's Summit on National Parks, it's timely to recall Edward Abbey's belief that "(T)he chief reason so many people are fleeing the cities at every opportunity to go tramping, canoeing, skiing into the wilds is that wilderness offers a taste of adventure, a chance for the rediscovery of our ancient, preagricultural, preindustrial freedom."

Arizona To Host National Trails Symposium In April 2013

Arizona will be the backdrop for the National Trails Symposium in April 2013.

Update: Still No Luck In Search For Overdue Parties At Mount Rainier National Park

Winds reaching 40 mph Friday created white-out conditions that hampered a search for two overdue parties at Mount Rainier National Park, and the forecast doesn't call for much improvement during the weekend.

Mystery Photo 42 Revealed: The Rest of The Profile

It doesn't fly, but the object of this week's Mystery Photo can help you tell which way the wind is blowing.

Rocky Mountain National Park's 2011 Visitation Up 6.6 Percent to 3.3 Million

Perhaps it was good weather, perhaps simply the lure of the mountains, but visitation to Rocky Mountain National Park last year reached 3.3 million, an increase of 6.6 percent over 2010 levels, according to park officials.

Glacier National Park Fund Underwrites 14 Projects In Glacier National Park

Trail work, citizen science, wildlife research, and studying the stars above are some of the 14 projects that the Glacier National Park Fund is underwriting in the park in the coming year.

Elite Mountaineers Called In To Help With Search For Overdue Parties at Mount Rainier National Park

A team of elite mountaineers familiar with routes on Mount Rainier and avoiding avalanches headed on Thursday to look for two overdue parties in Mount Rainier National Park.

Philanthropist Donates Millions for Washington Monument Repairs

Billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein has donated $7.5 million in matching funds to repair earthquake damage to one of America's most iconic structures, the Washington Monument.

Mystery Photo 42: Nice Profile!

My, what a nice patina you have! But what are you? Get the answer right -- what is it, and in which park is it located and where exactly? -- and we'll qualify you for our monthly prize giveaway.

North Cascades Institute Marks 25 Years Of Great Educational Programming At North Cascades National Park

For 25 years the North Cascades Institute has been providing insights into the ecosystems of North Cascades National Park through educational programming. Sit back and take a look back over the years.

Dozens Of Dolphins Strand Themselves On Cape Cod

One of the largest cases of dolphin strandings recently occurred on Cape Cod, with nearly 60 common dolphins coming ashore on the backside of Cape Cod National Seashore and prompting an ambitious rescue effort by teh International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Weather Hampering Search For Missing Parties At Mount Rainier National Park

Poor weather conditions hampered efforts Wednesday to search for two parties overdue from the backcountry of Mount Rainier National Park.

Reader Participation Day: Did The Stimulus Work Conquer All the Infrastructure Needs of Your Favorite Park?

Much has been made of the more than $750 million that was infused into the National Park System courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. But did that cash solve all the infrastructure woes in your favorite national park?

After Two Years, Packing Strap Removed From Neck of Elephant Seal At Point Reyes National Seashore

An elephant seal that for two years struggled with a packing strap entangled around its neck recently was freed from the strangulating band at Point Reyes National Seashore, and biologists expect the animal to fully recover.

Historic Red Horse Cabin At Grand Canyon National Park Reopens For Guests

An historic two-bedroom cabin that dates to 1890 and is considered the oldest structure on the South Rim at Grand Canyon National Park has been fully restored and is being rented out by Xanterra Parks & Resorts.

Congress Asked To Pass Legislation To Increase Size of Gettysburg National Military Park

The historic train station that President Lincoln arrived at in November 1863 on the eve of his Gettysburg Address, and which served as the field hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg, would be added to Gettysburg National Military Park under legislation pending in Congress.

U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Finalizes Ban on Transportation of Non-native Constrictor Snakes That Threaten Everglades

Though it might be too late for Everglades National Park, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has finalized a rule that would ban the importation and interstate transportation of four non-native constrictor snakes.

After Three Days Lost in Mount Rainier National Park, 66-year-old Snowshoer Walks Out and Goes Home

As the search for a missing 66-year-old snowshoer in the backcountry of Mount Rainier National Park moved into its third cold, snowy day, more than a few of those involved began to fear the worst. But in the end, they found Yong Chun Kim able to walk and in no immediate need of medical care.

Mark Wenger Named Appalachian Trail Conservancy Executive Director

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Board of Directors has appointed Mark J. Wenger as the organization's new executive director, beginning in February.

Birding in the Parks: Not Too Early To Plan To Attend Birding Festivals in the National Park System

Earlier this month, while we were having positively spring-like weather here in the Midwest, I wrote about Snowy Owls, the most iconic of winter birds. Two weeks later, my world is buried under blankets of snow and I’m in the mood to talk about Spring.