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Ghostly Tales From The National Parks: Petrified Forest National Park

With Halloween just days away, we searched around the National Park System and rummaged in the Traveler's archives for some ghostly stories. This tale comes from Petrified Forest National Park.

Zion National Park Moving To Winter Hours

With fall on the wane, and winter on the horizon, facility hours and shuttle services are changing at Zion National Park.

Acadia National Park Moving To Winter Hours For Facilities

Come month's end they'll be moving to winter hours at Acadia National Park, where the Hulls Cove Visitor Center and Sand Beach Entrance Station will both close on Halloween.

Death Valley National Park Now Has Its Own Guide On The Traveler

You can add Death Valley National Park to the list of national parks that have their own "mini-guide" on the Traveler. Visit these pages and you'll find information on hiking, lodging, camping, birding, and more.

Midweek Trail Closures Coming To Some Areas Of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Some midweek trail closures in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park will be necessary through early December as elk culling operations resume.

Hurricane Sandy Floods Parts Of Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Parts of Cape Hatteras National Seashore were left flooded and without power Sunday by Hurricane Sandy, which was prompting mandatory evacuations of other National Park System units further up the Atlantic Coast.

Still No Luck In Search For Missing Backpacker In Kings Canyon National Park

Searchers were expected Sunday to return to the high country of Kings Canyon National Park in their hunt for a California man who failed to return from his backpacking trip on schedule last Monday.

Parks Beyond Borders: It's All In A Name At World's Highest, Newest National Park; Thai Parks Cope With Bikinis, Higher Fees

A global roundup of national park news, including the creation of the world's highest national park in Tibet, and Thai efforts to regulate bikinis, and delay fee hikes, in national parks.
Fall in Shenandoah National Park is one of the most magical times of year thanks to the changing foliage. Timing your visit is chancy, as more than a little serendipity, and the weather, influence the changing leaves.

Exploring The Parks: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Standing above the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, Harpers Ferry holds a pivotal vantage point in the country's history, one with surprisingly deep roots.

Ghostly Tales From The National Parks: Who's Haunting The Old Faithful Inn In Yellowstone?

The Old Faithful Inn is an incredible log cabin, one of the largest in the world, and more than a century old. It is also a great place for ghosts.

Climber Dies In Fall At Zion National Park

A Utah climber was killed in a fall at Zion National Park, where he was part of a group of four on a popular climbing route below Angels Landing.

More National Park Units Getting Ready To Withstand Hurricane Sandy

National parks along the Eastern Seaboard from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to coastal Maine were preparing Saturday to withstand the brunt of Hurricane Sandy, a slowly evolving storm that meteorologists were predicting would be historic for its devastating impact.

Ghostly Tales From The National Parks: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

One place where you might not need any formal celebration to mark Halloween is Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. More than a few ghost stories swirl around this West Virginia town.

National Parks Battening Down In Advance Of Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy en route to the Eastern Seaboard, units of the National Park System in her path are preparing for her arrival next week.

Searchers In Kings Canyon National Park Looking For 53-Year-Old Backpacker

Snow, possibly more than a foot on the ground, is hampering efforts to find an overdue backpacker who might be in the high country of Kings Canyon National Park.

North Unit Scenic Drive In Theodore Roosevelt National Park Reopens To End

The entire 14 miles of the North Unit Scenic Drive in Theodore Roosevelt National Park reopens to traffic today at 9 a.m. after road slumps back in August 2011 forced closure of the last 7 miles of the drive.

Ghostly Tales From The National Parks: Voyageurs National Park

Ghostly encounters aren't commonplace in the National Park System, but then, they're not unheard of, either, as we'll point out in a series of stories this week. The first is from Voyageurs National Park.

Trails I've Hiked: Lewis Falls Trail In Shenandoah National Park

Fall might not be everyone's preferred season for hiking, but in Shenandoah National Park it can be one of the best seasons. Not only are crowds down to a small trickle, but the naked forests can make it easier to spot remnants of old homesteads.

Huge Naval Gun Will Help Tell A Story At Golden Gate National Recreation Area

In the years leading up to—and during—World War II, the technology and techniques for "homeland security" were much different than those used today. The recent arrival of a giant naval gun at Golden Gate National Recreation Area will help tell the story of coastal naval defenses during a key period in our nation's history.

Twenty-Six Places Designated As National Historic Landmarks

More than two dozen historically and culturally rich places in the United States have been added to the list of National Historic Landmarks by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Lodging In Limbo On The Blue Ridge Parkway

There is a real possibility three of the four lodging facilities on the Blue Ridge Parkway will close or remain closed following the 2012 season.

97 Percent Of Visitors To Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Happy With Park Facilities, Experiences

How happy were you with your national park visits this year? At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Indiana, 97 percent of the visitors who were surveyed said they thought their experience was either "good" or "very good."

Climbing Fees At Mount Rainier National Park To Increase....By $1

Climbing fees at Mount Rainier National Park are going to increase next $1.

Musings From Colorado National Monument

There is one good word that can sum up the first impression of Colorado National Monument. Wow!

Reader Participation Day: How Would You Construct The Perfect National Park Guide?

What do you think should be contained in the perfect national park guidebook?

Tallest Native Hardwood Tree In North America Is Located In A National Park

If you were looking for the tallest native hardwood tree in North America, where might you begin? A group of dedicated volunteers from the Native Tree Society has found the answer, and it's in a national park. Do you know which one can claim the honor?

Birding In The National Parks: Gros Morne National Park Will Satisfy The Most Dedicated Birder

Newfoundland's Gros Morne National Park can be difficult to reach, but for the determined birder, the effort is well worth it!

Olympic National Park Officials Say It's Too Expensive To Keep Hurricane Ridge Open Daily In Winter

In a move not popular with locals, Olympic National Park officials have decided they cannot afford to maintain daily access to Hurricane Ridge during the winter months.

Mirror Lake Loop Trail In Yosemite National Park Open Again To Hikers

A popular loop trail in the Yosemite Valley has been reopened to the public after being closed for more than three years due to a large rockfall, according to Yosemite National Park officials.