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Energy Development Knocking On Door Of Elkhorn Ranch At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North Dakota's energy boom continues to close in on Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where officials are concerned about a proposal to drill for oil on the doorstep of Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch.

Volunteers Sought To Help Build Birding Database At Death Valley National Park

Planning is under way to develop a bird species baseline for Death Valley National Park, and volunteers are being sought to help with the data collection.
National Geographic Secrets of the National Parks: The Experts Just in time for travel season, National Geographic has added another title to its collection of national park-related books. This one entices with a promise to reveal the "Secrets of the National Parks."

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Cutting National Park Service Funding Even More

While Congress averted a federal government shutdown by sending a Continuing Resolution for funding the rest of the fiscal year to the president on Thursday, the measure further cuts the National Park Service's budget, according to an advocacy group.

Magistrate Finds Lassen Volcanic National Park Officials Destroyed Evidence In Boy's Death

Lassen Volcanic National Park officials "purposely destroyed material evidence" in the case of a young boy who was killed when a retaining wall on the Lassen Peak Trail collapsed, a U.S. magistrate has concluded.
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National Parks Being Lobbied To Do Away With Bottled Water, Install Filling Stations

It's been more than a year since bottled water and corporate America collided at Grand Canyon National Park, and the push continues to get more national parks to phase out packaged water in favor of fresh tap water and refillable bottles.
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Concession Opportunity On The Blue Ridge Parkway

The National Park Service recently released a prospectus soliciting proposals for the operation of Mabry Mill and Rocky Knob Cabins; two concessions on the southern Virginia section of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Car Break-ins Reported At Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Heading to Lake Mead National Recreation Area for spring break? Don't leave any valuables in your rig. Park rangers report a number of break-ins of vehicles in recent weeks at some of the NRA's most-popular hiking trails.

A View From The Overlook: Comfort Zones

One of the banes of being a high-ranking bureaucrat is the necessity to issue a report on the reason for your existence. That is, your progress in achieving the goal (or goals) of your office, or sadly, the reasons you have not succeeded.

Merced Wild And Scenic River Management Plan III: Will The Latest NPS Plan Protect The River (Or Hold Up In Court)?

With their latest management plan for the Merced River now out for public review, Yosemite National Park officials now face the task of defending it. Will it protect the river, and can it withstand a court challenge?

Acadia National Park's Spring Opening Delayed By Budget Cuts

Spring will arrive a month later than normal at Acadia National Park, as budget cuts necessitated by the federal sequestration have forced park officials to delay opening roads and facilities.

Tamiami Trail Bridge Dedicated, Latest Structural Component To Help Restore Everglades Water Flows

A ribbon cutting that drew flocks of birds as well as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar marked the completion of a mile-long bridge over the Tamiami Trail, the latest structural component to help restore natural water flows to the Everglades in south Florida.

Updated: Climber Dies in Avalanche At Rocky Mountain National Park

The body of a Colorado man killed by an avalanche in Rocky Mountain National Park was found Tuesday afternoon, but its retrieval would have to wait another day, park officials said.

Statue of Liberty To Reopen To The Public By July 4

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says the Statue of Liberty, which sustained substantial damage from Hurricane Sandy last October, will reopen to visitors by this July 4.

Photographer Planning To Document Crumbling Side Of National Parks

Pretty pictures of national park vistas are commonplace. But how would you react to a photo that showed the crumbling side of the parks?

Proposals Aimed At Raising Money For National Parks Include Higher User Fees

A fistful of proposals suggesting ways to raise more money for the National Park Service include more than a few that demand more dollars from park visitors in the form of more expensive entrance fees, camping fees, and fees for more amenities.
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Wind Cave National Park Sends Elk Herd To Neighboring Custer State Park

Airborne cowboys have herded hundreds of elk from Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota into neigboring Custer State Park under a plan to both reduce the elk population in the national park while boosting it in the state park.

Photography In The National Parks: A Winter Watching Wolves In Yellowstone National Park

I woke up one morning thinking about wolves and realized that wolf packs function as families. Everyone has a role, and if you act within the parameters of your role, the whole pack succeeds, and when that falls apart, so does the pack. -- Jodi Picoult

Sequestration Cuts To Reduce Staff, Facilities On The Blue Ridge Parkway

The approximately 15 million visitors expected this year on the Blue Ridge Parkway—the most visited unit of the national park system—will find fewer ranger-led walks and talks, reduced facilities at campgrounds, picnic areas, and visitor centers, and perhaps a shorter full-service season. Superintendent Phil Francis says the goal is limiting the impact on visitors.

Purchase Prevents Land Near Joshua Tree National Park From Becoming Housing Development

A 600+-acre track of land near Joshua Tree National Park that was to become a housing development instead has been purchased by two conservation groups that intend to leave it undeveloped and used for educational and recreational purposes.

Thirteen Sites Given Status As National Historic Landmarks

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis have announced the designation of 13 new national historic landmarks, including an Alabama bridge that was the site of “Bloody Sunday” during the civil rights movement.

Camping At Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Could Stink This Summer Due To Sequestration

Campers might not be too happy come mid-summer or so at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, where budget cuts could leave vault toilets at some island campsites full.

War Veterans Walking The Appalachian National Scenic Trail To "Walk Off The War"

It's been proven that spending time in nature helps ground us. To that end, a group of war veterans are heading out on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail to "Walk Off the War."

Timeless Inspiration: Glacier National Park And The Art Of The Empire Builder

Railroads were around at the very start of the National Park System, and posters and paintings pairing the parks and trains once were common. Landscape artist J. Craig Thorpe preserves these two, parks and trains, in a number of artworks involving Glacier National Park and the Empire Builder passenger line.

Report Stresses Importance Of Wildlife Corridors From U.S. To Canada In Face Of Climate Change

Creating a conservation strategy for the Southern Canadian Rockies between Glacier National Park in the United States and Banff National Park in Canada would help wildlife endure climate change, according to a report from the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.

Grand Teton National Park Tweaks Rules For Annual Elk Reduction Hunt

Hunters who participate in the annual elk reduction hunt at Grand Teton National Park better be great shots, as they'll be limited to how many shots they'll be able to take.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Mulling Climbing Options In Wilderness Areas

Three public meetings have been scheduled for next week to discuss preliminary alternatives and climbing management options for wilderness areas at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Achieving Balance: Anacapa Island Ten Years After The Removal Of The Black Rat

A 10-year effort to remove non-native black rats from Anacapa Island, part of Channel Islands National Park, has produced incredible results, with rare seabirds returning to the island to nest.

"Save The Florida Panther Day" Is Saturday In Florida

This Saturday has been designated as "Save the Florida Panther Day" in the state of Florida, the last stronghold of these big cats.

Discussion Of National Park Funding Woes On Tap In Washington Next Week

How the national parks can be adequately funded will be the topic of discussion next week at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, D.C.