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Biscayne, The Closest National Park To Miami, Remains A Mystery

Miami’s number one boating destination has an identity crisis. While it has won over Washington D.C. politicians, residents look right past it. Even thousand of volunteers who care enough to clean up the city’s main body of water, Biscayne Bay, don’t know that they are touching holy waters of the federal kind.

In The Wake Of National Park Week, European Day Of Parks 2013

Though here in the United States "National Park Week" has come and gone, in Europe excitement is building for "European Day of Parks 2013."

Volcano House At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Ready To Reopen

Closed since 2009, the Volcano House hotel at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will fully reopen on the rim of Kīlauea caldera in the park next month, following a multi-million-dollar upgrade and completing yet another chapter in the epic history of this iconic hotel.
Canyons and Ice: The Wilderness Travels of Dick Griffith (Ember Press) Dick Griffith might not be the last great American adventurer, but if such a tally is ever made he certainly deserves a place in the top two or three. For more than six decades, Mr. Griffith has been exploring wild and rugged corners of the world, and on the cusp of 86 he's still not finished.

Booker T. Washington National Monument Announces 2013 Events

Booker T. Washington National Monument recently published a calendar of events for the current year. July has been declared Junior Ranger Month during which the monument’s rangers will offer activities each Wednesday and Saturday at 10 a.m.

Traveler's Gear Box: Lock Laces

"Lock Laces" make lacing up your shoes a quick process.

Updated: Future Of Point Reyes National Seashore Oyster Farm Hinges On Congressional Intent

Deciphering recent congressional intent, not always an easy task, currently is at the center of an oyster company's bid that it should be allowed to remain within Point Reyes National Seashore waters, despite past congressional intent that those waters be designated wilderness.
Docket No. 49-1_Reply Brief.pdf133.1 KB
1996.07.19 - PRNS Neubacher to banker, supports JOC.pdf505.37 KB
1996.11.22 - NPS (Neubacher) to Bank of Oakland supporting 'oyster palace'.pdf94.51 KB
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Yellowstone National Park's East Entrance To Open Friday

The East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park will open for the season Friday as originally scheduled, according to park officials.

Isle Royale National Park Gets Help From Coast Guard Icebreaker For Summer Opening

It's been a very long winter for parts of the country, and some national parks are facing some extra challenges in getting ready for the upcoming summer season. Few parks, however, have had to call on the Coast Guard for help from an icebreaker as part of their summer reopening.

Centennial Celebration Planned For Glacier Park Lodge

This year marks the 100th anniversary for completion of Glacier Park Lodge. Constructed in 1912 and 1913 by the Great Northern Railway, the lodge is one of the classic western lodges built to lure tourists to travel by train to the scenic West.

Rocky Mountain National Park Receives Heavy Snowfall, Facilities Close

May Day greeted Rocky Mountain National Park with more than a foot of fresh snow, a good spring storm that will boost the park's snowpack heading into summer.

A View From The Overlook: Robber Baron

The robber barons: There were around 25 or 30 of them, depending on who was doing the counting; these were the men (there were no women, unless you count Hetty Green) of almost unlimited wealth and power who dominated America at the end of the 19th century. Their names are familiar even today; Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Duke, Harriman and so on.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Friends + Gateways

Traveler's 2nd Annual Essential Friends + Gateways publication, a collaboration between the Traveler and a core group of national park foundations, cooperating associations, trusts, friends groups, and gateway communities, is aimed at enhancing and furthering the now nationally significant role of these organizations and entities in the preservation and enjoyment of our parks.

Trails Damaged By F4 Tornado Reopened In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

With 800 miles of trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, just keeping up with normal wear and tear in the heavily visited park is a challenge for park employees and volunteers. That job became much more difficult when an F4 tornado ripped a 17-mile-long swath through the park and adjacent areas back in 2011, toppling thousands of trees.

Reader Participation Day: Do Dogs And National Parks Mix?

Are dogs a good fit with national parks?