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First Phase Of Lake Yellowstone Hotel Restoration Completed In Yellowstone National Park

One of the most elegant hotels in the National Park System, the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, has received a $10 million+ facelift, one that has addressed structural needs, room renovations, and added some suites.

Learn About Past Figures Prominent In The History Of The Grand Canyon

Behind Grand Canyon's stunning landscape there are stories of people who lived off the land, explored, mined, and exploited it, raised a family and business, and fought to protect it for future generations.

Relive The 19th Century Cavalry At Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site This Weekend

You can get a taste of the Old West at Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site this weekend when the days of the U.S. Cavalry, 19th century edition, are relived.

Hike Into The Wilderness Of Theodore Roosevelt National Park This Sunday

An adventure to the geologic past will be the focus of the third Wilderness Hike of the summer this weekend at the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Grand Teton National Park Relocates Grizzly Out Of Lizard Campground Area

A healthy, 212-pound grizzly has been moved out of the area of the Lizard Creek Campground in the northern end of Grand Teton National Park in an effort to avoid any confrontations with campers.

North Carolina Legislature Retains Specialty Plates For Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Appalachian Trail

NC Smokies plate
The North Carolina Legislature passed a law that now authorizes the use of full-color specialty license plates. This money is used to support several national parks in the state.

No New Entrance Coming To Shenandoah National Park

There will be no new entranceway to Shenandoah National Park in the near future, as Superintendent Jim Northup has denied a request to allow one via the Rapidan Road.

Birding In The National Parks: What Bird 'Sparked' Your Interest In Birding?

This week marks a bittersweet fifth anniversary of the last time I visited Yellowstone National Park. I’d love to have gone back by now, but life has conspired to keep me out of the northern Rockies.

Slope Failure Closes 20-Mile Section Of Blue Ridge Parkway Indefinitely, Detours Suggested

Blue Ridge Parkway officials have come up with a series of detours to help visitors get around a 20-mile stretch of the scenic parkway that will be closed indefinitely due to a slope failure that has left cracks in the roadway.

Tropical Storm Heading Towards Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Tropical Storm Flossie is heading towards Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, which is scheduled to remain open during the storm but with minimal services.

Frogs In Lassen Volcanic National Park, And Other Parks In Sierras, "Contaminated" By Agricultural Pesticides

Frogs living high in Sierra Nevada national parks such as Lassen Volcanic and Sequoia are slowly being "contaminated" by agricultural pesticides, according to a study that found the contamination even in "the most remote mountain locations."

Musings From Badlands National Park

Wind never seems to stop blowing at Badlands. But in summer, that’s a good thing because it provides a little relief from the heat.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park To Delve Into Region's History With Special Hikes

Some of the fascinating history of the region surrounding Cumberland Gap National Historical Park will unfold Saturday during the 3rd Annual Within the Shadows of Cumberland Gap Heritage Walk.

Swimmer Drowns At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The Great Lakes can be as dangerous as the oceans for swimmers, a point driven home by the drowning of a 37-year-old man at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Photography In The National Parks: A Day Trip To Lake Clark National Park And Preserve

Katmai National Park and Preseve in Alaska tops the marquee when brown bears are mentioned, but there's another national park in Alaska that will surprise you with its bear-viewing opportunities.

World Ranger Day Coming This Week

"World Ranger Day," one day out of the year to show your appreciation for national park rangers the world over, arrives Tuesday.

"Recreational" Bike Ride To Close Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge Road

Olympic National Park officials have approved a "recreational" bike ride that could attract 700 cyclists and temporarily close the Hurricane Ridge Road for seven hours on August 4.

USGS Geologist Honored For Contributions To Better Understanding The Grand Canyon

A research geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey has been honored by the Geological Society of America for work that helps explain how and when the Grand Canyon and the lower Colorado River took their present form.

Dune Erosion Forces Demolition Of Marconi Interpretive Kiosk At Cape Cod National Seashore

Rather than waiting for erosion to do the job, crews at Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts have demolished the interpretive kiosk at the site where Guglielmo Marconi made history in 1903 by sending the first transatlantic wireless message to England.

Meteor Shower Party To Benefit Mojave Desert Land Trust

The annual Perseid Meteor showers are coming up next month, and the Mojave Desert Land Trust is throwing a party to watch the star show.

Climber Dies In Fall At Glacier National Park

For the second time this summer, a concessions worker at Glacier National Park has died in a climbing accident.

Additional American Sign Language Services Available At Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has added several new American Sign Language services that are available both in the park, and at your home.
On the Desert On the Desert's Edge is a book for all those who cherish wild places. It is a collection of anecdotal essays, poetry and photos by Dale Pate and Ron Kerbo, present and former National Park Service cave specialists who have 36 years of combined experience living, working, and exploring in and around Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks.

Traveler's Gear Box: Hitting The Trail With Lowepro's Rover Pro 45L

Lowepro camera backpacks are my gateway to freedom and getting off of the busy roads of Yellowstone, into the backcountry.

Friends Group Rises Up To Help Timpanogos Cave National Monument

A friends group has been formed to help Timpanogos Cave National Monument in Utah meet its needs.

Senate Committee Taking Testimony Thursday On Funding The National Park Service

A hearing Thursday before the full Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will delve into the fiscal needs of the National Park Service for the next fiscal year. Specifically, the senators want to hear about "supplemental" funding mechanisms that could help the Park Service afford the National Park System.

A View From The Overlook: Fossil Butte National Monument

The two-hour drive from Salt Lake City, to Kemmerer, Wyoming, a gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks, is educational for European and Eastern U.S. visitors.

NPCA: House Committee's Draft Funding Bill Shorts National Parks

A budget plan drafted in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next fiscal year would be crippling to the National Park Service if implemented, the National Parks Conservation Association said Tuesday.

Yellowstone National Park Gets OK For Cell Tower At Fishing Bridge/Lake Village Area

Cellphone users will applaud, while those who hope to avoid others' conversations might cringe, but Yellowstone National Park officials have received approval to let Verizon Wireless erect a cell tower to serve the Fishing Bridge and Lake Village areas of the park.

How Big A Difference Is There Between Professional And "Recreational" Bike Events In National Parks When It Comes To Impacts?

When it comes to cycling events in national parks, how heavily should the National Park Service weigh whether an event is a professional race when deciding if it's a worthwhile event, and what other factors should it take into consideration?