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NPCA "Infographic" Lays Out Financial Bind Of The National Park Service

A handy new graphic from the National Parks Conservation Association shows just how much help the National Park Service needs to manage the park system.

PEER Applauds Determination On Potential Wupatki National Monument Wilderness, Calls For Additional Wilderness Reviews

A decision by National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis that there are wilderness quality lands in Wupatki National Monument has spurred a request that the Park Service review nine other parks where it has in the past concluded no such lands existed.

Concerns Voiced Over Possible Gas Transmission Line Crossing Pinelands National Reserve

The pinelands of southern New Jersey are a quilt of farmlands, marshy areas, and, frankly, pine barrens. So biological rich is this region that in 1978 it was designated as a United States Biosphere Reserve, and Congress later established the country's first National Reserve across more than 1 million acres.

Cruise Ship Comes To Aid Of Tour Vessel At Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

There's been some occasional debate about the appropriate number of large cruise ships in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, but the visitors aboard the daily tour boat Baranof Wind last Friday are probably glad the 1,260-passenger Statendam was in the area. Mechanical problems left the smaller vessel dead in the water in a remote area, but her passengers were safely carried back to port by the cruise ship.

Alcohol Sales At Mammoth Cave National Park Being Scaled Back Due To Drunkenness

Too much of a good thing, and not enough park staff, mean alcohol sales at Mammoth Cave National Park will be scaled back.
The Mountains-To-Sea Trail Across North Carolina: Walking a Thousand Miles Through Wildness, Culture and History Not many new hiking trails arrive these years, so when a new one does surface, it's great to have a guide to help you plan a walk along it. What Danny Bernstein has done with The Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina, is produce not a how-to book, but rather a why-to book.

$16 Million Campaign Launched To Rejuvenate Jenny Lake Area At Grand Teton National Park

With federal dollars increasingly scarce, friends groups are becoming more and more vital to national parks. An example of how valuable comes today from Grand Teton National Park, where a joint public-private partnership was announced to raise $16 million to rejuvenate the Jenny Lake area of the park.

Watch The Stars From Grand Teton National Park This Weekend

With the Perseid Meteor Showers ramping up, if you're in Grand Teton National Park this weekend join the Jackson Hole Astronomy Club in watching them.

Glacier National Park's Rising Sun Campground Closed Due To Bears

A popular, front-country campground in Glacier National Park has been temporarily closed due to bears searching for meals there.

Nearly $2 Million Donation To Help Fund Solar Energy System At Isle Royale National Park

A donation of $1.8 million from a concessions program is moving Isle Royale National Park closer to the more than $7 million needed to build a solar power facility on the island in Lake Superior.

Senate Funding Bill Would Treat National Park Service Much Better Than House Version

A Senate appropriations bill treats the National Park Service much better than does a similar measure in the House of Representatives.

"Blueprint" Calls For Balance Between Resource Development, Recreation, And The Environment On Public Lands

Is the country’s approach to public lands management balanced, or is it skewed toward resource development at the expense of the environment and recreation? A coalition of conservation groups believes it is skewed, and wants the Obama administration, and Congress, to provide that missing balance.

A View From The Overlook: A Few Days In Yellowstone

You owe it to yourself to spend a few days working with Harry Yount in Yellowstone National Park.

Fall In The National Parks: Ride Off Into The West, And A National Park, From A Dude Ranch

It’s after a soft, pattering rain, with the clouds clearing and the sun streaming through, that the essence of the Western landscape rises up. The pungent scent of sagebrush is wicked up by the moist air, mingling with the sweet aroma of pine.

Photography In The National Parks: The Bears Of Katmai

“Walk quickly!” the ranger urgently called out to the two of us as we were halfway across the floating bridge between Brooks Lodge and the Lower Platform. Without another word, my fellow photo tour attendee and I hefted our tripods with supertelephotos attached and “walked (very) quickly” across to the opposite gate nearest the platform before they closed down the bridge for a morning “bear jam.”

Study Finds An Old-Fashioned Camping Trip—Minus Artificial Light—Can Be Good For Your Health

Requests for modern conveniences such as electricity and cell phone service in NPS campgrounds are growing, and in many ways a vacation in a modern RV, or a park hotel, isn't vastly different from a week at home. A recent study, however, found that an old-fashioned camping trip that skips any use of artificial light—including even flashlights and personal electronic devices—can reset the participant's "body clocks" back to a normal rhythm.

Plein Air For The Park Event Showcases Best Of Grand Teton National Park Through Artists' Eyes

The beauty of Grand Teton National Park recently was captured by more than 40 artists from throughout the country who gathered in the park for the 2nd annual Plein Air For the Park exhibition and show.

Watch Perseid Meteor Showers In The Dark Skies Over Theodore Roosevelt National Park's North Unit

The dark skies over the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park should provide a great backdrop to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers this weekend.

PEER: National Park Service At Fault As Visitors Leave A Lot Of Roadkill In Their Wake

A review of wildlife lost to vehicle collisions in three iconic national parks shows the National Park Service is struggling, and sometimes failing, to reverse the trend, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Fall, The Best Of Seasons In The National Parks

For many, fall is the most sublime of seasons in the National Park System. Forests are cloaked in their autumnal best, wildlife is on the move and readily visible, crisp temperatures are perfect for hikes and bugs are gone. You can even smell the season, both in the moldering leaves and the woodsmoke curling above cabins.

Late-Season Deals On Rafting, Mountain Bike Trips In The National Parks

It's August, school is around the corner, do you still have time for a national park adventure this summer? The folks at Holiday River Expeditions are making that possibility enticing with some discounts on some of their rafting and mountain biking trips in Dinosaur National Monument and Canyonlands National Park.

Exploring The Parks: Brooks Lodge And The Bears Of Katmai National Park

Last month I joined up with Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris for a tour to photograph the coastal brown bears (Ursus arctos) of Katmai National Park, Alaska. It was an experience of a lifetime for me and one I so enjoyed that I am hoping to return in 2014.

Star Party Coming To Mount Rainier National Park For Perseid Showers This Saturday

A star party is on the schedule at Mount Rainier National Park, where the Perseid Meteor Showers will be viewed from Paradise this coming Saturday.

Friends Of Acadia Trying To Soften Sequestration Blow On Acadia National Park

Not a year into his role as president and chief executive officer of Friends Of Acadia, David MacDonald's task was ratcheted up a few rungs by the federal budget sequestration and its impacts on a national park that already was struggling with a thin budget.

Falcon Fledging Over, Precipice Back Open At Acadia National Park

With another successful nesting season in the Precipice Cliff area of Acadia National Park, the area's trails, including the Precipice Trail, have reopened to the public.

Challenging Rescue On The Chilkoot Trail At Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

The Chilkoot Trail at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is one of the most challenging hikes anywhere in the country, and it's a tough place for a medical emergency. Last weekend, the Trail was the scene of the park's longest-ever litter transport and ground-based rescue.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation Lands $50,000 Grant To Help Connect College Students With National Parks

The Grand Teton National Park Foundation has landed a $50,000 grant to help underwrite its NPS Academy, a program that brings college students into Grand Teton National Park to build advocates for the parks and outdoors in general.

Rocky Mountain National Park Offers Another Chance To Comment On Proposed Multi-Use Path

Rocky Mountain National Park officials, who are considering a 15.5-mile-long multi-use trail from the Fall River Entrance to Sprague Lake, are offering you another chance to comment on the proposal.

Musings From Pipestone National Monument

They may be separated by a few hundred miles of prairie, but Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota and Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming share parts of a common story. Both hold sacredness for the Indians who once lived and roamed freely across these wide and beautiful lands.

Eastern National, Finley-Holiday Films Collaborating On National Park Video, Passport Program

Eastern National, a cooperating association that produces educational and interpretive materials for more than 100 units of the National Park System, is working with Finley-Holiday Films to create a special package of items for park goers.