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Cape Point At Cape Hatteras National Seashore Closed As Park Waits For Sea Turtle Eggs To Hatch

With the clock ticking on a nest of sea turtle eggs, Cape Hatteras National Seashore officials on Monday closed of Cape Point to off-road vehicles.

There's A New Look Coming To The Traveler...

There's a new look coming to National Parks Traveler, one that aims to offer more avenues for interaction between the readers. For starters, there will be a reader forum for you to share your knowledge about national parks and seek answers to your park questions.

Photographer Seeking Funds For "Pinhole" National Park Project

With technology rooted in the 11th century, and a medium that has fallen out of mass appeal due to the advent of digital cameras, a California photographer aims to document the National Park System in a throw-back sort of way.

Despite Flooding, Elk Fest Will Go On At Rocky Mountain National Park

Despite the torrential rains that fell on Rocky Mountain National Park and its surrounding communities earlier this month, elk still sing in the park and the folks in Estes Park, Colorado, are going ahead with their "Elk Fest" this coming weekend.

They Hunt Hogs At Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area And Obed Wild And Scenic River

Not too many units of the National Park System allow hunting within their borders, but Big South Fork National River and Recreation along the Tennessee-Kentucky line is one that does. And come Saturday a hog hunting season, which runs through February, will kick off in the park.

Elite National Park Service Helicopter Unit Marks Forty Years Of Service

News of a dramatic rescue via helicopter in a national park often involves locations like Yosemite or Grand Teton National Parks, but there's also an elite National Park Service helicopter rescue team based in the East. This year marks 40 years of service by the United States Park Police (USPP) Aviation Unit, and the group has been involved in some unusual and high-profile incidents

National Parks, Other Federal Lands Generate Big Tourism Income For State Of Utah

How important are national parks, forests, and other federal lands in the economies of Western states? Data recently released in Utah offers a glimpse.

Deer Culling To Resume At Gettysburg National Military Park

Deer culling at Gettysburg National Military Park will resume in October as officials work to tamp down the herds so vegetation has a better chance to grow.

Bears Out In Force In Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton National Parks

Earlier this month Yellowstone National Park officials issued a release warning that grizzly bears very possibly would be active in their search for food this fall and humans should be especially alert. Well, it seems the bears took that message to heart.

There's A New Look Coming To The Traveler....

After all these years, there's a new look coming to National Parks Traveler, folks, and you can be a part of it. Watch for details.

Going-To-Sun Road In Glacier National Park Will Close, Partially, This Sunday

So crews can get back to full speed rehabbing the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, access to Logan Pass via that road from St. Mary will end Sunday evening.

Touring Grand Canyon National Park: Take It Sitting Down

The Grand Canyon has a new taxi service. It’s totally green and only for off-road touring. Like a New York cabby, these guys have a no-nonsense attitude, occasionally talk back, and are famously stubborn, but the resemblance ends there.

Cellphone Towers In Yellowstone National Park: A Flaw In The National Park Service Mission?

When the National Park Service was created nearly a century ago, its mission seemed straightforward: to preserve the landscape for the enjoyment of today's and tomorrow's generations. As the agency nears its centennial, is there a need to recommit to that mission?

National Park Quiz: How Good Are You When Quizzed On Fall In The National Parks?

We begged, pleaded, cajoled, and finally bribed the quizmeister -- a lifetime membership to the Traveler! -- to get him to kick out a fall quiz for your entertainment (and possible chagrin). And...he relented!

Traveler's Gear Box: The Bug Blocker From Kelty

Bugs can quickly ruin a national park vacation, especially the ones that bite and suck your blood. That's when you need a shelter from the storm, as it were.

More Trails Opening In Rocky Mountain National Park, New Directions To Park

As damage assessments continue in Rocky Mountain National Park in the wake of last week's rain storms, visitors are finding more terrain to access.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Continues To Dry Out, Open More Facilities

More and more areas of Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas are being opened as the park continues to dry out following last week's rain storms.

National Park Service Cracks Open Door To Fundraising Tied To Alcoholic Beverages

When the National Park Service's centennial rolls around in three years, will you be able to sidle up to the bar and order a Park Service-approved drink? That's one concern tied to the agency's decision to, in one case so far, waive its prohibition against fundraising campaigns involving alcholic beverages.
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Volunteers Sought To Clean Up Valley Forge National Historical Park On Public Lands Day

Volunteers are being sought to help clean up Valley Forge National Historical Park on Saturday, September 28, in celebration of National Public Lands Day.

Assistance Fund Created For Rocky Mountain National Park

An assistance fund has been set up to help Rocky Mountain National Park recover from last week's torrential rain storms.

National Park Service Mum On How It Plans To Celebrate Its Centennial In 2016

What's a birthday party without a surprise? That seems to be the case with the National Park Service's silence on how it plans to mark its centennial in 2016.

Rocky Mountain National Park Slowly Reopening

Rocky Mountain National Park, waterlogged in spots from last week's storms, began to reopen to the public Wednesday, though all trails on the eastern side of the park remained closed.

Biscayne National Park Loses Concessionaire For Snorkeling, Dive Tours

Biscayne Underwater, which offered snorkeling and scuba tours at Biscayne National Park, has abruptly gone out of business, leaving the park without a concessionaire to offer those services.

A View From The Overlook: A Tale Of Two Rivers, Part I

There is a thread of commonality in the Colorado River as it flows through the Grand Canyon, and the Potomac River as it flows into Washington, D.C. It revolves around preservation.

Help Erase Graffiti In Arches National Park On Public Lands Day

You can be part of the solution in the battle against graffiti in national parks on National Public Lands Day, September 28, by helping to erase graffiti at Arches National Park.

Reader Participation Day: Do You Use A Smartphone App To The National Parks?

Last week we wondered how many folks were using their smartphones as cameras in the national parks. Let's stay with the smartphone theme this week: Do you have a national park app on your phone, and do you use it?

Explore Sculpture At Saint-Gaudens National Historical Site

Gain, or enhance, your appreciation for sculpture later this month when Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park in New Hampshire hosts its 8th Annual Sculptural Visions event.

Rocky Mountain National Park Remains Closed As Damage Assessment Continues

Rocky Mountain National Park remained closed for a fifth day Tuesday as crews worked to assess the damage in the wake of last week's torrential rain storms.

Climber Hit By Rock, Falls 300 Feet To His Death At North Cascades National Park

A climber heading down after summiting Forbidden Peak in North Cascades National Park was killed when he was hit by a falling rock that knocked him about 300 feet further down the mountain.

Glacier National Park To Study Logan Pass Mountain Goats And How Humans Affect Them

So habituated to human visitors are mountain goats at Glacier National Park that they can seem as docile and innocent as sheep. To better understand exactly how habituated mountain goats have become to human invasions, the park and the University of Montana are studying how the goats are affected by people, trails, and roads in the Logan Pass area.