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Taste The Mountain Life At Great Smoky Mountains National Park On September 21

You can, quite literally, sample the ways of the past at the annual Mountain Life Festival that will be celebrated at Great Smoky Mountains National Park on September 21.

State Of Florida Pledges $90 Million To Help Fund A Bridge To Somewhere In Everglades National Park

In 1928 a highway known as the Tamiami Trail was built across the southern Florida peninsula, and while it was a boon for developers, the dam-like road fill created serious problems for Everglades National Park. A partial solution—replacing some of the road's berm with bridges—got a welcome boost with a recent pledge of $90 million from the State of Florida.

Night Sky Festivals: Acadia And Theodore Roosevelt National Parks

Star gazers have two national park settings to choose from this month if they're interested in attending a night sky festival, one in Maine and the other in North Dakota.

Beware Of Bears In Search Of Meals In Western National Parks

Fall is speeding our way, and for wildlife, that means it's time to pack on the calories. In western national parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier, that means bears are on the prowl looking for some good meals.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Among Southeast Locations With Record Sea Turtle Nesting Numbers

It's been a banner year for sea turtle nesting along Southeastern beaches, including those at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Another Boat Ramp Closing At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

While monsoonal rains have been dumping on the Southwest in recent days, they're far from enough to float some boats at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Slowly Reopening After Flood Closures

Some areas of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, closed Thursday by flooding, were reopened Friday while park staff headed out to assess what damage was done.

UPDATED: Rocky Mountain National Park Closed By Ongoing Storms, Climbers Walk Out From Longs Peak

An unrelenting storm system Friday forced the closure of Rocky Mountain National Park, where rangers were escorting visitors out of the park, while two hikers initially reported to be stranded near the top of 14,259-foot Longs Peak were able to walk out on their own.

Trail Washout Closes Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Heavy rains have washed out a trail leading to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, prompting a closure of the monument near the Utah-Arizona border.

Shooting Investigation In Yellowstone National Park Continues

The investigation into the death of a toddler from a gunshot wound at Yellowstone National Park moved into Friday with no word on which direction it was taking.

Least And Roseate Terns Staging At Cape Cod National Seashore For Trek South

If you still need to checkoff the Least, or Roseate, terns from your birding life list, or simply like to watch birds, you might consider visiting Cape Cod National Seashore as those species are staging there in advance of their migration south.

National Park Service Offers Teachers A Web Portal Into Educational Materials On Parks

Teachers looking to bolster their science, history, and culture curriculums can now turn to the National Park Service, which has created a website especially for them.

Olympic National Park, City Of Port Angeles Working To Prevent Water Quality Problems

Problems with sediment loads have officials from Olympic National Park and the City of Port Angeles collaborating on ways to ensure the city's water supply isn't harmed from work to remove the Glines Canyon Dam on the Elwha River.

Cleanup Continues At Stehekin In North Cascades National Park

It won't happen overnight, but progress is being made in removing the mud and muck that swept into Stehekin at North Cascades National Park a week ago. Still, some vehicles covered by the mud-and-rock slide might not be recoverable before snow flies.

Zion-Mount Carmel Highway At Zion National Park Open Again

A day after it was closed by a rain storm, the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway at Zion National Park reopened Thursday, although motorists were cautioned to expect a section of rough road.

Heavy Rains Lead To Closure Of Guadalupe Mountains National Park In Texas

Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas was closed Thursday afternoon due to heavy rains that were causing flooding in the park.

Heavy Rains Impacting Eastern Side Of Rocky Mountain National Park

Heavy rains that have been pounding eastern Colorado have been creating some problems at Rocky Mountain National Park, where interior park roads have been closed by the deluge.

Dining In the Parks: EPIC Bars

Whether you're hiking, paddling, cycling, or simply windshield touring in a national park, you're bound to get hungry and begin searching for a snack. To the ubiquitous trail mix, jerky, or piece of fruit, there's now another option. The EPIC bar.

Obama Administration Urged By NPCA To Close Loopholes That Prevent Clean Air Over Parks

Unless things change, it will take centuries for many national parks to have truly clean air, according to the National Parks Conservation Association, which wants the Obama administration to close loopholes that stand in the way of improving air quality.

Advance Reservations, Fees Coming To Campers And Boaters At Voyageurs National Park

Whether you view it as fee creep, or accept it as the cost of doing business, Voyageurs National Park is going ahead with a campsite reservation system and related fees.

Co-Founder Of North Cascades Institute Honored

Saul Weisberg, co-founder and executive director of North Cascades Institute, has been recognized for his national and regional leadership with two professional awards: The Association of Nature Center Administrators’ 2013 Nature Center Leadership Award and Re Sources’ 2013 Environmental Heroes Award.

Heavy Rains Cause Access Problems To Zion National Park

Access to Zion National Park from the east was interrupted Wednesday as heavy rains led to storm waters undercutting part of the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway.

Plane Crash In Grand Teton National Park Kills Two

A small, single-engine plane crashed in Grand Teton National Park on Wednesday, killing two people on board.

Mystery -- Possibly One Of Murder -- Is Being Investigated At Cuyahoga Valley National Park In Ohio

An investigation is ongoing at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio where hikers stumbled across parts of a human skull and jawbone.

National Parks Quarters Hard To Find, Make A Great Collectible

When was the last time you pulled change out of your pocket and spotted a national park edition quarter? They're not as common as you might think.

Traveler's Gear Box: TravelChair's Paddler Chair

Long days in a canoe can lead to an aching back, unless you modify the basic seating situation. For years I resorted to a Crazy Creek chair, but this summer I found a newer, more comfortable solution.

Reader Participation Day: Has Your Cell Phone Replaced Your "Real Camera" For Taking Photos?

The equipment we use to capture photos of our park visits has changed dramatically over the years, and although they aren't likely to replace a "real camera" for serious photographers, the ability of cell phones to capture quality images has made them increasingly popular with many people. Has your phone replaced your camera for your photos, in parks and elsewhere?

How National Park Service Brochures Have Changed Over The Past 50 Years

Brochures promoting national parks have changed -- a lot -- during the past 50 years.

Heavy Rains Hard On Grand Canyon National Park Trails

Heavy rains that have been falling on the Southwest in recent days are creating problems with some sections of trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

Wife Allegedly Pushed Her Husband Off Glacier National Park Cliff To His Death

A newly married bride has been accused of pushing her husband to his death off a cliff in Glacier National Park.