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Passport® Picks For Winter In The National Park System

Winter is upon us and although some of our parks have closed their visitor centers for the season, there are still many ways to enjoy our national parks! We've put together this list to highlight some of the activities that are taking place in December, January, and February. Pack up the car, grab your Passport®, and explore the parks!

Budget Problems Prevent Everglades National Park From Opening Chekika Day-Use Area

A popular day-use area in Everglades National Park that was scheduled to open this month will not due to budget shortfalls, according to park officials.

Exploring the Parks: Up And In The Mounds In Ocmulgee National Monument

OCMU - funeral mound
Ocmulgee National Monument, in Macon, Georgia, protects earth mounds from the Mississippian Period. The Earth Lodge Mound still has the original floor from more than a thousand years ago. The surrounding grounds offer a relaxing, easy, place to walk while you're exploring the monument.

New NPS "Wildland Fire Strategic Plan" Offers Some Candid Insights Into Fire Management Challenges

Among the functions performed by the National Park Service, few can top "fire management" in terms of costs, public safety, and impacts on both park and adjacent property and activities. That said, you may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to review and comment on the agency's new Wildland Fire Strategic Plan: 2014-2019.

Tentative Budget Compromise Would Mean Some Relief For National Park Service

A tentative budget compromise reached by congressional negotiators would, if approved by the full Congress and the White House, mean some relief for the National Park Service.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Old Fall River Road To Remain Closed To Vehicles Through 2014

The Old Fall River Road, which ascends slowly through a picturesque corner of Rocky Mountain National Park to near the summit of Trail Ridge Road, will be closed to vehicles throughout 2014 due to storm damage sustained in September.

151st Anniversary Of Battle Of Fredericksburg To Be Marked With Special Events

With the 151st anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg being marked this month, the staff at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park has lined up some special events.

One Park Pass For Four Units Of National Park System

If you like to frequent the national parks in southeastern Utah, and not many others, you might consider spending $25 for an annual pass to Arches and Canyonlands national parks and Hovenweep and Natural Bridges national monuments.

Appreciating Space In National Parks

There are worries that a majority of today's younger generations are not interested in spending much time outdoors in natural areas. The Student Conservation Association exists to help nurture and immerse these generations in places such as national parks and national forests. Jane Wong discovered that working in the field with the SCA gave her a great appreciation for the outdoors. This is her story.

Coalition Of National Park Service Retirees Launches Redesigned Website

The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, which advocates in support of the mission of the National Park Service, has launched a redesign of its website that's easier to navigate and contains more resources than the previous site.

Photography In The National Parks: Capturing Winter In Our National Parks

“Winter” is a relative term. For me, the word conjures images of snow and ice along with such adjectives as “crisp” and “stark.” Winter for others, however, can bring to mind sandy beaches and turquoise water or alligators and migrating birds along with adjectives such as “warm,” “hot,” “humid,” even “wet,” depending on one’s location within the National Park System.

Draft Ozark National Scenic Riverways Plan Draws Charges NPS Is Trying To Limit Access

A pitched battle is under way over the future of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, one that goes to the heart of whether national parks are to be managed for the country's best interests, or for unrestricted local interests.

Information Sought On Apparent Shooting Of Florida Panther In Big Cypress National Preserve

Authorities are investigating the apparent shooting death of an endangered Florida panther in Big Cypress National Preserve.

Around The Parks: Give Back Shenandoah, Point Reyes NS Elk, Rocky Mountain NP Visitation Plunges

A Virginia politician wants the state to take back Shenandoah National Park, ranchers say there are too many elk at Point Reyes National Seashore, and plunging visitation at Rocky Mountain National Park is costly.

Name That Foal, Support Assateague Island National Seashore

Name your price and you just might be able to name the only foal born into the Maryland herd at Assateague Island National Seashore this year.

North Rim Of Grand Canyon National Park Has Limited Winter Access

While the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park isn't technically closed in winter, getting there can be difficult, especially now that the state highway leading to the rim is closed for the winter.

Grand Teton National Park Officials Studying Future Of Moose-Wilson Corridor

The Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park is a thin, two-lane ribbon running through a gorgeous part of the park. It's a particularly scenic way to enter the park, especially in fall when the vegetation is changing colors and the bears come to gorge themselves on ripe berries. But how should it be managed long-term?

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Looking Forward To Tour De France

While the thought of a professional bike race zooming through a U.S. national park draws immediate criticism from some sectors, the folks on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority are looking forward to next year's Tour de France.

Some Great Gear For Year-End Gifts For Adventuring In National Parks

With shopping days dwindling before the year-end holidays arrive, getting a late start is better than no start. Here are some great gift ideas for heading into the national parks well-equipped.

Essential Park Guide: Winter Doesn’t Have To Mean Cold, Snow And Ice During Your National Park Adventure

Cold, snow, and ice aren’t the only backdrops to a winter’s visit to the National Park System. There’s a flip side to the Glaciers, Yellowstones, and Mount Rainiers of winter park vacations. They’re found in the Caribbean, south Florida, and even Nevada and Arizona.

Winter Storm Closes Mammoth Cave National Park

Winter-storm conditions on Friday led to the closure of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Essential Park Guide, Winter: Exchange Leafy Summer Trails For Snowy Forests

Winter in the National Park System often brings to mind frosty snowscapes, places where you can skim on skinny skis, or clomp along in snowshoes that, though a bit cumbersome, help you go places you might not venture without them.

"Conscience Letters" From Petrified Forest National Park Thieves Tie Bad Luck To "Hot Rocks"

Think twice during your visit to Petrified Forest National Park about walking away with a colorful shard of petrified wood, for that "hot rock" just might bring you a world of hurt.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Gains Approval For 29 New Public Access Points To Beaches

Visitors to Cape Hatteras National Seashore soon will have 29 new access points for exploring the seashore's beaches under a plan stemming from its off-road vehicle management plan.

A Former National Park Superintendent Replies: The Park Service's Various Disciplines

How many different disciplines are there in a national park staff? You just might be surprised.

What's That Sound? Building An Audio Library At Glacier Bay National Park

Sounds can identify a place, and the residents of that place. Pulling the sounds of Glacier Bay National Park together and placing them in one repository will make it easier to piece together the sounds of the park.

Two Areas Closed At Everglades National Park To Protect Nesting Roseate Spoonbills

With Roseate Spoonbills heading to Everglades National Park for nesting, park officials have temporarily closed two areas of the park to provide some protection for the birds.

Tracking Climate Change In Kenai Fjords National Park: What Will Happen?

In the following video, produced by the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands, the National Park Service’s Interpretive Development Program, and the NPS Climate Change Response Program, how climate change might impact Kenai Fjords National Park is examined.

Key Bridge To Cape Hatteras National Seashore Closed Due To Safety Concerns

Reaching Cape Hatteras National Seashore on the Outer Banks of North Carolina just got a lot tougher. The state Transportation Department has closed the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge over the Oregon Inlet on N.C. 12 along the Outer Banks due to safety concerns.

Reproduction Copies of Ben Franklin's 1743 Newspaper Available at Independence National Historical Site

Benjamin Franklin is one of the best-known figures in our nation's history, and for good reason. He was a Founding Father, diplomat, statesman, scientist, inventor, writer, and more. At Independence National Historical Park, they're featuring another of his skills—expert printer—and through December 18, you can purchase a hand-printed reproduction of his Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper from 1743