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National Park Mystery Plant 3: It’s Toxic, and Livestock Producers Hate It

Sheep, cattle, pigs, and goats shouldn't eat this mystery plant. But sometimes they do, and that's a problem.

Mark Your Calendar: Music in the Parks Coming to Grand Teton National Park

If you've got plans, or can make plans, to visit Grand Teton National Park during the next four weeks, you'll definitely want to read the rest of this story.

Upon Further Review: If It Smells Like Gasoline...

Boat fire at Glen Canyon.
On June 25, 2009, a boater at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area was preparing to head out for a day on the lake. What happened next proves that knowledge is a wonderful thing... if you decide to apply it.

Teach Your Kids to Enjoy Hiking With Shenandoah National Park's Family Hiking Program

Hiking is an easy and enjoyable activity that can quickly turn into a lifelong passion. And while it's as easy as setting one foot in front of another on a path through the woods, sometimes the fleeting attention spans of kids can make that difficult. That's where the rangers of Shenandoah National Park come in.

Zuni-Cibola National Historical Park, the Park that Died A-Borning

Congress authorized a Zuni-Cibola National Historical Park several decades ago, but no such NPS unit ever materialized. The people of Zuni Pueblo didn’t like the idea.

Dinosaur National Monument: More Than You Can Imagine

Are many months as fickle as April? Bogged down in gooey mud that once had been the campground at Deer Lodge in Dinosaur National Monument while grilling brauts over an open fire in the rain didn't seem to portend a good river trip. At least it wasn't snowing. No, that would come the next night.

UNESCO Agrees to Send Field Team to Inspect Threats to Glacier, Waterton National Parks

Things are going to get real interesting on the U.S.-Canadian border where Glacier and Waterton Lakes national parks meet now that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage Committee has voted to send a team to the parks to inspect threats to their resources.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Readying for Fourth of July Fireworks

Ropes and pulleys have replaced helicopters as the preferred method to haul fireworks to top of Theodore Roosevelt's head for the annual Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Take Your Boat, But Not Invasive Mussels, to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

If you're heading to Lake Powell at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area with your boat, better be certain there are no non-native mussels hitching a ride.

Hot Springs Hoopla Goads Government

The National Park Service wants the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, to quit advertising itself in ways that blur the distinction between the city and Hot Springs National Park.

Middle Echo Canyon in Zion National Park Reopened to Visitors

Reduced ice and snow conditions in Middle Echo Canyon in Zion National Park have prompted the superintendent to reopen the canyon to canyoneers.

Have You Seen the National Park Service's Redesigned Web Portal Yet?

Have you seen the National Park Service's new web portal? The redesigned site is cleaner and easier to navigate than the older version.

A Window Into North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is one of those places that many folks often don't think about, and fewer manage to actually reach. It's not as remote as many other national parks, but its location in northern Washington state perhaps keeps folks away. This short video might convince you to make the trip.

Going-to-the-Sun Road Open End-to-End in Glacier National Park

If you're heading to Glacier National Park, you'll be glad to know the Going-to-the-Sun Road is now open end-to-end.

Traveler Tech Update: IE8 and Latest Performance

As some folks have noticed, there have been some power outages with the Traveler this week.

By the Numbers: Lake Mead Quagga Mussels

Do you want to see a LOT of zeroes?

National Park Mystery Photo 8 Revealed: The Rock Behind The Picture

There are several places in the National Park System where you can find bombs. One of them is Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Idaho.

Free Weekends AND Free Tours At Mammoth Cave National Park

Not only can you gain free entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park on two more weekends this summer, but you'll also be able to partake in some free tours of the cave.

Survey Says National Park Service Is Far from the Best Government Agency to Work For

You'd think that waking up every day in places such as Yellowstone, Olympic, Acadia, Yosemite or Rocky Mountain national parks would be part of a dream job. But a survey of federal employees shows that those working for the National Park Service are far from being the most content with their jobs.

Celebrate Wildflowers at Cedar Breaks National Monument

Dazzling strokes of Indian paintbrush, daubs of lupine and larkspur, and dashes of primrose will be on display at Cedar Breaks National Monument during its 4th Annual Wildflower Festival next month.

National Park Mystery Photo 8: Well, It's Kinda Oval

With nearly 400 units, the National Park System harbors some incredible wonders. Some are easy to recognize, such as Old Faithful, the Everglades, and the Tetons. But every now and again you come across something that you stare at and scratch your head over.

Zoonotic Disease Survey Addresses Potentially Dangerous Health Risks

Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans, and there are some dangerous ones in our parks. The NPS Zoonotic Disease Survey currently underway will help to improve safety protocols for employees at risk. If you want to participate I this survey, you’ll need to hurry.

Secretary Salazar Wants Everglades National Park to Return to Endangered List

Righting what he calls a wrong of the Bush administration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants Everglades National Park to once again be listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger.

Latest Pastime of Yellowstone National Park Bison: Human Tossing

Meek and mellow Yellowstone National Park bison most definitely are not. A woman learned that lesson painfully Wednesday when butted into the air by a bison that apparently didn't like the phone call she was making.

Softness Continues To Be the Story Across National Park Lodging

Though summer is officially here and the Fourth of July is within sight, there continues to be a softness in the demand for lodging space in the national parks this summer and into the fall.

Is Senator Feinstein Speaking Out of Both Sides of Her Mouth on National Park Matters?

National parks very well may be one of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's loves, but oysters seemingly trump her view of national park values.

National Park Quiz 60: Bears

This week’s quiz will be a snap if you know your bears. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “Sporadic euthermal arousal imparts an episodic character to hibernation.”
The Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges, 6th David and Kay Scott are still traveling the country to stay in as many lodges in the National Park System as possible. The latest edition of their book -- number six if you're counting -- is ready to take its place in your home library.

National Park Service Launches Website to Help You Plan Your Fourth of July Celebration

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend not too far off, the National Park Service has launched a website that will help you plan your holiday celebration somewhere in the National Park System. And you'd expect the Park Service to have some pointers, as it preserves numerous areas that commemorate the birth of the United States and American Independence.

Grand Canyon National Park Crews Working to Restore Endangered Humpback Chub To Shinumo Creek

There are efforts under way to restore a stream in Grand Canyon National Park with some endangered humpback chub.