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Traveler's Checklist: Cape Cod National Seashore

The "busy season" for Cape Cod National Seashore doesn't really begin until the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Which means you have plenty of time to consider the Traveler's suggestions for what you definitely must see or do when you visit the seashore.

SUV Goes Over The Rim Near Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

"Parking brake installed, not in use." That might have been the situation involving an SUV that fell 700 feet into Big Horn Canyon near the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Drowning Victim Finally Recovered From Lake Powell At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The body of a Florida man who went missing in Lake Powell at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area late in April has been recovered more than 400 feet beneath the lake's surface.

Updated: Coal Mine Proposed North Of Glacier National Park Strains US-Canadian Relations

The longstanding relations between the United States and Canada are being strained a bit by a proposal to mine for coal in a biologically diverse region of British Columbia that just happens to be upstream of Glacier National Park.
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Watch Out For the Beef In Grand Teton National Park This Weekend

Make sure you know where the beef is if you're visiting Grand Teton National Park this weekend.

Glacier National Park Officials Want to Eliminate Lake Trout From Quartz Lake

It seems non-native species are reaching all ends of the National Park System. In Glacier National Park, non-native lake trout have made it all the way into Quartz Lake, and officials are not happy about that.

National Park Mystery Photo 5: Which Way Does The Wind Blow?

There's definitely something nautical involved in this setting, which should help narrow down the location of this Mystery Photo.

House Approves Measure to Direct North Cascades National Park to Stock Barren Lakes. What Do You Think?

Should North Cascades National Park be forced to stock non-native fish in high-country lakes that normally would be barren? Apparently the U.S. House of Representatives thinks so. Do you?

Land Trust Hopes To Add Nearly 1,000 Acres to Joshua Tree National Park`

Joshua Tree National Park, which grew by more than 600 acres in 2008 thanks to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, could gain nearly 1,000 more acres thanks to the group's efforts.

National Park Quiz 57: Canyons

This week’s national park quiz will find out if you know your national park canyons. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “Deeply incised meanders add visual interest to canyons.”

Shenandoah National Park Offers Family Camping Program

While August traditionally is the worst month to be in Washington, D.C., due to the high humidity, Shenandoah National Park officials hope to entice a few families into the mountains in late June: They're offering a family camping program.

Ana through Wanda, This Year’s Hurricane Names are Ready to Go

NOAA forecasters expect a normal- to low-activity hurricane season this year, but you never know for sure. There are 21 storm names pre-selected for use in 2009.
Some might find it hard to believe, but the National Park Service actually runs its own cattle operation. Up in Montana on the Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site the agency preserves a slice of the 19th Century cattle industry.

Body Recovered in Grand Canyon National Park; Thought to Be That Of Missing Hiker

Rangers in Grand Canyon National Park have recovered a body in the Hermit Basin area of the park and believe it's that of a hiker who went missing over the Memorial Day weekend.

Interior Secretary Plans Free Weekend Entry to National Parks to Boost Tourism

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says national parks that charge entrance fees will waive those fees for three weekends this summer in a bid to boost tourism. Wouldn't it be nice if the fees were waived for the entire summer!

If You’re Touring Mesa Verde, She Said, Be Sure to Ask for Paula

Dumb and Dumber got a big surprise at Mesa Verde National Park. Sometimes even a blind hog will find an acorn.

Mount Who? How Did This Famous Park Get Its Name?

Mount Rushmore in 1905.
The nearly 400 units of our National Park System include the names of some famous men and women, along with those of natural features and historical events, but the origin of one of those monikers is a bit more obscure.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore to Offer Full Moon Lighthouse Tours

Let's hope the skies over Cape Hatteras National Seashore are cloud-free this weekend. That's because a full moon is scheduled and the national seashore plans to offer full moon tours of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse this Saturday night.

Cape Lookout National Seashore To Mark 150th Anniversary of Lighthouse This Fall

It could be argued that the two most important jobs along the Eastern seaboard during the 19th century were that of lighthouse keeper and life-saver. The former worked hard to warn ships off shoals, while the latter worked to save those who ships foundered.

Gulf Islands’ Popular Fort Pickens Area is Auto-Accessible Again

Hordes of day-trippers are once again converging on the Fort Pickens area of Gulf Islands National Seashore near Pensacola. Though still recovering from severe storm damage, this popular sun-sea-sand destination is very much back in business.

How Low Is the Bar For National Park System Inclusion When You Add a Gas Station?

Is this how low the bar has dropped for inclusion into the National Park System? Is it really so low that a gas station once owned by the beer-swilling brother of President Jimmy Carter should be managed as a national historical park by the National Park Service?

No Sign Of Missing Hiker In Grand Canyon National Park, Search Being Scaled Back

A lack of clues in the search for a missing hiker in Grand Canyon National Park has prompted a decision to begin scaling back the effort.

Cruising Into Glacier Bay National Park

Most people who visit Glacier Bay National Park never touch a glacier, but – with an icy breath – the glaciers reach out and touch them.

22 National Recreation Trails Created. How Many Are In Your Backyard?

The National Trails System has grown by 525 miles thanks to the recent designation of 22 National Recreation Trails by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The trails, which range from boardwalks through coastal forests to corridors along rivers, can be found in 13 states.

Creature Feature: To Save the Mission Blue Butterfly, You Have to Save the Lupine

Saving the endangered mission blue butterfly is a lupine-focused mission. The mission blues, which now survive only in a few places near San Francisco Bay, can’t reproduce in habitats that lack certain kinds of lupine.

Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge National Historical Park Reopens for Visits

Waqshinton's Headquarters.
George Washington may not have slept here, but he spent plenty of working hours in an 18th century building at Valley Forge National Historical Park now known as Washington's Headquarters. Following nearly seven months of restoration, the building is open again to the public.

How Did 1940s-era Visitors View Yosemite National Park? Check Out This Video

How did visitors view Yosemite National Park in the 1940s? This grainy video, which runs nearly 13 minutes, gives some insights.

Rangers Narrow Search Area in Grand Canyon National Park For Missing Hiker

The search for a missing hiker in Grand Canyon National Park has been narrowed down to an area in Hermit Basin, which is located west of Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim.

Bison Hazing Operations Inside Yellowstone National Park Fuel Controversy

Bison hazing operations inside Yellowstone National Park are using low-flying helicopters to force calves and adults to ford high-flowing rivers, at times leading to injuries. Park officials say it's business as usual.

Will There Soon Be a Mount Obama Monument and National Park?

The Lesser Antilles nation of Antigua and Barbuda wants to create a new national park focused on its highest peak, which will soon be renamed Mount Obama. Plans for the new park are sort of sketchy and iffy.