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The Texas White House is Now Open for Visitors

Texas White House
The current occupant of the Oval Office has ties to the Lone Star State, but the term "Texas White House" is normally associated with a former president. Public tours of the Texas White House became available for the first time this year, along with other changes at the park that commemorates the 36th president from his ancestral roots to his final resting place.

Mount Rainier National Park Offers a Snowplay Area and Guided Snowshoe Walks

A snowplay area and guided snowshoe walks are now available at the Paradise area in Mount Rainer National Park. Here's your chance to slide and 'shoe in the world's snowiest place.

With Winter Hitting Much of the Country Hard, There Are Many Ski Opportunities in the National Parks

Winter, it seems, is everywhere these days. Even poor Las Vegas has been hammered (relatively speaking, of course) by a snowstorm. And Death Valley National Park has seen snowflakes this winter. So shouldn't you be planning a national park ski trip?

Have You Ever Sneaked Into Shiloh National Military Park?

Established on December 27, 1894, Shiloh National Military Park was transferred to the NPS in 1933. Some Civil War buffs have a very special way of visiting this park and honoring those who fought there.

Video: Wal-Mart's Super Center Plans Draw Opposition From Generals Lee and Grant

Whether you oppose Wal-Mart's plans to develop a super center near Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park or could care less, you have to smile at the ingenuity of some of the opponents.

Water Works Are The Main Attraction at Gauley River National Recreation Area

Water. Torrents of water. Screaming cataracts that over the eons have sliced through some of the most intriguing Appalachian geology. And which, in the process, have created one heck of a playground.

Going to Denali Next Summer? It's Not Too Soon to Make Some Essential Reservations

Denali National Park scene.
The recent winter weather may have you thinking more about travel to Florida or Arizona instead of Alaska, but if you're considering a trip to Denali National Park next summer, it's not too soon to make reservations for the park bus system or campgrounds.

These Big Bird Sightings at Grand Canyon Are the Real Deal

Condor soaring at Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon National Park is a place that is synonymous with "big," and as the year draws to a close it seems an appropriate location for good news about sightings of some very big—and very rare—birds.

Who's Being Mentioned For Director of the National Park Service?

With Ken Salazar the pick for the Obama administration's Interior secretary, it's time to turn to the question of who will be the next director of the National Park Service.

Nevada Barr’s Latest Anna Pigeon Book is Set for April Release

There’s good news for Nevada Barr fans. The best selling author has sent another manuscript off to the printer. “Borderline,” the 15th novel starring super ranger Anna Pigeon, is due out in April. This one’s set in Big Bend National Park, and Nevada’s sister Molly says it’s a dandy.

A Winter Visit to Wupatki National Monument

Lomaki Pueblo at Wupatki NM. Ann Torrence photo.
In the quiet winter season, the wind rustling among the ruins of Wupatki National Monument whispers like the ancestral voices of its long-departed inhabitants.

National Park Quiz 34: Christmas in the Parks

It’s Christmas Eve, so let’s give this this week’s quiz a Christmas focus. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll tell Santa.

The AARP Seven-Tip List for Economical National Park Visiting is One Tip Short

The AARP recently published a list of seven senior-focused tips for saving money on national park visits. All seven make good sense, but we’d like to suggest an eighth.

Glen Canyon Marina Fire Damage Estimate: $3-$5 Million

Investigators looking into a fire that destroyed 15 boats at a remote marina in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area haven't identified a cause of the blaze that generated $3-$5 million in damage to boats and dock facilities.

"Pssst, Buddy…Got Some Photos to Show Us?"

If you're a serious photographer—or just an average one who got lucky—you might want to consider entering some of your shots of national parks in one or more photo contests that are currently accepting entries.

Elk Population Growing at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If the elk herd at Great Smoky Mountains National Park keeps growing like this, perhaps a gray wolf recovery program will be needed to keep the ungulates from over-grazing the park.

Snow Falls in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park hasn't been immune from the cold, snowy weather of late, as this photo of the Furnace Creek Inn shows.

At Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Old History Made Way for New History

Dozens of historic riverfront buildings in St. Louis were demolished in the 1940s to make room for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Boosters insisted that this was basically a matter of breaking a few eggs to make an omelet. Many preservationists think it was deplorable.

What Were the Top Stories Across the National Park System in 2008?

What were the top stories across the National Park System in 2008? That's a good question, but unfortunately one that brings to mind many stories we at the Traveler wish never arose.

The Interior Building in Washington, D.C. Gets a "Green Roof"

Green roof atop Chicago City Hall
The National Park Service's parent agency, the U. S. Department of the Interior, recently completed a project with both literal and symbolic "green" benefits. Earlier this week, Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne helped unveil a "green roof" located on the 3rd wing of the Main Interior Building in Washington, D.C.

Range of Lodging Deals and Events Appearing on the National Park Landscape

If you're kid-free or otherwise not bound to school calendars, there are a number of lodging specials and seasonal events in the National Park System in the coming months.

Twenty Boats Destroyed by Fire in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Federal investigators were joining Utah authorities Friday to determine the cause of a fire in a remote area of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area that destroyed as many as 20 boats.

Upon Further Review – Does the River Run Downstream?

Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, on the Pennsylvania—New Jersey border west of New York City, is a popular location for "float trips" in the northeastern United States. On a nice autumn day, a couple I'll call Jack and Jill decided to take a canoe trip on the Delaware River. At the time, it seemed like a good idea.

Take a Walk Through a 700-Year-Old House

Spring flowers at Tonto National Monument. NPS photo.
One of the oldest national monuments in the country celebrates its anniversary today, and it's been around for over a century. The primary attraction in this park has been around a lot longer, and if you're up to a bit of a hike, you can take a walk through a house built 700 years ago.

More Fishers Soon To Be On the Loose in Olympic National Park

Earlier this year a fisher recovery program got under way in Olympic National Park with the release of 18 of the furry mammals that are kin to weasels. This weekend another 15 or so will be set free to set up home in the park.

An Ancient Road System Still Puzzles Us at Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Scientists continue to puzzle over the extensive, carefully engineered road system that Ancestral Puebloans built ten centuries ago in the San Juan Basin of the Colorado Plateau. What functions did this prehistoric road system serve, and what accounts for its quirky design features?

Bush Administration Publishes Proposed Rule For Mountain Biking in National Parks

In what's being described as another example of the Bush administration whittling away the conservation ethic of the National Park Service, the Interior Department today published a proposed rule to "streamline" the regulatory landscape regarding mountain bikes in national parks.
Proposed Bike Rule.pdf58.05 KB

Gun Rules for The National Parks: Will They Really Make It Easier To Pack in the Parks?

The impending change of rules that would allow national park visitors to arm themselves stands a good chance of being placed in limbo, if not overturned, by legal challenges in the coming weeks and months. But if that doesn't happen, it'll be interesting to see how many gun owners actually follow the rules.

This House Belonged to "The Most Powerful Family in America"

Vanderbilt mansion portico
A former president, a cult and "the most powerful family in America" all had a role in the story of this park, which celebrates its 68th anniversary today. For a look at the lifestyle of the formerly rich and famous, you're welcome to drop by a take a look—during park hours.

When You Really Want A Park To Yourself, Consider Capitol Reef National Park

Think of Capitol Reef National Park and, if you're familiar with this isolated outpost in Utah's canyon country, you'll likely envision soaring reefs of rock. But few would even imagine battles between mountain lions and lynx.