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Olympic National Park Proposing to Erase the Old Boulder Creek Road

It's going on three decades since you last could drive your rig to the old Olympic Hot Springs Resort and automobile campground in Olympic National Park. And now park officials are proposing to erase the last vestiges of that asphalt road.

Book An Early Season Trip to Shenandoah National Park and Save on Lodging

Shenandoah National Park in late spring and early summer can be a glorious place, with wildflowers popping up in the meadows, songbirds returning to the mountainous setting, streams running full, and warm breezes.

Discounted Lodging Available in Glacier National Park this June

In light of the weak economy, should it be any surprise that lodging deals are starting to materialize in the national parks? At Glacier National Park, for instance, you can find lodging discounts up to 40 percent per night for visits this coming June.

That's Cold, Doubly So When You Realize the Temperature Was In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Normally when you hear "22 below" you think of places like Fraser, Colorado, or Ice Box Canyon, North Dakota, not Tennessee. But that was the temperature near the top of Great Smoky Mountains National Park the other morning.

Volcanics in the National Parks: They Ain't All Tied to "Redoubt"

Yellowstone National Park entered the new year shaking and rattling. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any real rolling just yet. But over at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Redoubt Volcano has been going through its own gyrations, and volcanologists suspect it just might erupt any time now. Against that backdrop, if you want to see volcanics in action, or signs thereof, the National Park System has many opportunities for you.

Elk Culling Under Way in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bullets, not wolves, worked on culling the elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park on Wednesday with sharpshooters taking down one cow.

Secretary Salazar Scuttles Oil and Gas Leases Near National Parks in Utah

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, in a move that repudiates the Bush administration's energy policies, on Wednesday scuttled a series of controversial oil and gas leases near national parks in Utah.

Lake Clark National Park's Redoubt Volcano Still Sputtering and Fuming, But No Eruption. Yet.

Scientists are continuing to take the pulse of Redoubt Volcano in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve 24 hours a day. While more than a week ago they were saying an eruption was "imminent," this week they've stepped away from that pronouncement somewhat.

If Science in Lake Clark National Park Is Good, Is It Also Good in Yellowstone National Park?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is praising the scientists who are keeping tabs on Redoubt Volcano in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, using them as an example of "the importance of investing in science..." Which begs the question of whether science is just as important elsewhere in the National Park System?

Four "Natural Landmarks" Added to National Natural Landmarks Program

"National parks" are not the only repositories of scenic beauty in the National Park System. You'll find an abundance of spectacular natural landscapes within the National Natural Landmark Program, which just added four new sites.

National Park Quiz 40: Mission 66

This week’s quiz will find out just how much you remember about one of the most influential programs in National Park Service history. Answers are at the end. If we catch you guessing we’ll make you explain how the visitor center design strategies employed by Los Angeles-based Neutra and Alexander differed from those of San Francisco-based Malone & Hooper.

Yosemite National Park Rockfall Sprays Cars Near The Ahwahnee Hotel

Eight-hundred tons of rock plunged to the ground behind the Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite National Park the other day, injuring no one but damaging a windshield in a parked car.

What's Up Next For Voyageurs National Park's Book Club?

What do you do to pass winter in Minnesota's north country? Why, read books, of course. And if you live close to Voyageurs National Park, you become involved in the park's book club.

How Can Yosemite National Park's Magnificent Vistas Be Preserved?

To say Yosemite National Park is an eyeful is an understatement. Everywhere you look it seems there's something to fix your gaze on -- Half Dome, Glacier Point, El Capitan, Tenya Lake. But how can we preserve those vistas for future generations?

Mammoth Cave National Park Still Reeling From Ice Storm

Crews at Mammoth Cave National Park have their hands full trying to clean up the park after last week's powerful storm, which downed trees and power lines throughout the park. For the time-being, the park is open under "emergency status."

On Stimulus Packages, Lobbyists, and Congressfolk

If you've been paying any attention to how Congress is treating the National Park System in terms of the economic stimulus package, you'd have to agree there are a few interesting, and possibly even amusing, side stories.
Climate change isn't only expected to erase the glaciers in Glacier National Park. It's also expected to change the vegetation across the park, wiping out meadows of wildflowers with forests prone to burn.

"Inland Tsunami" at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Wasn't the First of Its Kind

Photo of recent landslide at Lake Roosevelt.
What some media reports have referred to as an "inland tsunami" occurred on January 16, 2009, at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area —and this impressive wave was not the first of its kind at the lake.

Having a Bad Day? Consider the Plight of Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

Ict storm damage at the park.
If you think you're having a tough day at work, perhaps a look at the challenges facing the staff at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park will provide a little perspective.

Pruning the Parks: Papago Saguaro National Monument (1914-1930)

Proclaimed on January 31, 1914, Arizona’s Papago Saguaro National Monument became the first national monument to be abolished. It was transferred out of the National Park System in 1930, basically because it was being trashed.

Updated: Lake Clark National Park's Redoubt Volcano Begins To Awake, Eruption Thought to be Imminent

Yellowstone National Park drew geologists' attention early this year with a long swarm of small earthquakes. And now a volcano in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve seems to be waking up, with geologists saying an eruption is imminent.

Paul Hoffman Still Defending His Proposed Changes to the National Park Service's Management Policies

Nearly four years ago Paul Hoffman's name became well-traveled as he was defined as the architect of a proposed overhaul of the National Park Service's Management Policies, a drastic overhaul at that. For some reason, he still feels it necessary to defend himself.

Upon Further Review – How Not to Protect Yourself from a Bear

Guardhouse at Fort Yellowstone.
Visitors to Yellowstone National Park—and any other areas where bears are part of the equation—should always follow common-sense rules to avoid a confrontation with a bruin. At times, however, "common-sense" seems to be in short supply, as this true story from the past confirms.
With your summer vacation still months away, now's a great time to consider your national park options. While most know Grand Canyon National Park is a great place for panoramic vistas, it also can be great for hiking. If you're prepared.

Grand Teton National Park Rangers Spending Their Days Rescuing Skiers

Make a wrong turn at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and you could find yourself in a fairly rugged canyon in Grand Teton National Park. That happened twice this week, forcing four skiers to spend cold nights in the woods until rangers could come to their rescue.

What Interest Is a Civil War Battlefield in Virginia to Vermont?

Nearly 150 years after the battle was waged, the state of Vermont is being asked to return to Virginia -- figuratively, at least -- to assist in the battle over the pending loss of hallowed ground to a Wal-Mart Super Center.

Sharpshooters To Begin Reducing Elk Herds in Rocky Mountain National Park

"Culling." It's a fairly innocuous word. Look it up in the dictionary and one of the definitions you'll find is "to remove rejected members or parts from (a herd, for example)." Use that word in the context of a national park and, well, that could spur some discussion, if not outright controversy since "natural processes" are supposed to rule in the National Park System.

On Interior Secretaries, National Park Stimulus Funds, And Oil Shale

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar spent roughly 30 minutes Wednesday fielding questions from reporters, but he really didn't offer much substance when it came to the national parks. Although, he did make a curious statement about the dire condition of the parks and the stimulus packages being debated by Congress.

Mammoth Cave National Park Remains Closed Due to Ice Storm

An ice storm that transformed into a snowstorm early Wednesday has prompted officials to keep Mammoth Cave National Park closed so crews can deal with downed trees and power lines.

How An Earlier Administration Bolstered The National Parks Through A National Program

The events of this past week and the advent of a new government cannot help but take our minds back to other times in our history, particularly to 1933. It was in that winter, another troubled time in our national history, that Franklin Roosevelt assumed the presidency. As it does now, the United States in 1933 faced severe and unresolved economic problems.