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Should Uranium Mining Be Allowed Outside Grand Canyon National Park?

Would you avoid a visit to Grand Canyon National Park if you had to drive past a uranium mine to reach the park?

Paper Calls For Park Service To Protect Wildlife From ORVs on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

A North Carolina newspaper has, figuratively, tossed some gasoline on the simmering dispute over the National Park Service's failure to produce an off-road vehicle management plan for Cape Hatteras National Seashore. In an editorial the Raleigh News and Observer says the Park Service is deferring to ORVers to the detriment of wildlife.

Evacuation Plans Prepared For Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Due to High SO2 Levels

A substantial surge in sulfur dioxide gases being vented in the Halema'uma'u Crater at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has prompted park officials to prepare an evacuation plan. For now, though, trade winds and rain seem to be safely dispersing the gases.

Studies Show Bear Spray More Effective Than Guns Against Grizzlies

With all the debate lately over whether visitors should be allowed to carry weapons in national parks, much has been said about the need for protection against wild animals, bears in particular. Well, studies show bear spray is a much more effective deterrent than a speeding bullet.
USFWS Bear Spray vs. Bullets.pdf50.36 KB

Parks and Tribe Establish Plan to Fight Fish Disease in Lake Superior

The National Park Service and the Grand Portage Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa have agreed to work together on efforts to protect park and tribal fishery resources in Lake Superior from a deadly fish disease known as viral hemorrhagic septicemia, or VHS.

Man Drowns During Rafting Trip Through Grand Canyon National Park

An unidentified man has drowned during a rafting trip through Grand Canyon National Park.

Crews Remove Garbage From Marijuana Farms in Sequoia National Park

Nearly three tons of garbage and almost six miles of hose have been removed from backcountry marijuana farms in Sequoia National Park.

Groups Ask Congressmen To Help Halt Killing of Yellowstone National Park Bison

As the killing of Yellowstone National Park bison continues, a coalition of groups is looking for congressional support to fund a solution.
MT Delegation RTR letter 3-11-08.pdf20.54 KB

Flood Through Grand Canyon National Park Creates Sandbars

The flood unleashed through Grand Canyon National Park earlier this month appears to have been a stunning success, with sandbars and beaches created as scientists had predicted. Whether it will be repeated on a regular basis is questionable, though.

Olympic National Park Releases General Management Plan

Olympic National Park officials have released the final General Management Plan, a hefty, two-volume document that will guide park operations for the next 15-20 years. Within its 950 pages the document discusses park expansion and improvements at Hurricane Ridge.

National Park Service Revenues Down $1.3 Million On Transition to America The Beautiful Pass

The demise of the beloved National Parks Pass cost the National Park Service more than $1.3 million last year, although agency officials expect revenues to rebound as folks grow accustomed to the America the Beautiful Pass.

Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks Tweak Backcountry Wilderness Regulations

If you're heading into the backcountry of either Sequoia or Kings Canyon national parks this year, you'll need to brush up a bit on changes to the parks' backcountry regulations.

Winter '07-08 Snowmobile Use in Yellowstone National Park Dips Slightly, Snowcoach Use Up

Preliminary numbers show rising interest in snowcoach tours of Yellowstone National Park in winter and slightly declining interest in snowmobile tours.

Snowmobilers Continue to Roam Illegally Into Yellowstone National Park

Snowmoble trespass. Bob Peterson photo.
There's a section of Yellowstone National Park not too far south of the park's West Entrance where access is tricky no matter what the season. But in winter, when the snow is deep, rogue snowmobilers find their way into the park to play.

Researchers Say Meteorite Impact Created Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park

NPS photo
For decades folks have debated what created Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park. Well, some German researchers claim they've solved the mystery.

House Parks Committee To Hold Hearing On ORVs on Federal Lands

If you've got time tomorrow afternoon, you might want to pull up the live feed from a congressional hearing examining off-road vehicle use on public lands.

Zion National Park Shuttle System To Resume March 21

Spring can't be far off, as the shuttle buses at Zion National Park will soon resume hauling visitors into and out of Zion Canyon.
The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring California’s northern coast holds many secrets. The foggy landscape is full of imposing mountains, windswept beaches, and valleys that rival the hollows of the Smokies in terms of narrow inaccessibility. Bigfoot is rumored to live in the area, and somewhere the world’s tallest living being, a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) named "Hyperion," stands witness to the passage of more than two thousand years.

Park History: De Soto National Memorial

The park marking the spot where Spanish conquistador Hernando De Soto probably didn’t land in North America in 1539 turns 60 today. On March 11, 1948, Congress created the De Soto National Memorial in the mangrove swamp on Shaw’s Point, in Bradenton, Florida.

Bear-Proof Food Canisters Mandatory for Most Backcountry Travel in Grand Teton National Park

Beginning this Saturday, if you're planning a backcountry trek into Grand Teton National Park you more than likely will be required to store your food in a bear-proof plastic canister.

National Mall: Cherry Blossom Festival Not Far Off

Springtime must be right around the corner. Why else would the chief horticulturist for the National Park Service's National Capital Region be issuing his forecast for the peak color during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival?

Sen. Obama Non-committal on Carrying Loaded Weapons in National Parks

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama believes in Americans' rights to own guns, but isn't so sure there's a need for them to be carried in national parks.

Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Southern Environmental Law Center photo.
For years folks have used off-road vehicles to negotiate some of the farther reaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. And for years the National Park Service failed to develop a management plan for those ORVers. And now it's time to pay the piper.

Land Deal Preserves Entrance Corridor to Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier. Repanshek photo.
If you've ever entered Mount Rainier National Park's Nisqually Entrance via Ashford, Washington, you're well aware of the long corridor of trees you pass through. Now, thanks to the Nisqually Land Trust, you don't have to worry about those trees being reduced to stumps.
WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall Stephen R. Brown published his World War II Memorial photo book a full three years ago this month, but it somehow never ended up on the Traveler’s Fireside Read list. It’s high time to fix that, so let’s just dispense with the “better late than never” weasel-speak and get on with it.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Ready For Spring Opening

Add Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the growing list of parks that are getting ready for their spring opening. In fact, many of the park's facilities open today, March 7.

Park History: Channel Islands National Park

Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands NP. NPS photo
Early March sure is full of national park birthdays. Today, for instance, is the 28th birthday of Channel Islands National Park, which is composed of a clutch of islands off the California coast. One of the park's claims to fame is the fact that its eight islands are said to host the largest seal and sea lion breeding colony in the United States.

Park History: Hot Springs National Park

If you just focus on its "national park" status, then today is the 87th birthday of Hot Springs National Park.

Violent Deaths in the National Parks

During 2006, 11 homicides were investigated across the national park system. Two involved women who had been pushed off cliffs, one was a suicide, and one was the victim of a DUI accident.

Park History: Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon NP. Pat Cone photo.
Kings Canyon National Park is an alpine wonderland, set amongst the rugged lands of the Sierra Mountains in California, just north of Sequoia National Park and to the southeast of Yosemite National Park. The park, administered with Sequoia, is one of America’s oldest. While it still protects the ancient sequoia trees of the Grant Grove that were the park’s original focal point, it is rapidly becoming known as one of America’s premier backcountry destinations.