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A View From The Overlook: Peter And Paul

My previous column, “How do you get a permanent job with the NPS,” provoked a great deal of reader comment. (Had your humble correspondent mentioned the words “guns” or “mountain biking,” the rate of comment would have been even higher!)

Honorary Chair Of Rocky Mountain National Park’s Upcoming Centennial Celebration Brings Long Family Ties To The Position

It's not unusual for major public events to have an Honorary Chair, someone with local name recognition to aid in promotion of the activity. Rocky Mountain National Park will begin its Centennial Celebration on September 4, 2014, but the selection of Senator Mark Udall as Honorary Chair for the Anniversary Celebration has an interesting personal and historical connection.

Traffic Kills Three More Mountain Lion Kittens At Santa Monica Mountains NRA

California's 101 Freeway is turning into a killing zone for mountain lions, as three kittens have been killed by traffic on the highway in recent weeks, according to Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area officials.

Essential Paddling Guide: Row Your Boat, Deep In The Canyon With O.A.R.S.

I've often said that if you've seen one Grand Canyon you've seen them all. Well, that does make some sense because, after all, there's really just only one in the world. And deep in the bottom of this desert chasm lays the main culprit of erosion, the granddaddy of all American waterways: the Colorado River. It's the big ticket, the plum, the one that challenges all paddlers and rowers.

Winterfest 2014 Celebrates "Alaska's Longest Season" At Denali National Park And Preserve

Wednesday is often called "hump day"—the midpoint of the traditional work week—but in Alaska, perhaps February could be considered "hump month" for winter. Life in our northernmost state is a lot more fun if you embrace cold weather activities, and the folks in and around Denali National Park and Preserve will "celebrate Alaska's longest season" with an impressive slate of activities February 21-23 at Denali Winterfest 2014.
Rare Birds of North America What are the rarest birds in North America? If we’re talking about birds that breed on the continent, Whooping Cranes and California Condors come to mind. There are only a few hundred of each alive today. Kirtland’s Warblers are the rarest songbird, with a little more than a couple thousand pairs in existence.

Interior Department Will Finish Funding For Museum Facility At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nearly 1 million records and artifacts relating to Great Smoky Mountains National Park will soon have a new home, as the Interior Department has OKed funds to complete a $4.3 million Joint Curatorial Collections Facility.

There's Still Time To Enter Acadia National Park Centennial Logo Contest

There's still time to get your creative juices flowing to enter the Acadia National Park Centennial Celebration Logo Contest, which carries a $3,000 prize for the winner.

Exploring The Parks: Christiansted National Historic Site

Christiansted fort
Here at the Traveler we recently asked you to comment on Which Is The Most Overlooked, Or Under Appreciated, Unit Of The National Park System? Well, after my trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, I can answer with great conviction that the three intriguing parks in St. Croix -- Christiansted National Historic Site, Buck Island Reef National Monument, and Salt River Bay National Historical Park -- qualify for both overlooked and under-appreciated.

Around The Parks: Paddling Rules, Poster Contests, Grand Canyon's Airshed

Congressional efforts to dictate paddling rules in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, a poster contest at Cedar Breaks National Monument, and cleaner air for Grand Canyon National Park are just some of the topics swirling about the National Park System.

Remembering John Lowry Dobson, Evangelist For Interpreting The "Other Half" Of Our National Parks

John Lowry Dobson (1915-2014) amateur telescope maker, co-founder of the Sidewalk Astronomers, and an evangelist for interpreting the "other half" of our national parks, dies at age 98

National Park Service Staffers Warned Not To 'Toke Up' In Washington State Or Colorado

Dude, if you value your National Park Service job, don't toke up, not even in Washington state or Colorado, where the adults 21 and older can light up legally.

Traveler's Essential Paddling Guide To The National Parks

Paddling down a river or across a lake in a national park setting is truly a wonderful, memorable experience, one that carries thrills and life-long memories. You can retrace the historic 19th-century journey of John Wesley Powell, or land on a lodgepole pine-studded shore where camp is set under swaying trees and the evening brings a vivid sunset.

Grand Canyon Association Receives $1 Million Towards Trails Endowment

Grand Canyon National Park has some of the steepest trails, trails that switchback slowly down a mile into the depths of the canyon. Maintaining those trails is not an insigificant matter, and thanks to the Grand Canyon Association a trails endowment fund has been launched with a $1 million deposit.

Utah Woman Killed In Failed BASE Jump At Zion National Park

A 28-year-old Utah woman fell an estimated 2,000 feet to her death when her parachute failed to open properly after she jumped off Mount Kinesava at Zion National Park.

"Monuments Men" Has Some National Park Service Connections

"Monuments Men," the just-released movie starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray as World War II military historians tasked with saving artworks and cultural treasures from the throes of war, has some National Park Service threads woven into it.

Traces Of The Prehistoric Past: Fossilized Tracks At White Sands National Monument

In the shifting sands of White Sands National Monument, traces of the prehistoric past are slowly being erased. Though they might soon be gone, these markers left behind by mammoths and camel-like animals have been preserved through remote imaging technology.

Could A "Park Prescription" Be Just What The Doctor Ordered For America's Health?

There's been no shortage of discussion about the unhealthy lifestyle for too many Americans, and perhaps a new year has inspired you to make some changes. If that's the case, a "park prescription" from your health care professional might be helpful ... and could prove to be a literal application of the proverbial "just what the doctor ordered."

"Hike The Hill" Stars Today In Washington, D.C.

An effort to get Congress behind hiking trails across the country opens today in Washington, D.C.

Temporary Road Closure Coming To Section Of Blue Ridge Parkway

Maintenance work to cut back vegetation along a stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway later this month will close about 21 miles of the scenic road for two weeks.

Drone Crash Closes White Sands National Monument

A military drone crashed at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico on Friday, prompting an extended closure of the monument.

Free Cave Tours At Wind Cave National Park During Presidents Day Weekend

Find yourself near Wind Cave National Park during Presidents Day Weekend and you should drop in to take a free cave tour.

Appalachian Trail Hikers Suggested To Detour Around Transmission Line Construction At Delaware Water Gap NRA

When was the last time you were hiking down the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and had to detour around a construction project? That scenario will be the case for the rest of February in one section of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

A Sweetheart Deal For Couples Who Like To Run Rivers Or Pedal Through National Parks

Does your significant other like to get wet? Surprise them for Valentine's Day by booking a couples'-only river trip through Dinosaur National Monument or Canyonlands National Park with Holiday River Expeditions.

Traveler's View: Don't Let The Sportsmen's Heritage And Recreational Enhancement Act Undermine National Parks

The U.S. Senate should strip from the Sportmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act an amendment that would bar the National Park Service from better managing motorboat access in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Forest Thinning To Reduce Wildfire Risks Gets Underway At Lassen Volcanic National Park

We often think of national parks as areas where anything that resembles logging—even limited removal of smaller trees and brush—is prohibited, so officials at Lassen Volcanic National Park want you to know what all the noise is about in the woods at that California park in the next few weeks.

Sun Being Tapped To Power Parts Of Lake Mead National Recreation Area

With all the sunny days in Nevada, it would be a sin not to tap into that energy. And that's what the National Park Service is doing at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Saguaro National Park Offers Busy Schedule Of Programs This Month

February can be a great month to visit Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona. Moderate temperatures make for perfect hiking conditions, and the park staff offers plenty of programs -- including sunset and moonlit hikes -- to catch your attention.

Floating The Colorado - River Trip Options At Grand Canyon National Park

A Colorado River trip at Grand Canyon National Park can be a truly memorable experience, and depending upon the type of trip you choose, it can require anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. In Part Two of our look at these trips, we'll explore ways to see the Canyon other than via lengthy private river expeditions.

Commemoration Of H.L. Hunley's Sinking Of USS Housatonic Coming To Fort Sumter National Monument

One-hundred-and-fifty years ago naval warfare history was marked when a Confederate submarine used a torpedo to sink the USS Housatonic in the waters near Fort Sumter. While that didn't mark a turning point in the Civil War, it did advance naval warfare.