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No Backpacking In Arches National Park For Now

Feb 16th - 20:31pm | Scott Barger

What they need to worry about is dumpster and his minions leasing the whole park to oil companies.

Feb 16th - 04:55am | paranoid too

Well said. They may be down some employees due to the hiring freeze and want to cut their workload in an offical sounding way. It's your park!  (for the benefit and enjoyment of the people" Write or call the superintendent, Kate Cannon at: Mailing Address: PO Box 907 Moab, UT 84532 Visitor Information: (435) 719-2299

Feb 15th - 23:45pm | Rick B.

And you stutter in double posting, Mr Hide Behind a New Name. "And the our government employees (Rick B.) are quick to use the tried-and-true post World War II tactic of all civilians are crazy."

Feb 15th - 22:31pm | Mr. Paranoid

And that's how it's done ladies and gentlemen, make an obvious observation, as all American citizen should do. And an Government employee Rick B.  Will use the post World War II tried-and-true tactic, of deflecting it back to you like you're crazy. 

Feb 15th - 22:24pm | Mr. Paranoid

 And thats how it's done ladys  and gentlemen, point out something that is wrong. That all good citizen who are thinking adults are supposed to do. And the our government employees (Rick B.) are quick to use the tried-and-true post World War II tactic of all civilians are crazy.

Feb 15th - 17:28pm | Rick B.

Thanks for pointing that out backpacker. I'm seeing docs right now for both my arthritis [my typing is lousy] and my vision [cataract surgery soon]. You understood what I was saying and my observations were still spot on. Just watch out for them black helicopters.

Feb 15th - 17:21pm | tomp2


Feb 15th - 14:00pm | SmokiesBackpacker

"Parnoid Fantasy".   (Try spell checking Rick B., but I swear I'm not out to get you.)  The NPS frequently employes "resource degradation" as a justification for reducing backcountry camping.  Yet they provide no data to back it up.  The NPS has successfully reduced backcountry camping throughout the system.  But, guide services are BOOMING.

Feb 15th - 12:07pm | wild places

Looking for an education. Why can't this be done with people using the back country overnight? Or at least using it on a smaller scale? Guess I'm struggling to come up with how allowing back country camping would interfere with a study but not day hiking.

Feb 15th - 11:14am | Rick B.

Beyond 'broad statement' it sounds closer to 'parnoid fantasy'.

Feb 15th - 10:30am | Trailbuilder

That is a pretty broad statement to say that all National Parks do not want backpackers. This article suggests they are looking into ways to protect the resource not keep out backpackers.

Lewd Behavior Prompts Closure Of Camping Area In Gulf Islands National Seashore

Feb 16th - 19:44pm | June

I am very sadded that a few morons have spoiled things for the rest of us. I have camped there and there is no experience like it. It was amazing.  People should practice leave no trace and take take of our natural wonders.

Feb 16th - 14:34pm | lmf

People ruin everything.  Such a shame. 

UPDATED: National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers Being Called To Standing Rock

Feb 16th - 19:08pm | Lee Dalton

"Please tell me what water supply has been permentantly impaired by an oil pipeline leak." Not from pipelines, but the damage from the Exxon Valdez and the Gulf spill of a few years ago are still there and still affecting environments in Alaska and along the Gulf Coast.

Feb 16th - 18:53pm | Llittle

With NPS and BIA both being agencies within the DEPT OF THE  INTERIOR it kind of seems like Trump is trying to create inter-departmental chaos and conflict by causing the agencies to turn against each other.

Feb 16th - 18:29pm | ecbuck

Read the question again Rick, Please tell me what water supply has been permentantly impaired by an oil pipeline leak.  Emphasis added. Perhaps you should put more than 15 seconds into your knee jerk responses.

Feb 16th - 17:47pm | Rick B.

For those who care:   The googlesearch took me 15 seconds.

Feb 16th - 17:17pm | ecbuck

Amarillo, I won't speak for Wild but as for me, I couldn't care less if a pipeline went under my ancestor's burial grounds nor it it went under my water supply.  Please tell me what water supply has been permentantly impaired by an oil pipeline leak.

Feb 16th - 17:05pm | Doyle Hargrave

So how are giant piles of garbage and vehicles left in a floodplain protecting water?

Feb 16th - 15:44pm | Amarillobymorning

Wild Places:

Feb 16th - 15:31pm | Amarillobymorning

The (already short-staffed) NPS is supposed to protect and preserve our beautiful national parks, their scenery, their history, for all generations to come. Now park rangers will be deployed, with their gas masks and thermal scopes (and weapons?) on the Rez.

Feb 16th - 15:11pm | RickyAZ

After watching the recent American Experience on Ruby Ridge, having the gov't avoid going straight to Defcon 1 seems like a wise move.  It's the low season for most law enforcement Rangers anyway.

Feb 16th - 13:38pm | Rick B.

Using gasoline in today's society does not equal wanting oil spills in the cemetaries of others. You are conflating too much, wildplaces. Just like needing to use the toilet a couple of times a day does not equal wanting to leave an offering in your particular punchbowl.  

Feb 16th - 12:52pm | wild places

Wow, first no one is denying the Indians anything. Second, most of you would be fine and even cheer if the Rangers were called as you state to protect the protestors or the water but that is not their job either is it? And unless you have given up your gasoline powered vehicles and petroleum made products or any product that get to you via trains, trucks, planes etc.

Feb 16th - 10:33am | Freddy Demuth

Special Enforcement Team (SET). Not uncommon for federal LE staff to be loaned out in such fashion. 

Feb 16th - 09:36am | NPS_Ret_in_2016

I remember getting called up to assist a presidential visit to a National Park.  Not this.  Sad!

Feb 16th - 07:54am | FalloutRanger

It's my understanding that SRST does not want any more protesters camping on the rez. They have publicly said their fight will now be in the courts. Therefor NPS LEO'S would be there to help the tribe keep unauthorized persons from making camp on tribal lands and the help keep the land free of trash and debris.

Feb 16th - 07:45am | Love this Rangers

what is the "order" and who can actually do that?  Secretary?

Feb 16th - 05:54am | Neicie

This is awful.  NPR are not security guards or private mercinaries working for corporate interests. This is an abuse of power.

Feb 15th - 23:12pm | KMuench

Our guardians, those that protect US land, should be focused on protecting our water. DAPL already had a significant leak in Dec.

Feb 15th - 22:59pm | StillG

See you there. Bring a vest. Rangers done changed some since you left.

Feb 15th - 21:41pm | Nps vet

i don't believe this. LE is not the national guard. You can't just call upon them, they have parks to patrol. If this is the case I will be in uniform at standing rock next weekend defending the sacred. 

Feb 15th - 21:15pm | michele curran _ekJEar7IX1giuvzXMeI1WlVYCEkFqrz6YwBWW39gcK0u6sdvXtDna_A98NqRwEI5m7clg_XQ3plRGiwY_BKQxUWG8JK6 Not sure about the veracity of this.....

Feb 15th - 19:22pm | ecbuck

Unless they are there to protect the water protectors, it is a misuse. Either it is a misuse or it is not.  Who they are protecting is irrelevant.  But in your (and the left's in general) ususual fashion, the law doesn't matter, only the ideological outcome.  

Feb 15th - 18:50pm | S. Garrison

I am so sick of this crap with the so called government again rape the land then shitting on it till it becomes inhabitable.  Who are they to deny the Indian people the right to live on the land that was once useless to the white man just to be thrown off again due to white greed!  These whites are the lowest scum of the earth, that means you, you fat.

Feb 15th - 18:43pm | Rick B.

Classy way for Trump to get back at the seditious little Park Service.  

Feb 15th - 17:48pm | Lee Dalton

This is completely disgusting.

Feb 15th - 17:15pm | Rick B.

Unless they are there to protect the water protectors, it is a misuse.

Study: $389 Million Of Park Service Backlog Is Responsibility Of Concessionaires

Feb 16th - 09:09am | Kurt Repanshek

Fastharv, we share a number of your questions, and are working on a follow-up to the initial report from CAP.

Feb 16th - 08:56am | fastharv

What this article fails to point out is that all the assets occupied by park concessioners are federally owned.  Condition assessments are conducted and deferred maintenance is identified  on any assets that will be included in a potential concessions contract.  If financially feasible, the cure of the DM is included as part of the contract.  However, there ar

Problems Plague World-Class Museum At Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Feb 15th - 22:08pm | Kellie Etherson

The exhibit, once the HVAC system is worked out, ABSOLUTELY should be at Chaco and not anywhere else!  The drive in is part of the experience of getting to Chaco and I cannot wait to visit again.  It was an amazing journey and an incredible visit.  I am disheartened to hear of the staffing problems and was sorry to hear that resource staff is based at Aztec (also an amazing exper

Feb 15th - 12:23pm | Patrick Christman

An obvious question: whom from the Park Service "signed off" as the original HVAC system was acquired, installed, tested, and certified as to meeting the contract specifications and performance requirements?

Good Books For Visiting...Acadia National Park

Feb 15th - 18:38pm | Acadia on my mind

You might also want to add to the reading list, the 3rd edition of our "Hiking Acadia National Park," which won the 2016 National Outdoor Book Award in the outdoor adventure guide category. A digital copy of the book is also included in the Acadia Bicentennial Time Capsule, so it serves as a message to the future about Acadia's trails, and is a bit of living history.

Acadia National Park Centennial Time Capsule Set For The Next Century

Feb 15th - 18:33pm | Acadia on my mind

If you're interested in the complete list of all items in the Acadia Bicentennial Time Capsule, check out our blog post:

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Feb 15th - 17:25pm | Rick B.

With two caveats [this is from an allied agency, USGS, and that it is dated 2013 so the dollar amounts have changed] I believe this link will help with your questions:

Feb 15th - 16:47pm | Barbara Tanks

If I want to camp at National Parks, what does the Senior Pass do for me?  

Cell Phone Tower Issue At Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Questions Of Connectivity In National Parks

Feb 15th - 15:17pm | SteveM

This is another effort to dictate how, when, and where people can visit Wilderness. High-tech cookware and clothes are allowed, but invisible waves passing through air are not?

Former Big Bend National Park Ranger: Border Wall Would "Completely Ruin The Experience"

Feb 15th - 13:26pm | justinh

Thanks, Jason!

Feb 15th - 12:50pm | Jason Abrams

As a member of the Greater Big Bend Coalition, I can tell everyone that we will aggressively battle any plans for a wall or remote surveillance towers in Big Bend.  We are taking this issue to Congress.

Photography In The National Parks: Snowshoes, Cameras, And Winter In Glacier National Park

Feb 15th - 12:23pm | Matthew Wakelee

Glacier is probably my favorite National Park.  I've been there three times, but never in winter.  Great photos Rebecca.  I absolutely loved the bottom one.

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