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The latest news from around the National Park System.

Colorado River Trail Reopens At Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park trail crew have been able to repair a section of the Colorado River Trail damaged by a rockslide. The trail between Pipe Creek and Silver Bridge is now open to foot traffic, though it remains closed to stock use. Hikers can access Phantom Ranch via the Bright Angel Trail and the South Kaibab Trail.

At Least One Mountain Lion Kitten Born In Santa Monica Mountains

While roadkills have impacted the number of mountain lions in and around Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California, those are offset at times by the arrival of kittens. This week the park staff has announced a new litter of at least one kitten, though there's concern the parents are related.

Mountain Man: John Colter, The Lewis & Clark Expedition, And The Call Of The American West

John Colter is one of the icons of the American West, at the leading edge of the mountain man era of exploration of the United States west of the Mississippi River. Some might even view him as the leader of the era, tackling the unknown West much as Daniel Boone had in the East decades earlier. Indeed, the two frontiersmen likely swapped stories of their adventures, as they lived closed to one another in their retiring years.

Work Ongoing To Repair Big Oak Flat Road At Yosemite National Park

One reason the National Park Service has such a hard time reducing its maintenance backlog is the fact that very little stands still in a national park environment. At Yosemite National Park in California, for instance, slippage that damaged a section of the Big Oak Flat Road has kept crews working, and maintenance costs escalating, since late February.

Photography In The National Parks: Shoot Some Video

Still imagery is wonderful for capturing a moment in time and freezing it in pixels suitable for framing, but what do you do when you crave the sounds and movements as well as sights of a favored national park? Video is a great platform to do just that and photographer Rebecca Latson demonstrates different options for capturing a national park's sights, sounds and movements.

18th Century "Sampler" Returned To Chatham At Fredericksburg And Spotsylvania National Military Park

A "sampler" begun by young Martha “Patsy” Fitzhugh before her death in 1793 has returned, Chatham, the place of its creation. It’s likely the sampler has not been at Chatham since the Fitzhugh family moved away from the house in 1798. The sampler will be on display at Chatham at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park for the next three months.

Bryce Canyon National Park Preparing For Another Busy Year

After a centennial year that brought more than 2.3 million visitors to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, park officials are anticipating what all early indications suggest will be another very busy year and summer season. Preparations to accommodate the area’s growing popularity are currently underway as seasonal facilities reopen, services resume, and hours are extended.

Will Legislation To Reduce National Park Service Maintenance Backlog Succeed?

Much like a homeowner who puts off "until next year" repairs to that leaky roof or well-aged furnace, Congress for years largely has turned a blind eye to growing maintenance issues around the National Park System. While two U.S. senators have introduced legislation to tackle that backlog, estimated at $12 billion, their bill alone won't get the job done.

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