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Will Legislation To Reduce National Park Service Maintenance Backlog Succeed?

Much like a homeowner who puts off "until next year" repairs to that leaky roof or well-aged furnace, Congress for years largely has turned a blind eye to growing maintenance issues around the National Park System. While two U.S. senators have introduced legislation to tackle that backlog, estimated at $12 billion, their bill alone won't get the job done.

National Parks Conservation Association Working Year-Round To Protect National Park Waters

The health of America’s national parks depends upon the health of the waters that surround, and flow through, them. At the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), we work every day to protect and restore waterways across the country to benefit national parks, the communities that surround them, and the millions of people who visit them each year.

Dueling Legal Opinions Offered In Battle Over National Monuments

Two legal analyses have been added to the debate over whether President Trump can unilaterally rescind the designation of Bears Ears National Monument and, not surprisingly, they reach different conclusions.
PDF icon presidential-authority-to-revoke-or-reduce-national-monument-designations.pdf PDF icon arnold_porter_legal_memo_on_revocation_of_national_monuments.pdf