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Fort Pulaski National Monument

These "Christmas Past" Events Included a Stars and Stripes Santa, a Nog Party and a Legendary Winter Ride

A glimpse into holiday celebrations from Christmas Past was offered by a number of parks around the country in recent days. Here's a sampling from three historical parks that includes a Stars and Stripes Santa, an 1861 Nog Party and legendary Christmas Eve ride to a frontier fort to call out the cavalry.

Visit Savannah’s Fort Pulaski National Monument and See Why Brick Masonry Forts Became Obsolete in April 1862

Savannah’s Fort Pulaski National Monument celebrates its 84th birthday today, October 15. Brick masonry harbor forts like Fort Pulaski were thought to be impregnable until an astonishing thing happened on April 11, 1862. After that day it would never again make sense to build a harbor fort of brick masonry.

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