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Golden Gate National Recreation Area

UPDATED: Golden Gate National Recreation Area Superintendent To Take Grand Canyon National Park Helm

Christine Lehnertz, a long-time federal employee who currently is superintendent of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, has been chosen to take the helm at Grand Canyon National Park and work to help the park overcome a long-running chapter of sexual harassment.

Rarely Seen Artifacts Will Be On Display At Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Artifacts from the 1962 escape from Alcatraz – including sharpened spoon handles, one of the fake cell vent covers, and a vest the cons used to float away – are among the items that will be on display during an open house this weekend at California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Art Exhibit Coming To Alcatraz Island Keys On Long Prison Sentences

Alcatraz, best known for the historic federal penitentiary and occupation by the Indians of All Tribes, also has a long tradition of welcoming artists to provoke thought about freedom and incarceration. Starting in mid-July, the National Park Service and Nelson Saiers—artist and math Ph.D.— are opening an installation called Shortening: Making Irrational Rational.

Public Comment Period Opens On Dog Walking Rule For Golden Gate National Recreation Area

How will the dog walking public feel about special regulations for them at Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California? The next two months will provide some insights as the park takes public comment on its preferred alternative for managing dogs in the NRA.

On The Road In The Parks: Muir Woods, Muir Beach, And Point Bonita Light

Nightmarish parking conditions might dissuade all but the most resolute from visiting Muir Woods National Monument, but it’s absolutely worth the hassle. Once you leave your rig behind you will disappear into the coolness of the tall trees. Meld with the moss; it’s a great way to spend a fall day. As for parking, help is on the way.

As Far As The Eye Can See...

The coastline north from Point Bonita, Golden Gate NRA/Kurt Repanshek

Surf pounding the rocky Pacific Coast shoreline north of the Point Bonita Lighthouse makes it clear why a lighthouse was necessary at the mouth of San Francisco Bay. The Point Bonita Light was first lit in 1855; it still is an active lighthouse, operated by the U.S. Coast Guard yet stationed within Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Kurt Repanshek

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