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Grand Canyon National Park

UPDATED: Congressman Asks For National Park Service Director's Resignation

National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis, who has had to deal with his own ethical transgressions and a range of misconduct issues across the National Park System during this, the Park Service's centennial year, should resign or be fired, a member of Congress has told President Obama.
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Grand Canyon National Park's Water Woes Mean Disposable Dishes, Altered Menus

Ongoing water shortages at Grand Canyon National Park have led to orders that concessionaires use disposable dishes, alter their menus to use less water in food prep and dish washing, and that water in restaurants only be served at request. Additionally, a ban against the sale of water in disposable bottles has been lifted.

Op-Ed | When It Comes To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, College Sports Have More Conscience Than NPS Officials

Both Grand Canyon National Park and Baylor University have recently faced scandals involving fundamental failures by management in their responses to sexual assault and/or sexual harassment allegations. The contrast between Baylor University’s handling of their situation and the National Park Service’s response to Grand Canyon’s sexual harassment problems could not be more different, nor be more telling.
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‘A Sense Of Solitude And Serenity’ At Grand Canyon’s North Rim

With cooler temperatures and smaller crowds than the South Rim, the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park may be a place where you can find lodging as the National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday this summer. Whether your trip is planned for this summer or a bullet point on your bucket list, the Arizona park has released a video gives you a glimpse of what makes the place so special.

Astronomy Festival Coming June 1-4 To Bryce Canyon National Park

For park-loving astronomers, the Southwest is the place to be at the beginning of next month. Grand Canyon National Park will host its 26th annual Star Party on both rims June 4-11. But before that, just to the north, Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah will celebrate the stars June 1-4 during its 16th annual Astronomy Festival.

Astronomers To Provide Free Telescope Viewing At Grand Canyon National Park

During the day, visitors to Grand Canyon National Park look down into the vast, colorful chasm. At night, however, the park is an ideal location to look up and take in the night sky. The 26th annual Grand Canyon Star Party will be held June 4-11 on the South and North rims of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

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