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Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

Where Water Is Gold: Life And Livelihood In Alaska's Bristol Bay

This is a wonderful look at life around Bristol Bay, Alaska. While the bay’s waters are known as the foremost source of sockeye salmon, the mountains surrounding the bay are also sources of great mineral wealth, and therein lies a conflict. Carl Johnson’s gorgeous, and human, photography does a fine job of showcasing a way of life that may be threatened by the Pebble Creek mine that long has been proposed to dig into the landscape.

UPDATED: Debris Believed From Missing Plane Spotted In Lake Clark National Park And Preserve

Searchers were hoping for good weather Friday that would allow them to go out onto Lake Clark to search for a plane with four aboard that apparently went down into the lake in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve shortly after takeoff from Port Alsworth, Alaska.

Photography In The National Parks: Focus On The Eyes, Focus On The Light

Have you ever experienced frustration at not getting a clear head shot of wildlife during your national park visit? Have you ever experienced frustration at not being able to capture that perfect, luminous shot of a forest interior? What do these two items even have in common? Focus! Photographer Rebecca Latson explains how focusing on the eyes and focusing on the light can help you achieve great images of wildlife or forest interiors during your next national park photographic foray.

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