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Glacier National Park

Down At The Ranch

In an age of digital overload, polarized politics, and the overwhelming rush of modern life, there’s a place you can go to recharge, rejuvenate, reconnect, and embrace a more simple time. There’s a dude ranch waiting for you out there, and more than likely it’s close to a national park if you want the best of both worlds (ranch and park worlds, that is).

Two Rivers In The National Park System Among "Most Endangered" For 2017

Two glorious rivers in the National Park System – the Buffalo, America’s very first national river, and the Middle Fork of the Flathead, which races along Glacier National Park’s southern border – have the inglorious distinction of being among American Rivers' Most Endangered Rivers® for 2017.

Photography In The National Parks: Shoot Some Video

Still imagery is wonderful for capturing a moment in time and freezing it in pixels suitable for framing, but what do you do when you crave the sounds and movements as well as sights of a favored national park? Video is a great platform to do just that and photographer Rebecca Latson demonstrates different options for capturing a national park's sights, sounds and movements.

Lesser Known Parks To Paddle

Has anyone not heard that the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park is one of the best places on Earth to paddle or float? Or that the New River Gorge National River has one of the best one-day whitewater paddles in the National Park System? If you’ve heard of those, and other iconic paddling spots in the park system, perhaps you are looking for something new, and not so thick with other boats that you’ll slap each other’s paddles. Let us offer you some suggestions, in no specific order.

President's Energy Plan, Scrapping Of Obama Climate Action Plan Draw Criticisms

President Trump's executive order Tuesday calling for a ramp-up in coal production from federal lands and a scrapping of President Obama's Climate Action Plan was quickly criticized by conservation and environmental organizations. Unclear, however, was how the move might directly impact national parks and the National Park Service's climate change initiatives.

National Park Roads: A Legacy In The American Landscape

In "National Park Roads: A Legacy In The American Landscape," Dr. Timothy Davis details the history of a relationship as fragile and monumental as Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road – full of ups and downs, twists and turns, challenges and beauty. It is a story that many of us take for granted; after all, a park’s road serves as a de facto tour guide for most visitors, and that’s due to intricate planning and inventive engineering by park leaders for over 100 years.

Glacier National Park To Permit Non-Motorized Watercraft Into Park This Summer

After deciding last November to close all park waters to boating to prevent the spread of non-native mussels, Glacier National Park officials have decided that non-motorized boats that are not brought into the park on trailers will be allowed back in the water this summer.

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