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"What Were They Thinking?," Death Valley National Park Edition

Mar 11th - 12:21pm | Johann

And MANUALLY replace the salt/ repair the damage!

Mar 11th - 11:59am | Cyn

these penalties are all too little. This is intentional damage showing and  should have significant consequences. and if not fully charged you set precedent that encourages such actions. 

Mar 11th - 11:38am | Becky

The guy is a tital idio. He probably thinks noe rules or regulations apply to him.  I hope he gets the jail time, and has to pay all $$ incvovled with his rescue and restoration and a hefty fine.  The only that bothers a guy like this is to hit him where it hurts, IN HIS WALKET.

Mar 11th - 11:23am | Richard & Melin...

Lift it out by helicopter and charge the crap out of the stupid driver - hope he gets the maximum fine also $5000!

Mar 11th - 07:42am | Lee Dalton

Why not just leave it there as a monument to stupidity?

Death Valley National Park Seeks Grant To Restore Areas Damaged By ORVs

Mar 11th - 11:34am | Kathleen Burt

My boyfriend and I have been going to Death Valley since 2003.  There are so many back roads many people are not aware of.  We Jeep on established roads always!  All of our Jeep buddies do the same.  Respect of the land and living creatures is paramoun.  Many ATVs drive anywhere they wish even though signs state otherwis.  We support NPs and rangers.

Mar 11th - 11:18am | Patty G

I enjoy Death Valley's beauty so much that I have taken many groups to experience it.  All are in awe and many have made it an annual trek. We must preserve the beauty of our National Parks for others to enjoy and for future generations.  I am in strong support of requesting a grant.

Mar 11th - 11:12am | Debbie Grossberg

The park is so beautiful. I support Federal funds being allocated  for.restoring the damage to this park.

Mar 11th - 08:28am | Sandra

I traveled from PCB FL last year to Death Valley and was so in awe of the park I am going back again this year. I am definitely in favor of fixing the area that was driven on. I hope the people will be found a d prosecuted for defacing an area rich in history!

Mar 11th - 08:21am | Jessica Blanco

Protect the land from trespassers. Preserve Death Valley! 

Mar 10th - 18:55pm | Anonymous

Do they know who did the damage?  Will they have to pay for the repairs?

Mar 10th - 16:08pm | Deborah Rees

I am in support of repairing damage done by off-road drivers in Death Valley National Park. I am in strong support of requesting grant funds to do so.  We must protect these national treasures.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Considering Solar Power For Cades Cove

Mar 11th - 10:15am | ecbuck

This is why there this is an alledged $11 billion maintenance backlog and real $20 trillion national debt. And putting in cement and glass is preserving the park?

Newfound Gap Road In Great Smoky Mountains National Park Being Considered For National Scenic Byway Designation

Mar 11th - 10:09am | Ray Snader

We already have several Scenic Byways in Tennessee and none collect a fee. Don't know who came up with this idea that a Scenic Byway is somehow linked to a toll.

President Trump's Call To Kill The Clean Water Rule Criticized By Conservationists

Mar 11th - 08:51am | Lee Dalton

NPR just reported that data, photos, and other vital information regarding environmental issues has been disappearing from websites maintained by a number of Federal agencies. Although it is against the law to destroy government records, there is no law that prevents it from being made much less accessible.

Cyclists Will Have Right Of Way In Shenandoah National Park On April 23

Mar 10th - 22:00pm | Gary Wilson

I think this is great, and I wish more parks would do things like this.  I think bicycle days or non-motorized days should be set aside at least a few days each year at a variety of parks.  Some of my favorite times of experiencing Cades Cove in the Smokies was on bike well before the traffic sets out, and it is such a great way to see a park.  

Moose And Wolves: Managing For Wilderness Values At Isle Royale National Park

Mar 10th - 20:09pm | wild places

No RD they are not almost extinct., In fact MI, WI and MIN are all considering hunting seasons for wolf because biologists got it wrong and now there are vastly greater numbers than what those biologists deem the right "balance". I for one am not for interfering with what Mother Nature has done however my guess is the NPS will get their way and transplant wolves anyway.

Mar 10th - 19:14pm | RD

Except centuries ago the wolves existed in large numbers all over North America, now they are almost EXTINCT in the USA due to hunter and ranchers

Mar 10th - 19:12pm | RD

Looks like you understood wrong, they were not introduced to control the moose.

Mar 10th - 19:11pm | RD

Because there's NO guarantee of any kind it will freeze over again, the trend has been for ice to MELT away as proven at the poles and especially Greenland's ice which has been melting at a rate like never seen.

$1 Million Enticement Not Enough To Get Outdoor Industry To Embrace Utah

Mar 10th - 14:14pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Ditto Lee Dalton.  What I find sadly amusing is that the Utah legislature would rather offer that amount of money as a $1 million bribe instead of taking that same amount and applying it toward the maintenance / upkeep of these natural places so beloved by the tourists who come to that state (and to the places that depend upon those tourist dollars).

Mar 10th - 10:20am | Lee Dalton

Utah got what it deserved.  I wish more industries would stand up against the GOP's anti-environment policies.

Mar 10th - 08:03am | Jan Cooley

The outdoor industry should all get a medal of honor for this standing!  Republicans can only think in money terms so hitting them in the pocket book will hurt them the most.  I love the state of Utah and all the national parks and monuments.  We have taken more road trips to the state than I can count.  But no more does Utah get my hard earned tourist money until these wron

Mar 9th - 23:28pm | mtgnppics

YES!!!!   Thank you, Amy Roberts  :)

Traveler's View: Interior Secretary Zinke Should Measure More Than Just Local Support When Weighing Bears Ears And Other National Monuments

Mar 10th - 12:09pm | [email protected]

Mormon Republicans Continue Bundy's War On Americans' Public Lands By Rmuse on Fri, Feb 26th, 2016 at 10:02 am Mormon Rob Bishop (R-UT) is working to deliver America's public lands, national parks, forests, and wilderness areas to Koch Industries' control...

Mar 8th - 20:15pm | Rick B.

OK, Al. I hope you find your peace.

Mar 8th - 16:38pm | Alfred Runte

No, Rick. I believe my post is clear. How is that for keeping it short? In fact, I have decided to bow out of The Traveler for a while. I've too much else on my plate. It's all yours, Rick.

Mar 8th - 12:48pm | Lee Dalton

I hope you're right, Michael.  But I also fear we may be a single Tweet away from disasters of all kinds.  American politics has gone from just plain crazy to outright insane.  

Mar 8th - 12:42pm | Michael Kellett

Kurt, Thanks for this important history. Most people assume that the creation of our national parks happened with no controversy and with overwhelming public support, including from local residents. They need to know that almost all national parks were initially opposed by entrenched interests, and took years of hard work to become a reality.

Mar 8th - 12:20pm | Rick B.

Al, help me out here. I usually forget the exact logical fallacies listed items, although I tend to recognize them when I encounter them. Like listing two totally disparate items ["Obama is not an envirronmental saint" along with "He will receive a large advance on his memoir"], as if there is a causational or other relationship between the two items.  

Mar 8th - 10:51am | Alfred Runte

Another example of "local opposition" was the original Yosemite National Park, established October 1, 1890. In February 1905, under the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, Congress reduced Yosemite by 542 square miles, "compensating" by adding 112 square miles to the north. The addition was entirely mountainous terrain; everything removed was forests and lands thought to be minerally rich.

Mar 8th - 10:02am | Lee Dalton

Excellent article, Kurt. But the GOP has already proved many times that they are not at all interested in hearing from ordinary people.

Mar 8th - 08:41am | justinh

Nice Op-Ed.

National Park Service Uses Arlington Memorial Bridge To Highlight Maintenance Backlog Woes

Mar 10th - 11:22am | Rick B.

A diligent and comprehensive reading o the Arlington Memorial Bridge wikipedia entry explains in detail, step by polital stepo, from 1886 through the present the detailed history of how and why Arlington Memorial Bridge came to be as it is today.   Like ir or not, the understanding is there to be had.

Mar 10th - 11:04am | ecbuck

It was Congress that declared the Bridge to be NPS property. I don't care who's responsible.  It is stupid and is emblematic of the NPS being stretched beyond its mission and means.  

Mar 10th - 10:26am | Lee Dalton

It was Congress that declared the Bridge to be NPS property.  Ask them. Here's an idea.  Coat it with gold leaf, hang a big flashing sign that says TRUMP above it and let The Donald sell it to Russia or China or whoever he can get to buy the brand. But then they'd probably set up toll booths at both ends. Y'just can't win.

Mar 10th - 09:05am | RickyAZ

So the citizens of Tucson can get the NPS to maintain Speedway Blvd because it joins both sections of Saguaro NP? Putting roads and bridges under NPS budgets does have the virtue of masking the scale of spending on DC however

Mar 10th - 08:04am | ecbuck

So what?  99% of the people using the bridge neither orginate nor terminate their trip from those too points. Most probably don't even know the entered NPS land.  But you bring up a good point.  Why are the GW & BW parkways the responsibility of the NPS?

Mar 10th - 01:13am | Skeptical One

Okay, I'll bite.  Because the Arlington Memorial Bridge connects two points of land both of which fall within the domain of the National Park Service?

Francis Beidler’s Long-Ago Decision Saved the Forest that Became Congaree National Park

Mar 10th - 10:48am | Mike Kelien

I Graduated in Forestry in1977 and worked for Robert Knoth up until is death in about 1980. I have some of the original timber maps both boundry and cruise maps. If interested .I will share I would like to see photos of the old mills  

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Mar 10th - 00:49am | Victoria Lopez

This is a  national park and as such is supported by tax payers dollars. I as a tax payer believe in the freedoms granted to all citizens under the constitution. If these people had been causeing a commotion or interfering with the rights of others visiting this memorial then perhaps this would be warranted .

Mar 9th - 20:31pm | Wilson

Yes! Judo throws! When you are given a lawful command by a police officer and you refuse to comply....offender beware.

Mar 9th - 19:40pm | Wudbine

....said the population of Germany in 1939.

Mar 9th - 19:39pm | Wudbine

Without resisting arrest we would never have had the civil rights movement. It is not just the right but the responsibility of every American citizen to stand up for - and protest, peacefully - against unjust laws.

Mar 9th - 00:58am | Graham Croome

I think that discretion by the police shoulfd have been exercised. By their thuglike behaviour the Park Police (are they even real police officers?) made tghe situation much worse that it could have been....

Tour Group Caught Sneaking Into Closed Area At Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Mar 9th - 16:56pm | larry k

And should someone be injured or killed on one of these illegal forays, you can be assured their family members will be filing a wrongful death suit tout suite claiming the NPS didn't provide sufficient warnings about the dangerous areas.

Mar 9th - 13:20pm | QT Luong

Despite the bust, the company's website tours descriptions still include approaching the Halema'uma'u Crater by "walking on a closed road". 

Mar 9th - 00:39am | Claudia....reti...

Ive noticed since 1983 that folks seem to think this is Disneyland; in other words everything is completely "safe".  This is real folks!

President's Budget Proposal Would Be "Devastating" To National Parks

Mar 8th - 12:53pm | argalite

I'm more worried that Zinke has said he would reorganize the Department of the Interior

BLM Regs That Would Give Public Greater Ability To Comment On Planning Scrapped By Senate

Mar 8th - 09:42am | Lee Dalton

Well, of course. One of the hallmarks of the GOP is their constant attempt to stifle any public input on virtually any subject that affects common ordinary Americans.  Their primary interest is pleasing the folks who have been able to purchase their services. No surprise here.

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