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President Obama, in one of his final actions for the environment, issued a call for federal agencies to promote diversity and inclusion in national parks and all other public landscapes.
Marine fisheries experts were responding Monday to a pod of nearly 100 false killer whales that stranded themselves on the Gulf Coast of Everglades National Park. More than 80 of the whales, a member of the dolphin family, were confirmed to have died.
Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming contains some of the purest night skies in the Black Hills. To celebrate and share the beauty of night skies, a series of star presentations are scheduled in January and February.
The National Park Service and the United States Park Police, in cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement, public safety and transportation agencies, announce security, logistics and access plans for the Voices of the People and Make America Great Again! inaugural welcome celebrations. The events will take place on Thursday, January 19 from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial.
On the same day that President Obama designated three national monuments to preserve African American history, the National Park Service announced $7.75 million in funding for projects that highlight sites and stories associated with the Civil Rights Movement and the African American experience.
The Presidio of San Francisco, once a prestigious military installation that defended the Golden Gate for centuries, is taking a major leap forward in welcoming the public to Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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