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Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis were to visit Alabama on Thursday to hear public comments on proposals for additions to the National Park System in Birmingham and Anniston.
Thankfully, there are just two weeks left to go in the 2016 general election. Which begs the question: Which nominee would be better for the National Park System and National Park Service?
Work is complete on what could be the largest cat-proof fence in the United States, designed to protect the federally endangered ‘ua‘u, or Hawaiian petrel, from the birds’ primary threat: feral cats.
Roaming the gift shop in Yellowstone National Park in search of a book to fill any idle hours I might encounter after the sun went down, I spied a paperback edition of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, and figured that now, almost two decades after it came out, was as good a time as any to add his Appalachian Trail odyssey to my library. I wasn't disappointed.
An unprecedented 40-year experiment in a 40,000-acre valley of Yosemite National Park strongly supports the idea that managing fire, rather than suppressing it, makes wilderness areas more resilient to fire, with the added benefit of increased water availability and resistance to drought.
Closing the Park Loop Road to private vehicles during peak season, a reservation system on Cadillac Mountain, and car quotas on Ocean Drive are among the ideas under consideration as Acadia National Park forms a transportation plan aimed at improving the visitor experience while preserving natural and cultural resources.

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