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  • EverythingEverywhere

    I have been traveling around the world since 2007. I have visited over 120 countries, all 7 continents and over 300 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

    I am also on a quest to visit every national park in the United States and Canada. 

  • Erika Zambello

    I am a writer and photographer currently living on the Emerald Coast of Florida. I have a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment, where I specialized in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. I am also a National Geographic Young Explorer, completing four trips to the Maine North Woods in each of the four seasons, Fall 2015-Summer 2016.

    In addition to acting as the sole blogger for the entire Florida State Park system, I am a regular contributor to the Duke Nicholas School, the Maine Sportsman, Bangor Daily News, and 10000 Birds; I also have blog series dedicated to my experiences as a Nat Geo Young Explorer for the Natural Resources Council of Maine and Maine Audubon. In the past I have written for The Conservation Fund, the Triangle Land Conservancy, and Sarah P. Duke Gardens. I have an upcoming article appearing in the August 2016 issue of BirdWatching Daily, and am under contract to write a birding guide to Northern New England for Wilderness Adventures Press. Finally, I am the founder and managing editor of the travel website One World, Two Feet, as well as the co-managing editor for the award-winning online magazine Voices for Biodiversity.

    Follow my daily adventures on Instagram, @a_day_in_the_landscape.

  • Colleen Kilbane

    Heart Four Photography, Beartooth Butters and author of

  • Dave K

    Florida Outdoor Adventures offers 3-5-8-day fully outfitted and guided overnight sea kayak camping tours in the Everglades National Park backcountry. These Everglades kayaking trips are low impact nature and wildlife eco-tours which allow you to fully experience and appreciate this world famous wilderness. These Everglades overnight kayak camping tours offer a complete adventure vacation package for active adults and families. We uniquely operate personal small group trips with a private guide. Come kayak, explore and truly experience the REAL Everglades!
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Dave K.
    [email protected]

  • JanShaw

    My goal is to visit as many of our nation's National Parks as possible.


  • Stephanie Ryan

    I am retired from business. One of my hobbbies is bird watching and I love being in the outdoors. I am for parks and providing places for people to go to get out of the everyday city landscape. My husband and I live in Arizona and there is a lot of beauty to see here.  We are Golden Age Passport Members for all the federal parks.  

  • azelb

    I live in Bowling Green, KY and have seen a large number of vehicles that are converted to "off the Road" vehicles so they can drive in the wilderness.  We should have someone to write down the license numbers and track these vehicles.

  • jorjeixtapa

    It seem that I heavily misjudged this place.


    There are some very nice people here, 
    and there are some very capable pelple here.

    Unfortunately, most of the nice people aren't capable, 
    and most of the capable people aren't very nice.


    Which brings to mind an old proverb that goes something like this...

    "A nation always gets the government it deserves."

    When someone gets around to it
     (and I know you will),
    promptly delete my account here
     (like you deleted my post about a missing person), 
    and promptly give me a refund.


    I want nothing to do with this place.


    If that makes you feel poorly - it's supposed to.
    If it doesn't bother you, you're either heartless and arrogant, or dense. 
    I suspect that both scenarios are true.
    (You know who you are.)

    Good riddance.

  • Mark Hendricks

    Freelance writer and photographer specializing in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the Maryland Coastal Bays Watershed, and National Parks of the East.  But will camp in any wild area........

  • Anastasiamsa

    Emarsys Emarsys Iletisim Sistemleri Tic. Ltd Sti.

    Buyukdere Cad. Meydan Sokak

    Spring Giz Plaza Kat:12

    34398 Maslak, Istanbul


  • Daniel Taylor

    Freelance writer and reading fiend with a passion for the National Park System. I try to visit at least one new park per year, but I'll settle for a revisit too!

  • sumjha

    Working professional

  • Beth Chapple

    I am an editor based in Washington State. My company Granite Peak Publications publishes the Yellowstone Treasures guidebook and the forthcoming historical anthology called Through Early Yellowstone: Adventuring by Bicycle, Covered Wagon, Foot, Horseback, and Skis.

  • chartelle123

    Annual visitor to RMNP for 20 years.  Have been to several others but this is the one I always long to return to. 

  • Chrisatorain

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  • Crackers3

    I am a history fanati!

  • Mina Thevenin

    I am owner, writer and photographer at and psychotherapist of My interests include supporting balanced ecosystems of earth, animals and peoples. Awareness through education and a commitment to personal responsibility within our daily interaction with others, which includes nature, will ensure to preserve the longevity and wellness of our life as a people and planet--both in the present and future.

  • Dr Ron Snipe

    Publisher of 2016 Traveler's Passport to Americas National Parks, United States and Canada.  Worked in publishing nearly 50 years.  World Traveler to more than 210 countries and more than 300 National Park sites.

  • ffarschman

    Kayakers, hikers, bikers, campers, and do some fishing and hunting.

  • abruzzij15

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  • Paul Horsted

    I seek out the sites of historic photographs, and then precisely "re-photograph" these places to see the amazing changes, and surprising similarities, between past and present. I've produced 4 books using this technique and am now visiting 25 National Parks in search of "Yesterday & Today" for my next book.

  • Robin Grosshuesch

    Robin and his wife Merri Walters are cocreators of Great Lakes Sacred Essences which makes flower essences and environmental sprays that support the human condition.

  • gloriaber

    friend of the forests

  • Mitgalgelim


    We are retired couple from Israel.  In two month, we are going to become a full-time RV. Beginning our journey in Houston Texas.

  • Nature Jane

    Journalist and former park ranger and biotechnician and firefighter.

  • Robin Pfeifer

    I'm a Minneapolis-based writer and advertising account manager. In a bold move of social defiance, my husband Luke and I have decided to forgo the trappings of proper adulthood and instead have chosen to spend most of our time and money on travel and exploration. We are experts in finding a destination's hidden gems and getting off the beaten path. As a result, we're able to tell some pretty good stories to our friends and family back home. 

  • Michael Sikkila

    Love to travel in the parks. Favorites are Yellowstone, Canyonlands, and Wind Cave.

  • Steven Richardson

    Owner of 2i3D Stereo Imaging. Interested in 3D maps, 3D photography, national parks and monuments. Concerned about the so-called "Sage Brush Rebellion." Interested in finding ways to help visitors to national parks to appreciate all that can be learned during their visit.

  • mommafuse

    Visited Cape Cod nature center. Very interesting.

  • Cole Donelson

    Our mission is to visit and camp at all 59 National Parks during the NPS Centennial year, sharing our experiences and promoting the parks on As of December, 21 National Parks and counting since August 2015!


    We're Cole and Elizabeth, 25, born and raised near St. Louis, Missouri. We met at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) where Elizabeth got a degree in education and Cole went with journalism and business. After college we moved to Kansas City, Missouri where Elizabeth got a job as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher and Cole worked at a health care IT company. And together we are the Switchback Kids! One day we were on a hike talking about bucket lists. One thing that made the list was visiting all the 59 U.S. National Parks in our lifetime. Then somehow it evolved into the crazy idea of the visiting all those parks within one year. This year of full park immersion would be full of hiking, biking, backpacking, trail cooking, kayaking and camping 6 nights a week along any other adventures that come our way. And finally we decided our best option was to take the most irresponsible and non-conventional step of our lives: press pause on our careers and take on the challenge and adventure of our lives. Carpe diem style. We don't want this trip to just be a simple year-long vacation to fulfill our wanderlust. We are striving for something much bigger. One main aspect of the trip is sharing our journey and park experiences with others through this blog and our social media. We want the story of two 26-year-olds who break from their 9-5 careers to spend a year traveling the country on a trip of their dreams to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and seek their own adventures. We also want to do our part to celebrate America's Best Idea, the National Parks, especially during the 100th anniversary year of the National Park Service. We hope our explorations of the 59 National Parks, and all other National Park Service sites we can hit along the way, will encourage others to join in the celebration and experience any of the amazing National Park sites all across the country.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide