National Park Service Looking To Reduce Illegal Predator Hunting In National Preserves In Alaska

Annual problems with predator hunting in national preserves in Alaska have prompted the National Park Service to propose a permanent federal prohibition against certain hunting practices.

Following The Caribou South Through Gates Of The Arctic National Park And Preserve

It's about time for Alaska's caribou herds to start heading south before winter hits. The folks at Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve captured some shots of caribou in the park and put together a short slideshow for your enjoyment.

National Park Mystery Spot 43 Revealed: A Vast, Cold Wilderness

This one was easiest for readers familiar with aviation nomenclature, business attire, and the aurorae.

Applications Being Accepted for Research Projects In Denali and Other Alaskan Parks

The National Park Service and the Murie Science and Learning Center are seeking applicants for two research fellowships that are available to individuals wishing to conduct research in Denali National Park and Preserve and other arctic and subarctic Alaska national parks.

Array Of 17 Stations Will Help National Park Service Track Climate Events in Alaska

In the coming year technicians will install an array of 17 remote automated stations in five national park areas in northern Alaska to help the National Park Service track climate trends.

National Park Quiz 84: Ringer II

Nine of these ten statements are true. Can you tell which one is not?

Fire Season Arrives Early and Vigorous In Alaska's National Parks

Though the wildfire season really hasn't started in the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, or Cascade ranges, it's been well under way in Alaska, where national park fire managers are reporting unusual fire behavior.

National Park Service in Alaska Takes Steps To Counter State's Approach to Wildlife Management

In moves designed to counter Alaska's current approach to wildlife management, National Park Service officials in that state are instituting hunting and trapping bans to protect wolves and bears in their parks and preserves.

Alaska Officials Considering Proposal To Kill Predators in National Parks Without Park Service Approval

Alaska wildlife officials, in a move certain to flare jurisdictional issues between the state and federal governments if OKed, are proposing that they be allowed to kill predators in national parks and preserves without prior approval from the National Park Service. The proposal has prompted a message from National Park Service officials that Alaska's wildlife management powers "are not absolute when we are dealing with Federal lands within the State."
Changing Paths: Travels and Meditations in Alaska A solitary journey into the vast Gates of the Arctic wilderness provided just the right surroundings for Bill Sherwonit to reflect on his life journey and his particular way of thinking about wilderness, wildness, and himself.

Creature Feature: The Prehistoric-Looking Muskox is One Ice Age Relic That's Doing Just Fine

Thanks to translocations that began 80 years ago, herds of prehistoric-looking muskoxen once again roam Alaska’s tundra. Could these shaggy Ice Age survivors be emergent stars of the watchable wildlife world?

National Park Quiz 77: Both

Maybe one, maybe the other, but how about both? This month’s national park quiz will find out if you know. Answers are at the end. If we catch you cheating, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “The word both is an adjective meaning not just one of two, but the two together.”

Climate Change and National Parks: A Survival Guide for a Warming World -- Caribou in Alaska's Parks and Preserves

Caribou have been on the landscape for more than 400,000 years. For roughly the past 12,000 years, they have been hunted by humans — first the paleo-Indians, now the First Nations’ cultures along with many other Alaskans. Resilience to hunting, to weather, and to predators has enabled the caribou to remain an integral part of both the natural landscape and the human culture. The greatest test of their resilience, though, stands to be climate change.

National Park Quiz 50: Wilderness

This week’s quiz deals with wilderness in the national parks. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you memorize the entire list of designated wildernesses.

National Park Quiz 48: Mysteries

This week’s quiz will test your knowledge of various and sundry national park mysteries. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you explain the difference between a mystery, a riddle, and an enigma.

Bear Mauls Woman in Gates of the Arctic National Park

On August 28, a young grizzly mauled a woman hiker in the remote Okokmilaga River drainage of Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve. Thanks to the quick action of the woman’s companions, the bear was driven away and the victim received only non life-threatening injuries. Bear attacks are rare in the park, but this incident shows that bear country travel always entails risk.