National Park Week Quiz #9 Revealed: What The Bartender Knew

The bartender must be a National Parks Traveler reader.

Hamilton Grange National Memorial Reopens After Major Move and Restoration Project

It's difficult in today's world to image a house sitting on 34 acres of wooded farmland in the middle of New York City, but that was the former setting for Alexander Hamilton's house called The Grange. A five year project to relocate and restore the house has been completed and Hamilton Grange National Memorial has reopened to the public.

Really Getting Away From It All: The Loneliest National Parks

The most popular national parks get visitors galore. Let's have a look at the other end of the attendance spectrum, the end that is anchored by the least-visited parks in the system.

National Park Quiz 35: Newbies

The New Year is only hours away, so let’s orient this week’s quiz to newness (loosely defined). Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll put you in charge of Traveler’s new Complaint Department.

Hamilton Grange National Memorial Relocation Update

If you're going to be in New York City on Saturday, you might want to head over to the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem to see the Hamilton Grange National Memorial arrive at its new location.

Alexander Hamilton's "Country Home" on the Move in New York City

A tricky move, one some see as controversial, is under way to move Alexander Hamilton's "country home" to a new location in New York City.