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Steam rising in Yellowstone National Park; Rich Deline photographer.A short 3 minute journey into the snowy winter season in Yellowstone National Park. Buffalo still roam, rivers still flow, but the entire place in winter is surrounded in mist and snow, which totally change the outlook on the landscape. The erupting geyser at the end of the video is pretty cool.
NPS Director Bomar gives Barney a Junior Ranger Ceremony; White House video.As part of the continuing "Holiday in the National Parks" celebration, the White House has released a video called BarneyCam in which we get to see President Bush's dogs get Junior Ranger status. It is corny, probably intended just for kids, but I got a laugh out of it. Maybe you will too.
Former NPS Director Fran Mainella; NPS Photo.At a time when politics in Washington truly are a “contact sport,” we shouldn’t be too surprised when we learn that science has been trumped when it comes to decisions affecting the national park system. Should we be disappointed? Of course. But surprised? Unfortunately not. Directors Fran Mainella and Mary Bomar provide interviews for this podcast.
Don Barry, Wilderness Society Executive Vice PresidentRecently, former assistant secretary at the Interior Department and current executive vice president at The Wilderness Society, Don Barry, spoke at the Association of National Park Rangers' annual conference. He described a right-wing program to systematically shrink the size of the federal government, called "starve the beast," that he says has detrimental effects on land-management agencies.
Tallgrass Prairie; Jeremy Sullivan photo.A 3 minute video postcard from a recent visit to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas. Interpreters show the historic house, and lead us on a bus tour of the prairie. Follow along on a short hike as well.
Stream near Lake Quinalt; Jeremy Sullivan photo.Video tour of the Lake Quinault area of Olympic National Park. Dave Huber shows us around the historic Lake Quinault Lodge, and former park ranger Roger Blain leads us on a walk of the Maple Glade trail, a very green, mossy temperate rain forest experience, topped off with some Roosevelt Elk.
Scott Dickerson Photo, Used With Permission.There are places in the national park system where hunting is allowed. That's not the issue with this post. Rather, it's the ethical questions that swirl around the bear "hunt" that the National Park Service has allowed in the preserve portion of Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Video attached.
Port Chicago AftermathOn July 17, 1944, a giant explosion occurred at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine, near San Francisco. It was the largest US home front disaster during WWII, killing 320 men, 202 of whom were African American. This location should be a National Park Unit. Our latest audio program has more detail.
Bridge over Frijoles Creek in Bandelier National MonumentRelax next to the cascading waters of Frijoles Creek in Bandelier National Monument, under the shade of the trees along the picnic road. You'll be able to hear some birds chirping along, as well as a child's call about half-way through.
Secretary Kempthorne Announces the 2008 Centennial Projects in Yosemite National Park; DOI PhotoIn this audio program, we hear Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announce the first round of programs eligible for funding under the Centennial Initiative, a ten year plan which could bring $3 Billion in new appropriations for the National Parks.
Nancy at the Sand Creek Masacre NHSNancy Bandley is the president of a club which promotes national park visitation. The favorite club activity is collecting park passport stamps from around the nation. In this 18 minute interview, Nancy and I talk about the stamp program, her club, and the club's annual conference being held this weekend in Olympic National Park.
Mary Bomar, Director of the National Park Service; NPS PhotoYesterday, the National Park Service, represented by director Mary Bomar, and other groups met in subcommittee hearings for both the House and the Senate to answer questions regarding the Centennial Challenge. The audio from the Hill is of the Senate hearing. Listen to a few select questions Senators asked Director Bomar during this edited audio program.
Sol Duc Hot Springs, Jeremy Sullivan PhotoWondering what you'd see in the Sol Duc Valley of Olympic National Park? Have a look at this 4 minute video for my perspective taken earlier this summer.
Haunted HikesIn this third edition of the Park Remark audiocast, I have a phone conversation with Andrea Lankford, who is the author of the book Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks.
Sean Smith, NW Regional Director NPCALast week I had a chance to sit down and have an interview with Sean Smith, the Northwest Regional Director of the National Parks and Conservation Association. Sean was a lot of fun to talk to, I found him to be very knowledgeable about many park issues. Today's conversation covers two big topics, the November storms which did many millions of dollars worth of damage to Northwest National Parks, and also covers the ongoing Park Service listening sessions.