Fran Opens NPS Pocketbook For Mesa Verde

Mvmug_house_copy Well, here's a welcome surprise. After poor-mouthing Congress and all who would listen about how tough times were for the National Park Service what with George's war and hurricanes and all that, and saying that parks would simply have to get more "creative" in managing their budgets, Fran has found $10 million in change for Mesa Verde National Park.
The money, she announced last week when the park officially marked its centennial, will go to build a brand-spanking-new, 18,000-square-foot curatorial facility. This much-needed facility will be paired with a 7,000-square-foot "Mesa Verde Cultural and Visitor Center," also much-needed. The cultural and visitor center is being forwarded by the Mesa Verde Foundation, which is working on a plan to pay for it.
These projects both will contribute greatly to Mesa Verde, which is an incredible historical resource. Now, we need to convince Fran that the other 389 NPS units are incredible resources, too, and see if she can't find some loose change for them as well.