Mystery Photo

Mystery Photo: Water And Wood, But No Fire....Currently

Time to put your thinking caps on travelers, and come up with not only the answer to what this is, but where in the park system it is. Of course, if you get the first answer, you'll have the second, as well.

Mystery Photo: Where In The National Park System Is This?

After a long, long hiatus, the Mystery Photo returns to the Traveler. How sharp are you? Have many parks have you visited? How is your memory of those visits? Bottom line, where was this photo taken, and what is it?

National Park Mystery Photo 52 Revealed: This Is The Way

Route markers have played an important role since the earliest days of cave exploration.

Mystery Photo 42 Revealed: The Rest of The Profile

It doesn't fly, but the object of this week's Mystery Photo can help you tell which way the wind is blowing.

Mystery Photo 42: Nice Profile!

My, what a nice patina you have! But what are you? Get the answer right -- what is it, and in which park is it located and where exactly? -- and we'll qualify you for our monthly prize giveaway.

Mystery Photo 40 Revealed: The Glow Plug

An object so brightly hued can't be nature, can it? It can, if you know where in the National Park System to look.

National Park Mystery Photo 25: No Carpenter Nearby

A piece of tree trunk, a slat or two of wood, what else do you need to build a cupboard? But, where is it?

2009 in Review: National Park Brain Teasers

During 2009, Traveler posted 67 national park-themed quizzes, mystery photos, mystery spots, and mystery plants. They’re all listed here, complete with links.

National Park Mystery Photo 16 Revealed: Yosemite Granite, Polished To a Sheen By Glaciers

There I was, standing on a shelf of rock that borders Cathedral Lake in Yosemite National Park with Cathedral Peak and other crags lining the horizon, and I couldn't take my eyes off the ground.

National Park Mystery Photo 12: Lots of Water Out There

Water water everywhere, and more than a drop to drink. But where is that water? And what are those islands?

National Park Mystery Photo 11 Revealed: We Deliver Anywhere in the World in 30 Minutes or Less, Or the Next One is Free

An heirloom of the Cold War, Minuteman Missile National Historic Park is a place that both amazes and chills you. It's amazing in the sheer size of the underground missile silos. It chills you with the sheer thought of what those silos were poised to do.
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