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Did Someone Borrow The National Park Service Centennial Logo On The Way To The Democratic National Convention?

Perhaps it was a case of design envy, or maybe the easiest way out, or simply the obvious approach in the first centennial of the 21st century, but did you happen to notice the striking similarity between the National Park Service Centennial logo and that of the Democratic National Convention?

De-Mist-Ifying The Fog Of Golden Gate National Recreation Area: Five Fun Facts

The image of quintessential San Francisco isn’t complete without the looming fog gliding over the Golden Gate Bridge like a cold blanket ready to hug the warmth out of the city. Sure, it may affect visibility and can make summer feel like winter—especially in August, aka “Fogust”—but it is beloved nonetheless. Here are some foggy facts to “de-mist-ify” this local weather phenomenon.

19th Annual Cody Ice Festival Coming To Yellowstone Country

With much of the country currently locked in high summer heat, why not think about cooler and colder winter temperatures? If you're planning to visit Yellowstone National Park next winter, you might consider scheduling your trip to coincide with the 19th Annual Cody Ice Festival scheduled for Feb. 10 – 12, 2017, in Cody, Wyoming.

Smithsonian Photo Exhibition Celebrates Park Service’s Centennial

A visit to Washington, D.C., yields a glimpse into the nation’s history, much of it preserved by the National Park Service at the National Mall and Memorial Parks. Park lovers will have extra incentive to visit through next August, as the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History will honor the Park Service’s centennial with a new photography exhibit.

National Park Service Sued Over Oil Exploration At Big Cypress National Preserve

A National Park Service decision to allow for oil exploration in Big Cypress National Preserve on Wednesday drew a lawsuit from a coalition of environmental groups that fear the seismic work could adversely impact wildlife including the endangered Florida panther and pose a threat to "drinking water for many South Floridians."
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