Visting the Parks

Death Valley Dreamscape

Death Valley National Park has some of the darkest night skies in the country, which make for incredible canvases to watch star shows on clear nights. Don't think so? Check out this video by Gavin Heffernan, Michael Darrow and Rachel Payne of Sunchaser Pictures.

Jewel In The Desert: Kelso Depot At Mojave National Preserve

Kelso Depot, fully restored and back in business, is a great reason by itself to visit Mojave National Preserve in the California desert.

Kilauea Volcano Putting On Quite The Show, But Be Careful Where You Watch It At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Recent eruptions from Kilauea Volcano In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are a sight to see, but park officials urge visitors to be careful where they view the lava flows from.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park To Celebrate Old-Time Christmas

Celebrate the year-end holidays the way they did back in 1901 with a visit to San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park on December 8, when park staff bring maritime history to life around a unique Christmas program.

Reader Participation Day: How Far In Advance Do You Plan Your National Park Escape?

How far in advance do you plan your national park trips? A year? Six months? Two weeks out?

Half-Dome Permit System in Yosemite National Park Will Operate Seven Days a Week in 2011

You can plan on standing in line next year if you intend to hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, and not just because of the long 400-foot final ascent.

Sunrise Area of Mount Rainier National Park Open This Weekend, With Some Caveats

While the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier National Park will be open this weekend, not all services will be available due to the cool, snowy spring, say park officials.

Researchers Exploring Cave Dwellers From Bandelier National Monument's Long Ago Past

The American Southwest is honeycombed with ruins from long-past civilizations. Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon de Chelly National Monument are well-known for their cliff dwellings, while at Bandelier National Monument the sandstone walls are pocked with "cavates" used as shelter centuries ago.

Audubon Touts Birding in a Dozen National Parks

The September-October 2009 issue of Audubon magazine has a Kenn Kaufman article that provides helpful information about birding in twelve national parks.

Rocky Mountain Wrestling: A Long-Distance Runner's Grizzly Encounter in Grand Teton National Park

Michael Dunn always wondered how he would die, whether his life might be lost in a plane crash or if he would grow old and simply not wake one morning. But as he repeatedly was raked by the grizzly's 4-inch-long claws and berry-stained fangs, he feared fate was at hand.
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