National Park Mystery Spot 25: Not Even a Puddle to Wet a Frog

Put these clues together and they will lead you to this month's mystery spot, which is within a National Park System unit.

A trunk in a shell serves them well.

The hexagon held them against their will.

No lake, no pond, no bog; not even a puddle to wet a frog.

Seven in a cluster is the land it can muster.

Bonus clue, no extra charge: 'Tween your toes it will ooze, and it clings to your shoes.

Check Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.

Eric was the first to supply the correct answer (at 6:41 am EDT). Eight others also ID-ed this mystery spot: Anon (7:35), Ed123, L Bebout, Davey J, y_p_w, Steve B, RangerLady, and Road Ranger.


Congrats to Eric (6:41 EDT), who was the first to identify Mystery Spot 25. We'll embargo the answer until tomorrow morning and let others take a crack at it.

Folks, remember that the mystery spot is not a national park. It is a place in a national park (one of the 394 National Park System units, that is).

Aside to Davey J.: You are in the ballpark.Now pin it down.

Soda Springs at Devils Postpile - just a major guess.

Sorry, Carol B; it's not Soda Springs at Devils Postpile.

Anon 7:35, Ed123, and L Bebout have all joined Eric in the winner's circle.

Cottonwood Springs. Joshua Tree NP.

Sorry, Jason; it's not Cottonwood Springs in Joshua Tree National Park.

Davey J has identified a place within the mystery spot, and that's good enough..

y_p_w has ID-ed the mystery spot too.

Add Steve B to the growing list of readers who've identified Mystery Spot 25.

RangerLady has aced it too. What took you so long? :o)

Sorry! It was one of those days at work and had to wait til my lunch break to play

La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits site in Los Angeles is not a National Park System property.