Cedar Breaks National Monument

Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Zion All Raising Fees

By the time you read this, it alreayd will be more expensive to visit Cedar Breaks National Monument this year than it was a year ago, and higher fees are coming to nearby Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks, too.

Public Meeting Set To Discuss Entrance Fee Increases Proposed For Zion, Bryce Canyon, And Cedar Breaks

With timing running out to comment on proposed increases in entrance fees at Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks, as well as Cedar Breaks National Monument, all in Utah, the National Park Service has scheduled an open house to discuss the proposals with the public. Park superintendents and staff from all three park areas will be in attendance.

Main Road To Cedar Breaks National Monument Closed For Winter, But Fun Continues

Winter's heavy snows are starting to fall across the high country in parts of Utah, and at Cedar Breaks National Monument that means one access route to the monument has closed. It also means the monument will be a great destination for snowshoers and even cross-country skiers.

Legal View: Utah Has No Basis To Order Federal Government To Turn Public Lands Over To The State

The state of Utah, which has given the federal government until year's end to turn over roughly 30 million acres of public lands, has not legal basis to make such a claim, according to a legal analysis of the issue.
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National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

When planning a national park camping trip, many RVing newbies are surprised to learn that a stay in these public campgrounds is quite different from the usual RV park experience. From 1950s-era campgrounds with short parking aprons that are unsuitable for modern RVs, to strict generator use hours, the learning curve can be steep for inexperienced RVers. If you're a new RV traveler and considering a national park campground visit, here are five simple ways to have a great RV camping experience.

BioBlast! For Bats, Birds, And Bugs Coming To Cedar Breaks National Monument

If you're planning to be in Utah this coming weekend, consider stopping by Cedar Breaks National Monument to take part in a biodiversity search revolving around bats, birds, and bugs.

Cedar Breaks National Monument: An Inviting Summer Destination

Stunning crimson and brilliant golden sandstone formations paint a truly unique landscape in any season. Cedar Breaks National Monument is home to spectacular views of a three-mile wide, half-mile deep natural amphitheater. Visitors are welcome to experience a variety of activities available within the park. Warm summer months sweep hiking trails with vibrant wildflowers from late June through August.

Around The Parks: Paddling Rules, Poster Contests, Grand Canyon's Airshed

Congressional efforts to dictate paddling rules in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, a poster contest at Cedar Breaks National Monument, and cleaner air for Grand Canyon National Park are just some of the topics swirling about the National Park System.

Around The Shutdown: Which National Parks Are Open Today?

Wondering which national parks have been able to reopen with state funding? Here's a list, and the dates the parks are to remain open...barring some resolution in Washington or more funding from the states.

Fall Nature Festival This Weekend At Cedar Breaks National Monument

Fall colors contrast magnificently with the ruddy foundation of the Markagunt Plateau at Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah. If you can work it into your schedule, you can enjoy that contrast as the monument celebrates its Fall Nature Festival this weekend

"Stories Of The Past" Festival Comes To Cedar Breaks National Monument

Visitors to Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah this weekend will be able to enjoy some stories out of the past as the monument celebrates its 80th anniversary.

How Big A Difference Is There Between Professional And "Recreational" Bike Events In National Parks When It Comes To Impacts?

When it comes to cycling events in national parks, how heavily should the National Park Service weigh whether an event is a professional race when deciding if it's a worthwhile event, and what other factors should it take into consideration?

Is National Park Service Abrogating Its Responsibility With The Tour Of Utah Bike Race?

Federal lands make up the majority of Utah's landscape, so it shouldn't be surprising that state roads crisscross those lands. But when a state road crosses a national park, and that road is going to be traversed by a bike race, should National Park Service approval be required?

Wildflower Festival Coming To Cedar Breaks National Monument

At 10,000 feet and above, wildflowers bloom a wee bit later than, for instance, at sea level. That's why Cedar Breaks National Monument's 8th Annual Wildflower Festival is just beginning this Saturday.

Reader Participation Day: Will Expanded Wi-Fi Enhance The National Park Experience?

Will expanded wireless service for cellphones and the Internet enhance your national park experience, or will it clutter it with a technological Disneyification of the parks, one that will detract from, not add to, the national park experience?

Winter Closes Roads At Dinosaur, Cedar Breaks National Monuments In Utah/Colorado

Recent snow storms have led to the closure of some roads at both Dinosaur National Monument and Cedar Breaks National Monument for the rest of the winter.

Cedar Breaks National Monument In Utah Getting Ready For Winter

Snowfall already has been recorded in Utah's high country, and for Cedar Breaks National Monument that means the end of the busy travel season and time to prepare for the quieter winter season.

Cedar Breaks National Monument To Open Visitor Services In Time For Memorial Day Weekend

How mild was this past winter in Utah? Mild enough that Cedar Breaks National Monument will be able to open its visitor services in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

National Park Visits Help Grow Utah's Tourism Industry By Nearly 5 Percent In 2010

Utah's collection of national parks, monuments, and historic sites helped generate $6.5 billion in tourism spending for the state in 2010, an increase of nearly 5 percent, according to state calculations.

Guest Column: The Keystone XL Pipelines And Coal Hollow Mines Of America

In this guest column, RL Miller, a California-based attorney who keeps watch on environmental issues on public lands, questions the wisdom of allowing the Coal Hollow Mine to expand to more than 3,500 acres near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Massive Landslide in Utah Cuts Off One Route To Cedar Breaks National Monument

A massive landslide, possibly 1,700 feet wide by as much as 100 feet deep in places shoved a Utah highway 100-150 feet downhill, indefinitely closing off one route to Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Dazzling Wildflowers Prompt Cedar Breaks National Monument To Extend Wildflower Festival

Bountiful snowmelt this spring and summer has led to a dazzling display of wildflowers at Cedar Breaks National Monument, where officials have extended their wildflower festival through month's end.

Cedar Breaks National Monument Again Pushes Back Its Opening Date

Having already pushed back the summer opening date once, Cedar Breaks National Monument officials are finding themselves having to due it again, this time until June 17.

Too Much Snow Delaying Opening of Cedar Breaks National Monument

The list seems to be going on and on in the Rockies and Sierra this spring: too much snow is complicating openings of national parks for the summer season. One of the latest casualties is Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah, where crews are still trying to open the road.

Cedar Breaks National Monument Officials Will Be Showing Off Their Yurt This Saturday

Cedar Breaks National Monument officials will be showing off their yurt this weekend to get the public accustomed to relying on it for winter recreation information.

Cedar Breaks National Monument Searching For Wildflower Festival Poster Designs

Though the annual wildflower festival at Cedar Breaks National Monument is months away, officials are searching for a poster design to promote this year's festival.

Cedar Breaks National Monument to Host Cross-Country Ski/Snowshoe Outing On January 8

With a potent winter storm dumping multiple feet of snow on Utah's high country, the timing couldn't be much better for the annual cross country ski and snowshoe event at Cedar Breaks National Monument in southern Utah.

More Calls For "National Park" Designations Across The National Park System

What's in a name? Apparently a lot when the name includes "national park."

End of Summer Season Coming For Mount Rainier, Voyageurs National Parks and Cedar Breaks National Monument

If you live near, or can travel to, Mount Rainier or Voyageurs national parks, or Cedar Breaks National Monument, for one last fall fling, now's the time to do it.

Fall Spectacular: Great Autumn Hikes in the National Parks

It's hard to beat autumn for prime hiking in parks from coast to coast. This season brings fine weather to most of the country and in many locations fall foliage is an added bonus. There are more hikes in national parks that we can take in a lifetime, so here are a few suggestions for some great ones all across the nation—including some alternatives to the most heavily-visited sites.
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