Colonial National Historical Park

Climate Change And Jamestown

In this video, National Park Service staff and partnering scientists talk about climate change in the context of Jamestown Island in Virginia, the site of the first permanent English settlement.

Reopening of National Parks "Just In Time" For Two Major Park Events

The reopening of NPS areas late last week came just in the nick of time for not only the popular fall color season, but also for some annual special events in parks. Among the activities held last weekend were the 34th Annual Bridge Day at New River Gorge National River and Yorktown Day at Colonial National Historical Park, which commemorates the 232nd anniversary of America's climactic Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown.

Can You Identify These "Historic Firsts" In The National Park System?

The country's first National Historic Site celebrated its 75th anniversary earlier this month, and the occasion offers the opportunity for some fun challenges for NPS trivia buffs. Can you identify the NPS area claiming this historic "first"? How about the location of America's first National Battlefield, or the former national park that's now a national monument?

NPS Releases Concession Prospectus For Colonial National Historical Park

The National Park Service recently released a prospectus soliciting bids for the operation of a relatively small retail store in the Yorktown area of Colonial National Historical Park.
The Long Fuse: How England Lost the American Colonies 1760-1785 The National Park Service manages over fifty sites connected with the American Revolution or Colonial America, and they offer valuable glimpses into the birth of our nation. Whether you're a serious history buff or one whose memory on the subject is a bit rusty, odds are you've never read much on that subject from the British point of view. You can bridge that gap via an entertaining and enlightening book, The Long Fuse: How England Lost the American Colonies, 1760 – 1785.

This Video Sampler Introduces You To The More Than 20 National Parks In Virginia

Which state east of the Mississippi holds the most units of the National Park System within its borders? That would be Virginia, which counts Shenandoah National Park, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Colonial National Historical Park among its more than 20 units. This video sampler will whet your appetite for visiting Virginia and its parks.

Evolution Of A Glasshouse: From Colonial Glassmaking To Decorative Arts

Glassworks are one of the tools of interpretation at historic Jamestown in Colonial National Historical Park. Today you can watch as artisans recreate glass vessels using time-honored practices.

NPCA Report Calls For Stronger Efforts To Protect Chesapeake Bay And Its Watershed

A new report from the National Parks Conservation Association points out a range of concerns the organization has about the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its 64,000-square-mile watershed, and carries a number of recommendations that NPCA believes can greatly improvement the bay's health.
NPCA-Chesapeake Bay Report.pdf1.27 MB

Study Points To Economic Benefits of Colonial National Historical Park

Perhaps President Obama, in his effort to get Congress to support his jobs bill, should have mentioned the economic might of investing in national parks. While here at the Traveler we believe you don't need to stress economics when discussing the value of parks, their ability to generate jobs can't be ignored.

Hurricane Irene Washes Out Road at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Various Damage At Other East Coast National Park Units

Reaching Cape Hatteras National Seashore by vehicle in the near future will be hard, if not impossible, due to breaching of Highway 12 by storm waters from Hurricane Irene.

East Coast National Park Units Bracing For Hurricane Irene

As Hurricane Irene continues plodding towards the Eastern Seaboard, units of the National Park System up and down the coast are preparing for the storm.

National Park Quiz 92: Seconds

You can't take this quiz in just a few seconds, but if you invest a few minutes you'll find out if you know as much about seconds as you do about firsts.

Climate Change Report Carries Foreboding Forecast for Shenandoah National Park, Historic Jamestown

Imagine Shenandoah National Park without its autumnal showcase of colors, or a sign along the Virginia coastline noting that the site of the Jamestown colony is offshore and under water. Both scenarios could be realized in less than a century if human-influenced climate change isn't slowed, according to a report.

National Park Mystery Plant 11 Revealed

Did you get this one right? The first clue might very well have been the only one you needed.

Tracking Crime in National Parks Is Not An Exact Science By Any Means

Trying to assess the amount of crime that occurs across the National Park System seemingly is difficult at best because of inconsistent accounting and the spillover of crime from neighboring communities.
OIG Crime Report.pdf320.8 KB
NPS&USPP LEOKA 09 by Region.pdf60.24 KB

National Park Mystery Plant 6 Revealed: This Freshwater Aquatic Plant is One that You Either Love or Hate

Brazilian egeria is a blessing in the aquarium and a curse in the lake.

Was This the Most Ambitious Event Ever Held in an NPS Area?

Most of us face some challenging tasks from time to time at work, but you can be thankful you weren't put in charge of the Yorktown Sesquicentennial celebration. It gets my vote for the most ambitious special event ever held in a National Park System area.

French Flyover is Prelude to the Upcoming Yorktown Victory Celebration

A French Air Force aerobatic team has honored the 228th Yorktown Victory Celebration with a flyover. The main celebration is slated for this coming Saturday-Sunday-Monday, October 17-19, at the Yorktown Battlefield and the city of Yorktown.

Traveler's Checklist – Colonial National Historical Park

Commander in Chief's Guard.
Many people are more familiar with the names of the component parts of this park than they are with the whole. Colonial National Historical Park includes Yorktown Battlefield, Jamestown and the Colonial Parkway, and a great time for a visit is coming up in mid-October.

Errant Boater Hits Bridge, Forcing Closure of a Section of the Colonial Parkway

Colonial Parkway.
An unusual hit and run crash involving a boater and a bridge has forced the closure of a section of the Colonial Parkway in Virginia. Officials at Colonial National Historical Park say part of the road between Jamestown and Williamsburg will be closed indefinitely.

Upon Further Review: Pocahontas meets Hollywood

National parks and historical events which occurred at those sites have provided the setting or the inspiration for dozens of movies, as Bob Janiskee has previously discussed on the Traveler. Fame can be a mixed blessing for the staff of the featured parks, however, as employees at Colonial National Historical Park learned a few years ago when Hollywood decided to bring Pocahontas to the big screen.

National Park Quiz 33: Colors

This week’s quiz explores many colorful aspects of our national parks. We’re going to depart from custom here and mix in some true-false and short-answer items. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking we’ll confiscate your crayons.

Did the Great Depression Save the Yorktown Battlefield?

Yorktown battlefield scene.
I don't know of anyone who is happy about the current economic situation, but while we're waiting for a turn-around, here's a question to ponder: Can a bad economy ever be good for parks? Here's how the Great Depression helped save the Yorktown Battlefield from private development.

Yorktown Day – Our Country's "Other Birthday"

Our nation will celebrate its 227th birthday on October 19, 2008, in Yorktown, Virginia—and you're invited to the party! "Whoa, not so fast," some of you may be thinking; what happened to the Fourth of July?

Traveler's Top 10 Picks For Movies Involving National Parks

Dozens of movies have depicted actors and actresses cavorting, romancing, running, hiding, fighting, and yes, even dying in national parks or places destined to become national parks. Here are ten of Traveler's favorite movies with a national park connection of some sort. Note that we don’t restrict the field to films shot on location in parks.
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