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Crater Lake National Park

Centennial Series | National Parks Are A Gift To Our Youth

The slide projector whirred on the table next to my desk as Mrs. Sampson, our fourth-grade teacher, worked the balky advancement mechanism. She had purchased the Kodachromes in strips from a gift shop during her summer vacation, and the images on the screen transfixed me: vertical cliffs of white granite, waterfalls misting in midair, pine trees rising from a grassy riverbank.

National Parks Are Managed In Very Inconsistent Ways...Or Are They?

Running more than 160 pages, the National Park Service Management Policies provides park managers with quick reference to how they are to manage their units, what uses are appropriate, and how to usher visitors out of the park when Congress fails to fund the National Park Service. But the Management Policies, which last were updated in 2006, also leave much to interpretation and exception.

Climate Change Poses A Threat To Deep Blue Water At Crater Lake National Park

Will Crater Lake National Park continue to be such a popular park if its deep blue water wasn't so blue, but perhaps a murkier hue due to algae blooms? That's a question to consider in light of predictions that warming air temperatures will affect both the late's water temperature and water column mixing.

Crater Lake Partners With ‘Sister Park’ In China

Crater Lake National Park saw its most visitors in a quarter-century last year, but that mark might not last long thanks to a partnership that spans the Pacific Ocean. In a nod to increasing tourism from the world’s most-populous country, representatives from Crater Lake traveled to China last week to establish a “sister park” relationship with Wuyishan National Scenic Area.

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