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Death Valley National Park

Congressmen Call For More Wi-Fi In Parks, But Can National Park Service Manage It?

A small handful of days before the National Park Service announced that its maintenance backlog had crept up to nearly $12 billion, five congressmen called for more funding for Internet connectivity in the National Park System. But here's the rub: Can the National Park Service easily provide that service if told to provide it? The experts don't think so.

Long Road To Recovery For Scotty's Castle At Death Valley National Park

When Albert Johnson had his villa built in Grapevine Canyon in what is now Death Valley National Park, floods likely were not factored into the design. Nevertheless, the Mission Revival-influenced "castle" held up remarkably well during the torrential rains and flooding of last October. The same, however, cannot be said of the infrastructure surrounding the 32,000-square-foot mansion.

"It Is Obvious We Need To Educate The Visitors"

How are we to act in a national park? That might seem to carry an obvious answer, but it's not always so obvious these days. As different generations, different racial groups, and different cultures enter the National Park System, not all seem out to enjoy the natural beauty on display in the landscape parks simply by walking about and gazing at the setting, hiking or backpacking, paddling or climbing, or watching wildlife.

Death Valley National Park Facing Months Of Recovery From Largest Flood Event In Area's Recorded History

Mud-filled buildings, roads cleaved in half, electricity out. Two weeks after the "largest flood event in recorded history of the area" washed through Death Valley National Park, officials are formulating a recovery plan that likely will take months and tens of millions of dollars to carry out.

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