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Grand Canyon National Park

UPDATED: National Park Service Director Urged By Congressional Representatives To Survey Workforce For Sexual Harassment

Nearly two dozen members of Congress have signed a bipartisan letter to National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis asking that his staff conduct a system-wide survey to see whether sexual harassment is an ongoing problem in the agency.

PEER Calls On Grand Canyon National Park To Withdraw Report On Bison, Says They're Not Native

Bison are not native to Grand Canyon National Park and a report that claims they are should be withdrawn by the National Park Service and not relied upon as the park staff debates how to handle a bison herd on the North Rim, maintains Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Op-Ed | Creating America’s Most Innovative Idea

A soaring new 3D IMAX film premiered recently, showcasing the wonders of national parks from Katmai in Alaska to Everglades in Florida. Narrated by none less than Academy Award® -winner Robert Redford, the film was created by the National Park Service and Brand USA in honor of the Park Service’s 100th anniversary and is airing here and in 60 countries around the globe. Intended to showcase the best of our nation, the film falls woefully short as critics have pointed out, because it features only athletic, young white Americans recreating in pretty places.

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