Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Analysis Shows Stains On Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Arch Just Cosmetic

Worries that the dazzling arch in St. Louis at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial was experiencing some structural fatigue have been allayed by an analyis that shows staining on the arch is superficial and can be remedied.

Traveler's Checklist: Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis

The Arch taken from the Courthouse
Standing under the iconic arch at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is awesome. But the site has so much more worth exploring.

Are National Park Brochures Beginning to Rely on the Internet For Depth?

While the Internet is a wonderful tool for research, are some brochures to national parks beginning to rely too much on cyberspace for depth of interpretation? If you compare old and new brochures from Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, it sure seems like it.

Missouri Motorists Can Help Youth Through Jefferson Expansion National Memorial License Plate Program

If you live in Missouri and want to help youth get better connected with national parks, consider buying a license plate that commemorates Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

Gateway Arch Offers Extended Hours Thanksgiving Weekend To Accommodate Holiday Visitors

Gateway Arch.
The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally a big day for shopping, so it may come as a surprise that's it's also the busiest day of the year for at least one NPS area. If you plan to visit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis this coming weekend, here's some information on extended hours and how to purchase advance tickets.

After Plenty of Debate, General Management Plan for Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is Completed

Cover of new GMP.
It's taken nearly two years and created more than a little controversy, but the final General Management Plan for Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis (which includes the "Gateway Arch") has been completed and released for public review. What happens next?

New Exhibit at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Features 100 Paintings of NPS Areas

Painting of Grand Canyon
In you live in the St. Louis area or will be visiting Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (the "Gateway Arch") between October 1 and December 1, here's a chance to enjoy a free exhibit of 100 paintings of 45 different NPS areas. The works were winners in the 2009 PaintAmerica competition.

At Gateway Arch, a Two-Week Blackout Benefits Migrating Birds

At Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the Gateway Arch floodlights will remain turned off at night during the last two weeks of September. If migrating birds could talk, they’d say “thanks a million!”

That “America’s Marines” Commercial Shows Five NPS Units, Not Six

Nobody was able to correctly identify the NPS units in that Marine Corps commercial we invited you to look at. It’s not as simple as it seems. Here’s the solution.

The Future of the "Gateway Arch" is On the Table—Will You be Part of the Discussion?

Gateway Arch.
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis and the grounds around the "Gateway Arch" could look very different in the years to come, depending upon the outcome of a plan that is currently being developed. This plan could have far-reaching implications and public comments are currently being accepted. Here's what you need to know about this issue.

At Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Old History Made Way for New History

Dozens of historic riverfront buildings in St. Louis were demolished in the 1940s to make room for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Boosters insisted that this was basically a matter of breaking a few eggs to make an omelet. Many preservationists think it was deplorable.

How to Hijack a National Park

Gateway Arch and grounds. NPS photo.
From time to time we see a news story about some government project or proposal that causes us to think, "That sure doesn't sound right," and wonder how it happened. Here's a current example.

St Louis Wants to Develop Land under Gateway Arch

The park next under the Gateway Arch; 'stepha1202' photo via Flickr
St. Louis wants to revitalize its waterfront area. A former senator has a plan, but the development of new attractions would have to be done on land currently managed by the National Park Service. The city wants the land back, but there isn't a lot of support for that idea outside of Missouri.

240 People Trapped in Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch at Night; jaymce Photo.
A cable snapped, power went out, and 240 people were trapped in the Gateway Arch for up to 2 1/2 hours last night. Everyone stuck in the Arch was able to get out safely. Service to the top of the Arch will continue today with just one tram while the other one is fixed up.
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