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Traveler's View: Economic Engines Are Nice, But Let's Not Overlook The True Value Of National Parks

On a day set aside to celebrate the Earth and the environmental movement, the Interior Department and National Park Service gave us dollars and cents.

National Park System Visitation Statistics: Where Did All The Backpackers Go?

Glance through National Park System visitation statistics for a few years, and some puzzling numbers surface. For example: Doesn't anyone like to backpack?

National Park Service Launches Website Honoring 22 World Heritage Sites In The United States

Nearly two dozen World Heritage Sites, which have been found by the United Nations Eduational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization to offer outstanding global value for their cultural and natural resources, can be found in the United States. And the National Park Service has just made it easier to locate them.

Eighty-Eight Units Of National Park System Tapped For $49.6 Million To Help Grand Canyon National Park

Eighty-eight units of the National Park System, from Acadia National to Yosemite National Park, provided a total $49.5 million in an open-ended loan to help Grand Canyon National Park buy down the interest Xanterra Parks & Resorts holds in concessions on the park's South Rim.

Guest Column|Climate Is Changing, And Some Parks Are Endangered, But Humans Aren't The Cause

For those of us who love our national parks and are confronted daily with media, politicians, and pundits warning us of a coming global-warming disaster, it’s only natural to ask what that warming will mean for our national parks. This is exactly what the well- known Union of Concerned Scientists discuss in their recent report, National Landmarks at Risk: How Rising Seas, Floods, and Wildfires Are Threatening the UnitedStates’Most Cherished Historic Sites.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum Reopens A Year After Major Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Millions of Americans can trace their roots to ancestors who first entered this country through Ellis Island, and a year after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the island, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum is reopening to visitors

Around The Shutdown: Which National Parks Are Open Today?

Wondering which national parks have been able to reopen with state funding? Here's a list, and the dates the parks are to remain open...barring some resolution in Washington or more funding from the states.

Tickets On Sale For July 4th Reopening Of Statue Of Liberty

The Fourth of July and the reopening of the Statue of Liberty are still more than a month off, but that doesn't mean you can't buy a ticket for that event now.

Statue of Liberty To Reopen To The Public By July 4

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says the Statue of Liberty, which sustained substantial damage from Hurricane Sandy last October, will reopen to visitors by this July 4.

Rebuilding After Sandy: Putting Gateway National Recreation Area Back Together Again

Photographic slides paper-clipped to strings to dry out. Officer's Row at Fort Hancock propped up with two-by-fours. Multi-use paths ripped out in places and buried in sand elsewhwere. That was part of the aftermath from Hurricane Sandy at Gateway National Recreation Area.

Windows On Nature: The Ten Best National Park Webcam Sites In America

Webcams provide us with windows on the world. They allow armchair travelers to follow activity outside a Dublin pub, monitor traffic on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, and check on what’s happening at the International Space Station. Webcams also provide windows on nature, some of the best of which comes by way of cameras stationed in our national parks.

Congress Asked To Approve Supplemental Appropriation Of $400 Million For National Parks To Recover From Sandy

Congress has been asked to provide nearly $400 million to help National Park System units recover from damages inflicted by "superstorm" Sandy earlier this fall.

Three Weeks After Superstorm Sandy Struck, National Parks Along Eastern Seaboard Still Digging Out

Crews continue to work to return to service units of the National Park System that were hammered by Superstorm Sandy back on October 29, with personnel coming from as far as the National Park Service's Intermountain Region to help with the cleanup.

Statue Of Liberty To Cast Her Glow Again Tonight

Though it's only a temporary fix, the Statue of Liberty will cast her out-stretched glow once again Friday night as a bright beacon of hope to storm ravaged residents of New York and New Jersey as the recovery from the massive damages inflicted by Hurricane Sandy continues.

Tours To Crown Of Statue Of Liberty Resuming, Tickets Available On-Line

Following a year of renovations, tours up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty are resuming, and tickets are being made available on-line.

"Peopling of America" Exhibit Traces Roots of Those Who Passed Through Ellis Island ... And Those Who Came Before

Among the interesting exhibits at Ellis Island National Monument is one called "Peopling of America" that traces the paths taken by immigrants to the United States, both before and after the island's immigration center opened for business.

Statue Of Liberty's 125th Birthday Feted, Then Lady Liberty Was Closed For Renovations

It was a birthday party that both brought to mind the long friendship between France and the United States as well as the greeting the Statue of Liberty provided seemingly endless lines of immigrants who believed they could strike a new life in America.

125th Anniversary Celebration for Statue of Liberty Blends History and High-Tech

The Statue of Liberty celebrates a significant anniversary on October 28 with a day-long special event that acknowledges Lady Liberty's history…and launches some impressive high-technology additions to the site.

New Exhibit At Ellis Island National Monument Brings "The Rock" East

"The Rock" is heading east. Through mid-January a traveling exhibit on the hard times prisoners faced at Alcatraz Island when it housed a high security federal prison will explore daily life faced by the inmates.

Statue Of Liberty To Be Closed For Year During Safety Improvements

It will take a year, but when the work is finished visitors and staff will be safer while journeying to the crown of Lady Liberty at the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

House Interior Appropriations Budget Carries Ill Winds for National Park System

A proposal concerning Fiscal Year 2012 funding for the Interior Department stands to do more than a little harm to the National Park Service's fiscal fitness, and also could theoretically degrade the watersheds that drain into the Colorado River as it runs through Grand Canyon National Park.

Help Choose the Logo for 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty National Monument will celebrate 125 years of "Liberty Enlightening the World" beginning October 28, 2011. You're invited to cast a vote to select a logo for the occasion from ten finalists.

Congressman Asks If National Park Service Went Too Far to Accommodate Citizen Palin

Did the National Park Service bend over too far to accommodate Sarah Palin and her family during their East Coast tour, which had more than a few political overtones? That's what at least one congressman wants to know, and he's asked Park Service Director Jon Jarvis for an explanation.
Blumenauer-Palin Letter.pdf78.02 KB

National Park Quiz 92: Seconds

You can't take this quiz in just a few seconds, but if you invest a few minutes you'll find out if you know as much about seconds as you do about firsts.

New Security Plan For Statue of Liberty National Monument on Hold

Efforts to come up with a new, less of a hassle, security plan for visitors heading to Statue of Liberty National Monument have been restarted, as various state, local and federal agencies have failed to reach agreement on a new plan.

America's Great Outdoors Report Touches On Possible Additions To Roster of National Monuments

There is was, a bit over halfway through the 110-page America's Great Outdoors report: how President Barack Obama could use the 1906 Antiquities Act to designate national monuments through presidential proclamation.

Major Safety Improvements Planned for Statue Of Liberty National Monument

What happens when you try to apply modern fire and safety codes to a historic structure that was built long before such requirements were considered? When that structure is an international icon like the Statue of Liberty, the challenges are big ones indeed. Those needs are perhaps even more apparent in the post-9-1-1 era, and plans for the work are well underway. If you have any comments, the NPS would be glad to have them.

"The Spirit of America" Is a Unique Combination of History and Art – See It at Ellis Island

Music has been called a universal language, and now a unique musical instrument has been created to commemorate not only two important historic sites, but also some ideals that are central to the story of our nation. The Spirit of America Gibson Les Paul Guitar has just gone on display at Ellis Island in New York, and you can see it there until next August.

Special Tours Offer a Rare Chance to Visit Liberty Island "After Hours"

Liberty Island and Statue of Liberty.
One of the most famous urban scenes in the world is view of the New York City skyline from Liberty Island, but the island, home of the Statue of Liberty, is normally closed to the public during the evening. Special tours will offer a chance to visit the island—and enjoy the view—on eight Thursday nights this summer. Space is limited and advance tickets are required.

West Point Cadets Invent Device to Aid Rescues from the Statue of Liberty's Crown

Cadets demonstrate new rescue device
A climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty is a memorable experience, but the steep, double-helix steps that wind around inside the statue have long been a point of concern if a medical emergency should occur. A new device developed by cadets at West Point will make future rescues from the crown both safer and speedier.
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