Beneath the Surface of Cape Cod National Seashore

photo of the week for Saturday, 2009, August 22
Photographer: John Brooks, NPS.

While many of us associate Cape Cod National Seashore with a day at the beach -- sun, sand and spray -- there's a lot going on beneath the surface of the national seashore, as this image by John Brooks shows.

Whether you call them starfish or sea stars, they're pretty cool to spot.

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a vision in lovliness. such beauty can only be seen in clear water.

as pressure continues to abandon the clear, relatively clean water in florida that would be
compromised with offshore oil exploration & drilling in the gulf of mexico off florida...

thanks for the great image. thank you florida wildlife federation & others for keeping the rigs away.

Thanks for this wonderful photo. Some years back, I went drysuit diving in Southeast Alaska (not in a National Park, however), and I was astonished at the rich colors and abundant sea life in such non-tropical waters. This photo brought that fine memory back.