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Following a career as a police officer, I turned to photographing and writing about nature. My entry into photography and journalism came accidentally, after many years of injury and surgeries, one of which became infected and entered my brain.

Once home from the hospital, I discovered that I no longer knew how to boil water, despite having been a chef in different restaurants. The tradeoff was discovered when I began to move forward and commit myself to writing. Two publishers, in different states, loved the photos I took to accompany my stories and they encouraged me to more fully pursue photography. I was no longer a terrific cook, but suddenly I could take photos!

My love for national parks began with a trip to Mount Rainier National Park during the reopening of the Paradise Lodge in 2008 and grew until I no longer could stay home in the city. After a month-long camping trip to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton national parks, I sold everything and moved into a 1970s model, 17-foot-travel trailer (since upgraded to 21' and newer) and left on a journey to see the parks.

During the past 27 months I've visited several parks and have volunteered at Yosemite and North Cascades national parks. Currently, the trailer is parked and I've found warm winter accommodations just outside the North Gate to Yellowstone, where I plan to stay until May 2013.

I travel alone, though I have four grandchildren and two sons who live in Idaho. You can view my work at Deby Dixon Photography. You also can get to know Deby visiting her Facebook page.


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