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This was a particularly big week for my daughter and I as we celebrated her 18th birthday along with my 40th. The flood of memories took me back to a time when she was little and we would scramble the trails in Catoctin National and Cunningham Falls State Parks in MD. It would always end with her on my shoulders on the decent but it man, we were wide open. Thankfully those days shaped her desire for outdoor activity and conservationist ideals. I am also reminded that it's been a while since my last hike. My birthday wish this year was a pledge to myself to get back on the trail. I will also attempt to create a blog of my trips this year beginning here in Maryland. I live on the eastern shore near Assateague Island National Seashore. I want to trek the National and State parks and help bring some awareness to not only the awesome spaces but also how accessable they are. I know attendence was down last year, some recession driven, but I think people just forget how affordable the parks really are. Now is a fantastic time to get out and see these special places. I hope my blogs and journal notes will be well received and that people might find some of the same inspiration from our most coveted wilderness and historic places that has drawn me for a lifetime. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you and your readers. Happy Trails.


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