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Al Smith


Hiking is one of the most enjoyable and accessible activities on the planet and I can be regularly found along trails in our state and national parks. Retired since 1997, I continue to search for rare/unusual wildflowers while enjoying the solitude and beauty so easily found in our national parks.

Photography is one of my passions and 15 years of photography in the great outdoors has produced a digital collection of over 60,000 photos which I have individually cataloged with descriptions and keywords for ease of searching. During the winter season I frequently find myself spending an hour or more each day catching-up on the backlog of cataloging from the previous season of hiking. By the time spring rolls around each year my ability to recognize even the most obscure wildflower is at its peak (and goes downhill rapidly until the next winter cataloging season).

Scuba diving is another passion and I've fallen in love with the enormous diversity found in waters around Indonesia where the healthly reefs are still easy to find (unlike the Caribbean where bleaching is widespread). Unfortunately, I'm not in love with the 20+ hours of travel required to get to Indonesia from my home in East Tennessee so I'm always looking for places to dive where the reefs are healthy and the flight times are short.

I've done quite a lot of long-distance bicycle touring (self-supported). Rides of two weeks or longer have included the Oregon & California coasts, NW Washington & Vancouver Island, Jasper/Banff/Glacier NP's, Nova Scotia & Newfoundland (full length of each), and the toughest: Blue Ridge Parkway (south to north).

Woodworking is another passion and periodically I'll get the in mood to design and build a large piece of furniture.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to hiking in our national parks with my favorite destinations being the Smokies, Glacier, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Everglades.


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