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Why You Should Not Store Food in Your Car at Great Smoky Mountains National Park


A fed bear, as they soon, will soon be a dead bear. NPS photo by Jeffrey Brooker

Travel to just about any park with black bears and you'll either be handed information or see signs clearly detailing how to protect yourself and your belongings in bear country. While the accompanying video of a bear breaking into a car at Great Smoky Mountains National Park is nine years old, it could have been taken yesterday.

Bears are uncanny at sniffing out the tiniest morsel of food, and your car is no match for their muscles. There are many, many examples of bear-inflicted damages to cars in national parks. At Yosemite National Park, for instance, officials keep annual tallies of auto damage inflicted by bears.

There actually are two "don'ts" to be learned from this video. The first is not to store food in your rig. After watching the video, can you guess what the second is?



Why should the guy videotaping be fined? I'm the one who videotaped this while vacationing in the Smokys. This is a documantation of what happenned. Animals are unpredictable. Its not like I helped the bear break into the car or the bear was acting up for the camera. There were many people standing close by, and startling the bear may have been the worse thing to do. I'm just glad nobody was hurt. I was nervous about being so close to the bear but their were a buffer of bystanders between me and the bear. I know I could out run the bystanders. The rangers ended up moving the bear far away from people. Hope you enjoyed the video.

I think that one they shouldn't have been standing around watching a bear maul a car, Two they shouldn't decide to videotape it as Vince said, and Three who would stand around and look at a bear when it can attack and kill a bunch of people before someone could stop it! What has the world come to?!


Whoever left the car was a jackarse. One should know you do not leave uncovered food out; and secondly, you should not have left the window cracked to make it easier for the critters. That food should have been kept in proper storage containers to help keep the smell down and the windows should have been up.

As for all the people standing around, that was really dumb and a huge risk to them and their loved ones. The general public is just plain ignorant....

So the first lesson, honestly, is not too obvious to visitors who haven't seen this video. Who'd think a black bear could do this to a car? I don't begrudge the owners of that car, they made an uninformed mistake, and that's that. Live and learn, and people who see this should learn.

But the folks just standing around while it happened, then getting close to the bear when it had food. How selfish and idiotic! I'd have bought that bear a cheeseburger if he chased down that woman in pink ...

There's stupidity through ignorance, and then there's just plain assininity.


My travels through the National Park System:

Where does one should store his food on a camping trip, while stopping in a day use area, if not in the car? In this case the driver left his side window open enough for the bear to get a grip. That was his mistake. But having food in the car is not a fault in itself.

But the stupidity of all those people still buffles me. They aproach a bear to a few yards (in Yellowstone there is a 100 yards rule), they get between a bear and his retreat route. In the early stages it might have been smat to scare him away. But that wasn't an option anymore once he was in the car and got the food.

You hit the nail on the head, Kim. Not only shouldn't you store food in your rig in bear country, but you certainly shouldn't go running up to a bear for a photo op, unless you want to be in it when the bruin turns on you.

And, of course, the others watching this show should have, as others have pointed out, tried to drive off the bear in some fashion.

I have to say that I saw a lot of candidates for the Darwin award! Did not one of those folks think this was not for their entertainment and that bear was a wild animal? Many of them were 'lucky' the bear didn't realize they were meat in sneakers.

I agree that the idiots watching this happen should have at least honked their horns to try to scare the bear away. But they only thought of the photo op and did not think of the safety of the bear, themselves and other visitors to come !
As far as calling a ranger, there is no cell service in most of the Great Smoky Mtn NP and unfortunately you can spend most of the day there and never see a ranger ! Budget custs once again surface their ugly face Way too many visitors have absolutely no common sense and the wildlife always suffer.

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